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Friday, 3 February 2012


72 (later 42) Brook Street North
Then -  360 Brook Street
Tel:  87     (1916)
Provided by: Ken Herlingshaw


1869 - 71             John Aspden
1876 - 81             James Wilkinson
1881 - 82             Margaret Wilkinson
1882 - 83             Almer Heys
1883 - 90             John Ratcliffe
1890                    John Pope
1890 - 92             Thomas Johnson
1892 - 1904         George Thistleton
1905                    Thomas Faikland (Falkland?)  -  Kelly's Directory.
1907                    Richard Swift
1908 - 14            George Herling - owned by Mr. Sumner.
1914 - 27            Mary Jane Herling
1927 - 32            Frederick Roberts
1936                    Alfred Southworth  - married Alice, nee Shaw, later Herling. She was the daughter of Mary Jane Herling (see above).  Thanks to K.H. a relative, for this information.
1940 - 48           John Brooks
The Butchers & Commercial was situated on Brook Street. This pub closed in 1964.
Source: Richard Richmond
The Butchers & Commercial was owned and run by my great-grandmother, Mary Jane Herling (1860-1949) from at least 1911 to 1927. Her husband George Herling held the license until he died in 1914. After Mary Jane retired the license was held for a time by F Roberts.
It seems to have disappeared in about 1964, probably as a result of the widening of Addison (later Blackpool) Road. It was on the corner with Brook Street and also had the address of 360 Brook Street. It was still listed in the 1964 telephone directory, with the number Preston 53787.
It was a three storey building with attached stables, probably built originally to service the local cattle market. Now part of the site is occupied by Budget Van Rentals.
                                                                             Ken Herlinshaw (2011)

John Aspden                55 years                     Beerseller                       b. Rishton
Mary Aspden               42                              Wife                               b. Sawley
Mary J. Aspden            16                              Daughter                        b. Blackburn
Martin Aspden              15                              Son                                         do

James Wilkinson          37 years                      Lic. Vict.                       b. Chipping
Margaret Wilkinson     42                                Wife                             b. Goosnargh
Alfred Wilkinson          22                               Son / Butcher                           do

Thomas Johnson          44 years                      Publican                         b. Salesbury, Wilpshire
Ellen Johnson               50                               Wife                              b. Preston
Mary A. Johnson         21                                Daughter                                do
James Johnson             18                                Son                                        do
Robert Johnson            15                                Son                                        do

George Thistleton         49 years                     Publican                          b. Preston
Elizabeth J. Thistleton    52                             Wife                                         do

George Millwood Herling   37 years               Publican                         b. Coltershire (Colchester) Essex
Mary Jane Herling             35                         Wife / Proprietress       b. Hoker Hill (Oker Hill) Derbyshire
James Herling                    15                   Son / School                       b. Manchester
George Herling                  12                   Son / School                       b. Bolton
Annie Herling                     8               Daughter / School                            do
Joseph Bamber                 21            Servant / Horse or Cow man      b. Preston
Sarah Hardman                21                  Servant / Barmaid                 b. Garstang
Mary Ann Mitchell           58                      House Servant                  b. Preston
Jane Dunckley                 56                      House Servant                           do
Alice Roscoe                   40                           Visitor                         b. Tarvon (Tarvin?) Cheshire   
   It is believed that Mary Jane H. was more like 50 or 51 years of age

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