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Monday, 20 February 2017

WEST END TAVERN, Dunderdale Street

1 Dunderdale Street
The original intention was to call Dunderdale Street, 'Wallace Street' (legal Document of 1847)
In the event it was named after the local coal merchant and who's son Robert, was the first landlord of the "WEST END TAVERN," Robert Dunderdale.
1851 - 62                Martha Dunderdale    -  husband Robert died in, or prior to, 1847. See below.
1853 - 56                William Morgan. - possibly a manager for Martha, above?
1861                        Matilda Dunderdale
1869 - 91                 John Polding
1892                        William Gahey
1894 - 95                 William McGahey  -  presumably the same as above 'Gahey'.
1895 - 99                 Margaret McGahey
1899 - 1900             Thomas Wright
1901 - 02                 Walburga Wright
1902 - 13                 Robert Baron
1917                        John Westwell
1926 - 37                Joseph Hodgkinson
1940                        William Dean
1944  - 46               Richard and Margaret Jane Speight
c. 1960    CLOSED
Legal Conveyance - extract.
1847 Beerhouse on the south side of Wallace Street.
The late Robert Dunderdale, coal merchant........
.................all that parcel of land situate on the south
side of a new street leading westward from Maudland 
Bank in Preston, called, or intended to be called
Wallace Street, bounded on the south by premises
belonging to Lawrence Harrison, on the north by the 
said street, and on the west..............
..............with Beerhouse, Brewhouse, Stable, and other
The original intention was to call the street Wallace Street. After his death 
it was amended to Dunderdale Street. Must have been an important character?
The following is an abridged version of this sale notice:-
At the White Horse, Friargate, on 23rd March 1852
LOT 1.     ALL that newly-erected and well-accustomed
TAVERN, called the "WEST END TAVERN," with
Brewhouse, Stable, and other Outbuildings, situated in
Dunderdale Street, Maudland Bank, Preston, in the
occupation of Mr. Robert Dunderdale.

The premises are fitted up with every convenience
for carrying on a remunerative business, and are well
worthy of the notice of a purchaser who would give it 
his entire attention.
Preston Chronicle  13th March 1852
 Preston Chronicle  10th May 1856
Preston Chronicle  28th October 1876
Preston Chronicle  28th June 1884

Lancashire Daily Post  16th October 1934

Lancashire Evening Post  16th January 1945
Lancashire Evening Post  31st January 1945
Lancashire Evening Post  19th March 1945
 Lancashire Evening Post  26th September 1946

Robert Dunderdale                   45 years        Coal Merchant / Retail Brewer      b. Preston
Matilda Dunderdale                  40                                 Wife                             b. Longridge
Jane Dunderdale                       19                                 Daughter                      b. Preston
Elizabeth Dickinson                   54                                Servant                                  do
Alice Pauban ??                        19                        Lodger / Milliner                            do
John Machell                            17                        Lodger / Druggist's Operative         do

Matilda Dunderdale                  52 years widow             Beerhouse Keeper       b. Longridge
Sabina Dawson                         8                                  Niece / Scholar            b. Brighton
Mary Leeming                          29                                 Domestic Servant         b. Chipping

John Polding                            37 years                         Beerseller                     b. Chortley
Ann Polding                             40                                  Wife                            b. Inglewhite
Margaret A. Polding                 6                                   Daughter                      b. Preston
Walburga Polding                     3                                   Daughter                              do
William Polding                        13                                  Son                                      do

John Polding                            48 years                         Beerseller                    b. Chorley
Ann Polding                             49                                  Wife                           b. Inglewhite
Margaret A. Polding                 16                                  Daughter                    b. Preston
Walburger Polding                    13                                  Daughter                            do

John Polding                            58 years                         Beerseller                    b. Chorley
Ann Polding                             63                                  Wife                           b. Inglewhite

Walburga Wright                     37 years    - widow.       Innkeeper                    b. Preston
John Francis Wright                  6                                   Son                                     do
Thomas Polding Wright             5                                   Son                                     do
Arthur Wright                           3                                   Son                                     do
Walburga Gertrude Wright        1                                   Daughter                             do

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