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Monday, 5 March 2012

PILOT INN, Addison's Yard

Addison's Yard
Formerly the "HUMPHREY'S CLOCK"
1864 - 69                 James Palmer  -  married Susannah Preston, daughter of Richard & Susannah Preston
                                                           of the old Stanley Arms, on Church Street. pp. A descendent.
1869                        James Stirzaker Junior - Brewster Session Report, Preston Chronicle 28.8.1869
On his retirement, James Palmer
was awarded £72 out of the
Superannation Fund. He had
been in the force for 18 years.
He was given one month's pay
for every year he had served.
Preston Chronicle  30th January 1864

JAMES PALMER (for many years a Sergeant in the
Borough Police Force), has taken and entered upon
the PILOT INN, lately called HUMPHREY'S CLOCK INN,
which he has spared no pains or expense to render
confortable for the reception of his friends; and he
trusts by keeping a first-rate glass of ALE and
PORTER, to secure a fair share of public patronage.
Preston Chronicle  30th April 1864
DEATH - On the 26th inst., Harriet, 
youngest daughter of Mr. James Palmer, 
the Pilot Inn, Addison's Yard, Church Street,
aged 3 years.
Preston Chronicle  28th August 1864
Preston Chronicle 6th January 1877Although it doesn't say as much, but in the context of the article, I have
assumed that "Polly Egan's" is a licensed property.  The fact that it's
been enclosed in apostrophes suggests it was a nickname for something
else.  After 'Humphrey's Clock', this place became 'The Pilot', and no
doubt it had other names as well.

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