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Monday, 6 February 2017


36 Edward Street.
Believed to have been replaced by the 
"North End Hotel"
See also the "RAINBOW TAVERN"

1812                      Thomas Bradley
1815                      John Walmsley
1821                      James Parkinson
1825                      Margaret Carroll
1828                      John Clough
1831                      Thomas Cookson - see article of 17.9.1831 re. possible brevity of 
1832                      William Worsley
1833                      James Hogg
1834                      Richard Duckett  -  as the 'RAINBOW TAVERN' - See advert below
1835                      Robert Jordan
1841                      John Machel
1842                      James Green (Greer) 
1849 - 51               John Seddon  d.21.11.1851 aged 54 years - cotton manufacturer & innkeeper
1851 - 53               Catherine Seddon
1854                       John Seddon (son?)
1856                       Matthew Worsley
1856 - 57               Richard Parker
1859                       Richard Banks
1859 - 61               Thomas Shorrock
1861                       Thomas Taylor
1863                       Edward Wilkinson  -  licence suspended P.C. 29.8.1863
1864                       Richard Wilkinson
1864                       Jane Craven
1865                       Robert Gardner
1868 - 70                Peter O'Malley
1870                       Henry Woods
1870 - 71               Thomas Taylor
1873 - 74                John Newton
1877 - 78                John Carr
1878 - 81               Thomas Ashton
1881                       Denis McAuliffe
1882                       Martin Calpin
1882                       John Woodhouse
1883                       Dennis Joseph O'Sullivan
1883                       Martin Calpin
1883 - 86               Bridget Gavin
1886 - 87               Ann Gavin
1887 - 88               Catherine Hollywood
1888                       Joseph Riley
1888 - 89                Alice Harrison
1889                       George Knight(s)
On the night of Thursday 3rd August, 1815,
the house of Mr. John Walmsley,  the "Bowling
Green, Friargate, Preston, was broken into, and
a quantity of rum and wearing apparel taken away,
to the value of £18.
Lancaster Gazette  12th August 1815
And entered upon immediately.
ALL that well-accustome PUBLIC HOUSE, 
situate on the west side of Friargate, and
known by the sign of "THE BOWLING GREEN"
now in the ocupation of Mr. John Clough.
Preston Chronicle 23rd August 1828
N.B.  Edward Street wasn't constructed until
about 1833, so there must have been an
entrance from Friargate. SEE NEXT ARTICLE:
Preston Chronicle  17th September 1831
Preston Chronicle 24th September 1831
Preston Chronicle  6th October 1832
By Mr. T. Wren
At the BOWLING GREEN Public House
in Preston, on 18th September 1833.
LOT 1.    ALL the said well-accustomed INN or
with the Brewhouse, Yard, Outbuildings, and land
belonging thereto, in the possession of Mr. JAMES HOGG.

LOT 2.    All that Plot of Land, being part of a close of
Land now used as a Bowling Green to the said Public
House, situate on the north-westerly side of the street
intended to be made through the same close of Land,
extending in front to the said street 137 feet, and
containing in whole 928 sq. yards of land or thereabouts.
Preston Chronicle 14th September 1833
Preston Chronicle  21st September 1833


EDITOR'S NOTE:- A correspondent under this
signature (J. Watson), complains of a number of nuisances
which "seriously affect the comfort, health, and character of 
the inhabitants of Edward Street."

We would have been glad to insert the letter, but it is couched
in terms rather too personal. Mr. Watson thus particularizes
the causes of annoyance:-
First - that there is a deposit of manure near to the works of
J.P. PARK and MR. WATSON; and
Secondly - a prevalent practice of playing at QUOITS in a 
public thoroughfare opposite the BOWLING GREEN 
Preston Chronicle 18th August 1838
120 members of the "Court of Pleasant
Retreat," No. 1343 of the Ancient Order
of Foresters, sat down to a sumptuous
supper, at the house of Brother James
Greer, the Bowling Green Inn, Edward
Street, Friargate.
Preston Chronicle 5th November 1842
DEATH - Yesterday week, Mr. John Seddon,
cotton manufacturer, and landlord of the Bowling
Green Inn, Edward Street, aged 54 years.
Preston Chronicle 29th November 1851
Patrick Roach, an Irishman, was charged with committing
wilful damage. Thomas Shorrock, landlord of the Bowling 
Green, Edward Street, said that early on Sunday morning, 
the prisoner commenced throwing bricks, stones, &c., at 
the windows of his house. No one durst go out of the place,
for fear of being hurst. There were some more persons with 
the prisoner. One of the bricks thrown went through one of
the bedroom windows. The prisoner said he was willing to
 pay for the damage done.
Preston Chronicle 23rd February 1861
Preston Chronicle 4th April 1863
In May 1863, the licence for the Bowling Green Inn
was transferred to Henry Wilkinson.

