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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CROSS KEYS INN, Market Place

Market Place
The Cross Keys Inn stands roughly where Harris Street is now,
and was demolished along with all the others in the picture
to make room for the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

The sign over the door 'Green's' would indicate the presence of
Thomas Green, who was the licencee in 1881.

c. 1684                Robert Mayor
1732                    Thomas Whittle (possibly) with Molyneux being the owner.
1796                    Roger Pollard
pre-1821             Roger and Ann Pollard  -  see Ann's death notice, 1821, below.
1818 - 29            John Brazendale   d. 3.10.1836 in  Preston.
1833                    R. Ward
1838 - 41            Thomas Bowling
1843 - 67            James Ward  -  wife, Elizabeth, died 9.12.1851 aged 40 years.
                                                                  J.W. remarried by 1859
1867                   Thomas Grundy
1869 - 70            William and Elijah Hartley Moorhouse
1870 - 71            John Mercer
1871 - 74            William Mercer
1874                    Thomas Horn
1877                    George Kinder
1881                    Thomas Green
Up to this point the inn had stood in the north-east corner of the Market Place. The premises were originally the Duke of Hamilton's town-house, and had been a hostelry for scores of years.

In 1883, the TOWN CLERK applied on behalf of the Corporation for a Provisional Licence for the "Cross Keys" in different premises, to Henry Cardwell, the brewer, which was granted. The licence had to be for the 'new' Cross Keys, in premises adjacent to the old ones, because the old ones were demolished on the 20th June 1881. [See Preston Chronicle 25th June 1881]
1883                     Henry Cardwell    -   Owned by the Corporation.
1883                     William Penrose
1884                     John Noblett
1884                     James Walmsley
1884 - 90             Mary Poole
1890 - 93             Robert Henry Howarth
DEATH:  On the 31st ult., aged 58 years, Ann,
wife of Mr. Roger Pollard, formerly of the
Cross Keys public-house, in Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  15th September 1821 
In the Preston Chronicle of 12th August 1865, in notes to accompany the Diary Extracts of a Non-Conformist Minister (Peter Walkden), there was the following comment:-

"We cannot say where the "Cross Keys" was
situated: we do not find in the Rate Book for 1732
any inn with that sign, but one or two innkeepers 
are rated without the distinctive sign of their house
being mentioned."
On Monday last, the "Old Original Establish Society of Sawyers,"
held their anniversary fete at Mr. Ward's Cross Keys, Market
Place, when upwards of 40 persons sat down to a substantial repast,
prepared by the hostess in a good old English style.

After the supper was over, they commenced singing and dancing,
which continued to a late hour, when the company returned home
sober - well pleased with their night's amusement.
Preston Chronicle  12th July 1851
DEATH - On the 19th inst., at his residence,
59 Knowsley Street, James Ward, aged 66 years,
formerly of the Cross Keys, Market Place, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  24th January 1874
Preston Chronicle  11th June 1881
Mary Poole, landlady of the Cross Keys Hotel, 
Market Place, Preston, applied for an occasional
licence to sell intoxicating liquors at the North
End Football Match, Deepdale Road, today,
between 2 and 6 o'clock. 
The application was granted.
Preston Chronicle  27th June 1885
NB. Mary Poole had only just left the Deepdale Bridge Hotel on Deepdale Road,
and would seem to be trying to take the business away from her successor there.
"The house still standing in the north-eastern corner of the Market
Place - it is now, and has been for some years, a public house - was
the family residence of Mr. Pedder, father of the late Edward Pedder, 
banker of Preston. The Pedders of this branch, were originally small
manufacturers, stood with goods in the Market Place, and prior to
occupying the house referred to, lived in Lord Street. After Mr. Pedder
left the house in the Market Place, it was tenanted by Colonel Hulton
(father of the late Mr. William Adam Hulton - County Court Judge), who,
in a while left it, and went into Church Street, occupying there for some time
the premises now known as "The Albion".
Preston Guardian  19th April 1890
PRESTON THEN - 1843 - 1893
The license of the Cross Key's Inn, which stood at the north-west corner of
the entrance to Gin Bow Entry, facing the Market Place, was removed to the 
corner house adjoining, occupied in old times by members of the Pedder family.
Preston Guardian 25th March 1893
Thomas Bowling                 50 years                     Publican
Margaret Bowling               50                              Wife

James Ward                       44 years                      Innkeeper               b. Treales?
Betsy Ward                        39                               Wife                       b. Kirkham
Jane Ward                          11                               Daughter                b. Preston
James Ward                         3                               Son                                 do
Betsy Ward                          2                               Daughter                         do

James Ward                       54 years                    Innkeeper                 b. Treales
Nancy Ward                      40                              Wife                        b. Whittingham
Betsy Ward                        12                              Daughter                 b. Preston

William Mercer                  32 years                     Lic. Vict.                  b. Preston
Ellen Mercer                      33                              Wife                                 do
Jane Mercer                       2                                Daughter                          do

Thomas Green                   41 years                     Publican                    b. Preston
Mary Green                       43                              Wife                         b. Ulverston
John Green                         12                             Son                           b. Preston
Emily Green                         8                              Daughter                            do
Florence Green                   4                               Daughter                            do

Robert Henry Howarth      25 years                     Solicitor's Clerk        b. Preston
Elizabeth Howarth              24                             Wife                                 do
Robert Frederick Howarth  2                               Son                                  do
John Poole Howarth           4                               Son                                  do
Robert Frederick Poole  21                              Brother-in-law                 do
                                                                             & Publican
                                    R.F.Poole was also a Professional Footballer with P.N.E.
                      Robert Henry Howarth was an amateur with P.N.E.  He also played for England.

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