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Sunday, 5 February 2012

COTHERSTONE, The, Lawson Street

32 Lawson Street.
The "STAR INN" was known by this name at one time (1843 - ?)
In a lecture given by William Dobson at the Central Working
Men's Club, in 1866, he referred to a pub in c. 1843 being called
"THE COTHERSTONE," after the 1843 Derby Winner - but in
a year or two, the racer going to oblivion with sportsmen, it was
daubed out, and the sign is now the "STAR INN."
1843 - 44     John Harrison
Preston Chronicle  3rd February 1844                                           It would seem Harrison's association with horses was the motive for renaming the Star Inn.                                                   It returned to being the 'Star Inn' at  later date.

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