At the Licensing Sessions in August 1863, that licence
was suspended, the landlord having kept the house
'irregularly', and attempted, on several occasions, to
evade the detection of the police.
Preston Chronicle 29th August 1863
EDWARD WILKINSON, of the Bowling Green Inn,
Edward Street, applied for a renewal of his licence.
Mr. Dunn (Police), in answer to the Bench, said he 
objected to Wilkinson having a licence at all. He was
a most unfit man to have one. 

The applicant was guilty of admitting persons into his
house at all times, and there were constant complaints
made by parties residing in the neighbourhood. 

The owner of the property was called on by the Bench,
who told him that they would not grant a licence to the
then tenant, but that they would grant it to him.
Preston Chronicle 26th September 1863
I don't know who the owner was.
PETER O'MALLEY at the Bowling
Green Inn, hosted weekly meetings of the
"Preston Irish Liberal Association"
Preston Chronicle 1868
..................From the Royal Consort, Major German 
proceeded to the Bowling Green Inn, Edward Street, 
and from the front window of that building addressed
a crowded and most enthusiastic gathering.
Preston Chronicle 14th September 1872
At the Boar's Head in Friargate, on 2nd April, 1874
LOT 8.    All that old-established and centrally
situated INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the
"BOWLING GREEN INN," in Edward Street,
Preston.; together with the vacany Land, Brewhouse,
and Outbuildings thereto belonging, occupied by
John Newton.
Preston Chronicle 21st March 1874
Elizabeth Harrison and Bridget Callaghan were charged
with stealing £18, the property of Solomon Derham,
ship-master, 15 Croft Street, the previous day. The 
prosecutor met Callaghan at 12.30pm the previous day,
in the Plough Inn, Friargate, and having treated her,
they went to the Bowling Green Inn, Edward Street, where,
after paying for some beer, he fell asleep.

He had then a bag and £18 in his possession. He was
shortly awakened by a noise, and found Callaghan leaning
over him with the bag in her hand. She gave it back to him 
at once, and he counted the contents, £6. 

He then told her to return the money, when she gave him 
two sovereigns, saying that she would not be in the fault.
The landlord, John Woodhouse, said he saw the prosecutor
enter his house and fall asleep. He saw Harrison go to the 
prosecutor, and taking a bag of money from his pocket, 
poured some money out of it and placed it down her breast.
He threatened to fetch a policeman if she did not replace it.

Committed to the Sessions for trial.
Preston Chronicle 28th October 1882

John Machel                           50 years                      Innkeeper
Dorothy Machel                     40                               Wife
Dorothy Machel                      9                                Daughter
John Machel                           8                                Son
Mary Machel                          5                                Daughter

John Seddon                        53 years                       Publican                      b. Bolton
Catherine Seddon                53                                 Wife                           b. Edgeworth
William Seddon                   26                                 Son                            b. Blackburn
James Seddon                     15                                 Son                                     do
Sarah Seddon                      22                                 Daughter                             do

Thomas Sharrock                 41 years                      Lic. Vict.                     b. Garstang
Mary Sharrock                     40                               Wife                            b. Leeds
Margaret Sharrock                17                              Daughter                      b. Preston
Alice Sharrock                      12                              Daughter                              do

Thomas Taylor                     38 years                      Innkeeper                     b. Preston
Elizabeth Taylor                   31                               Wife                                       do
Rose A. Taylor                    17                                Daughter                               do
Margaret E. Taylor              15                                Daughter                               do
May Taylor                         13                                Daughter                                do
Jane Taylor                         11                                 Daughter                               do
Thomas E. Taylor                9                                  Son                                       do

Dennis McAuliffe                47 years                        Lic. Vict.                    b. Ireland
Bridget McAuliffe               43                                 Wife                                   do
John McAuliffe                   13                                  Son                           b. Canada
Mary A. McAuliffe             11                                  Daughter                   b. West Indies, Jamaica
David McAuliffe                  9                                   Son                           b. Barbados
Bridget L. McAuliffe           7                                    Daughter                   b. Preston
Dennis H. McAuliffe            1                                   Son                                    do                                                                                  

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