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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

NEW HOLLINS INN, Paradise Street

29 Paradise Street
Although there's a question mark on the New Hollins Inn, I am 100% confident
that it's marked in the right position. (see advert from 18.6.1887)
Leeming Street and King Street are both now Manchester Road. Paradise Street
was superceded by Avenham Lane.
1841                      John Sumner
1850 - 61              Turner Turner
1871                      Ann Wood
1877                      William Graham
1877 - 84              John Coates
1884 - 98              William Robinson
1898                      Christina Robinson
1898                      Robert Marsden
1899                      William Yates
1899 - 1904          William Hulme
Preston Chronicle 13th July 1878
Preston Chronicle 25th January 1879
Preston Chronicle 18th June 1887
NB. Lot 4 in this Auction advertisement relates to No. 2 Paradise Street,
possibly the childhood home of the gentleman who has commented below.
The advertisement also confirms beyond doubt that the position of the
New Hollins was as indicated above. Other than the corner where St. Saviour's
Church was, there was only one other corner of Leeming Street and Paradise Street.
The opposite corners were in King Street.
Turner Turner                    65 years                     Beerseller               b. Tockholes
Mary Turner                      55                              Wife                       b. Slaidburn

Ann Wood                        50 years   - widow     Beerseller                b. Penwortham

John Coates                      45 years                     Beerseller               b. Preston
Jane Coates                      44                              Wife                                do
Mary Coates                     14                              Daughter                         do
Margaret Coates               12                              Daughter                         do
Elizabeth Coates               11                               Daughter                         do
Ellen Coates                      9                                Daughter                         do
Jane Coates                      6                                 Daughter                         do
William Simon Coates       5                                 Son                                 do
John Coates                      2                                 Son                                 do

William Robinson             35 years                       Beerseller               b. Preston
Mary Robinson                31                                Wife                                do
James Robinson               12                                Son                                 do
Thomas Robinson             11                               Son                                 do
William Robinson              7                                 Son                                 do
Mary Robinson                 5                                 Daughter                         do

William Hulme                 35 years widower        Innkeeper               b. Preston
Ellen Hulme                     65 widow                    Mother                   b. Stalmine


  1. At last!!! I used to live at 2 Paradise St, which is slightly obliquely across the road from the pub in your sketch. I have been trying to get the name of the pub for a couple of years but this is the first confirmation that a pub ever existed there, it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere in the trade lists of pubs/inns/beerhouses. It was certainly active up until I moved from the area around 1950. Any further information/confirmation would be gratefully received.
    Keith Simmonds

  2. Hello Stephen,
    I'm particularly interested in this pub, New Hollins Inn. Could you please send me any links or further information you find about it? Also, do you have any idea when it might have closed down?
    Keith Simmonds

  3. Hello Keith
    My records for the New Hollins come to an end in 1904, which was a common occurrence, when a change in the law meant that it was difficult/impossible for many houses to remain open. I know this doesn't tie in with your memories, which makes me wonder whether it re-opened later, under a different name (which I think probably ties in with your comments a few weeks ago that the name 'New Hollins' didn't ring bells with you.
    The position of it is correct, even from a process of elimination point of view:
    St. Saviour's was on one corner, the Weavers' Arms on another, and a dwellinghouse/shop on the third corner.
    Steve H

  4. Hi Steve, yes, it's exactly the position that I remember it as. I just wish I could recall its name if it was different - so annoying! From fading memory, I *think* there was a shop on the third corner, but it obviously wasn't one we used very often, if at all. We did use one a shop or two further along from it. Some sort of general store which sold just about everything, and, again from fading memory, was run by an Alice Bagwell.

  5. Hello again Stephen,
    Thanks for adding the news clippings, they certainly make your previous 99.9% into 100% certainty! Interesting to see that my old house at #2 Paradise St originally had a bakehouse below it. I presume this was in a cellar which I don't remember at all. Perhaps it was permanently locked or bricked up. I just remember the place as a normal 2 floor house, though perhaps, in my young days, I was kept well away from it.