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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BRICKMAKERS' ARMS, 9-10 New Hall Lane

9 & 10 New Hall Lane
1851                     James Parker
1851 - 74             John Sergeant - beershop and brick maker.
1877                     William Sergeant
1881 - 89             Thomas Winstanley
1890 - 1901         John Winstanley
1904                     Samuel Hayward
1907                    James Greenhalgh
1910                    William Ball
1913                    Alfred E. Eadie
1917                    Richard H. Wilkinson
1924                    Henry Swarbrick   (I think this is correct)
1926 - 27            Matthew Christian
1932                    Walter Kenyon
1936                    Alfred Taylor
1940    NO MENTION
Thousands of mill hands from different mills in Preston joined en masse
on Wednesday night and formed a procession for the purpose of burning
an effigy of a weaving manager of the name of Wilson. This man, it seems,
was in the employ of Rattray and Simpson, manufacturers, Ribbleton Lane,
and for some time past, taking advantage of the authority entrusted to him,
had been in the habit of annoying, harrassing, and discharging work people for 
the slightest or without the least provocation. As an instance of the petty
tyrany, he would interrogate the mill hands on a Monday morning as to where
they had been drinking on the Saturday night, buying their provisions, &c, and
if they did not comply with his wishes and go to the shops he pointed out, then 
they were discharged.

In this way, many hands had to leave, others left of their own accord, and the
mill-owners suffering from this loss, discharged in turn the worthy potentate
himself. As an outward mark therefore, of an inward indignation they felt at his 
conduct, the hands assembled at the Brickmakers' Arms beerhouse, New Hall
Lane, on Wednesday night, and having placed an effigy in a cart, and headed by
St. Ignatius' Fife and Drum Band, proceeded down New Hall Lane, through St.
Mary's Street into Ribbleton Lane, till they came to a brick kiln, on to of which
the 'martyr' was placed. The effigy was attired in a white linen jacket, black
trousers and vest, and the semblance of a watch chain hung from his pocket.
In front of him was written the inscription on a large board, "A Faithful Manager."

The inner parts were composed of straw, fire-lights, and other combustibles, 
and to the sound of music, and amid deafening shouts, the "manager" was
 reduced to ashes.

In the course of the procession the house of the manager was passed, where four 
policemen were on guard; but no violence was offered, and the whole scene passed 
off without any of the actors finding themselves in gaol for their pains.
Preston Chronicle  23rd August 1873
On 14th April 1875

LOT 1       ALL that old-established BEERHOUSE called or known
by the sign of the "Brickmakers' Arms" in New Hall Lane, Preston,
together with the Outbuildings and other Appurtenances.

The above mentioned premises are situated within a few doors of the
Militia Barracks, and are cellared throughout, and contain a large
 club-room, and are in excellent repair. Immediate possession can
be given.
Preston Chronicle  3rd April 1875

John Sergeant              25 years                     Beerseller                      b. Oreston
Maria Sergeant            28                              Wife                              b. Grimsargh
William Sergeant           8                               Son                               b. Ribbleton
Elizabeth Sergeant        6                                Daughter                       b. Preston
Sarah Sergeant             3                                Daughter                                do

John Sergeant              35 years                     Brickmaker &                b. Preston
Maria Sergeant            38                              Wife                               b. Grimsargh
William Sergeant          18                              Son                                b. Ribbleton
Elizabeth Sergeant        16                              Daughter                        b. Preston
Sarah J. Sergeant          13                             Daughter                                do
James Sergeant             11                             Son                                        do
Ann Sergeant                 7                              Daughter                                do
John Sergeant                5                              Son                                        do
Emma Sergeant              2                              Daughter                                do

John Sergeant              47 years                     Beerseller                       b. Preston
Maria Sergeant            48                              Wife                               b. Grimsargh
James Sergeant            19                              Son                                b. Preston
John Sergeant              14                              Son                                         do
Emma Sergeant            10                             Daughter                                  do
Walter                           5                              Son                                         do

Thomas Winstanley      56 years                     Innkeeper                      b. Croston
Rachel Winstanley        51                              Wife                             b. Preston
John Winstanley           17                               Son                                      do

John Winstanley           27 years                    Beerseller                       b. Preston
Mary Ellen Winstanley  37                             Wife                              b. Manchester
Alice Winstanley            1                              Daughter                        b. Preston
Rachel Winstanley          2 months                  Daughter                               do
Thomas Winstanley       66                             Father                           b. Croston
Rachel Winstanley         60                             Mother                         b. Preston

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