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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


161 Friargate
Demolished c. 1936
Where does the name come from?
The following is taken from the rules for the game of croquet:
 SPECIFICATION Each hoop is made of solid metal and consists of two uprights connected by a crown. A hoop must be 12 inches in height above the ground measured to the top of the crown and must be vertical and firmly fixed. The uprights and the crown must have a uniform diameter of 5/8 inch above the ground although minor deviations at the top and bottom are permitted. The inner surfaces of the uprights must be approximately parallel and not less than 3 ¾ inches or more than 4 inches apart (subject to Law 53(b) for tournament and match play). Each hoop on a court must have the same dimensions within a tolerance of 1/32 inch. The crown must be straight and at right angles to the uprights.
  1. COLOURS The hoops may be left unpainted or coloured white and, in addition, the crown of the first hoop (hoop 1) is coloured blue and that of the last hoop (rover) is coloured red.                             So now you know!!
...........the said JOSEPH SUDELL and Ellen PLANT, have bargained
with and sold and by their presents do bargain and sell unto the said
George SIM, his Executors administrators and assigns all that
messuage burgage or dwelling house, situate standing and being on
the north side of a certain street in Preston aforesaid called the
FRYERGATE lately in the possession of Thomas DICKINSON, and
made use of by him as a Public House and known by the sign of the
HOOP AND CROWN, but is now a private house and in the possession 
of Miss Bolton.
Preston Chronicle 30th August 1862
You can just make out the wrought-iron canopy
of the Hippodrome to the right of the picture.

See evidence of a property trading as the "Hoop and Crown" prior to 1786, at or close to the site of the later inn.
1786 - 1798         Thomas Dickinson
early 1800's          Richard Dickinson  d. 12th October 1814

          See a notice of the death of John Dixon in 1817. He could have been the father of the John 
                            Dixon who was here from 1818 - 32.  

1818 - 32              John Dixon     d. Tuesday 15th August 1837, aged 56 years.
1832 - 34              James Wilkinson     d. 19.2.1834 aged 48 years.
1839                      Mr. Hooper
1841 - 51              James Whiteside d. 26.7.1861 aged 68 years, at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel, Fleetwood.
1853 - 54              Robert Grime   - brother of Thomas Grime at the Black Bull, 35 Friargate.
1856                      Ann Harrison
1856 - 61              Robert B. Dixon -went to the "Three Crowns" Canal Street. d. 22.7.1867 - 65 years.
1861                     T. Gorman
1862 - 66              Robert Blakey
1866                     Thomas Hunter
1867                     Mrs. Turner
1869 - 74             Edmund Barry
1876          licence transferred from Kate Barry and Margaret Barry, executors of the Will                                                                              of the late Hannah Maria Barry to Kate Barry
1874 - 88             Miss Kate Barry
1888 - 91             James Hall - Married Kate Barry.
1893 - 94             Benjamin Bowman
1894 - 95             William and Mary Clitheroe
1895                     James Hall      - cooper
1895 - 97             John Cartmell (Cartmel)
1897 - 99             John Iddon
1899 - 1900         Edmund Ainsworth
1901 - 06             John J. Crook. -  d. 5.1.1906 age 50 years. **
1906 - 13             Mrs. Amelia Crook
1917 - 19             Joseph Wareing (Waring)   d. 27th November 1919 aged 60 years.
1919                    Margaret Waring
1921 - 22             W. Craven
1926                    Joseph Nolan
1932                    Thomas Gorman. -  owned by Matthew Brown & Co
1936  NO MENTION. Believed to have closed in 1936.
                         **  John James Crook, landlord of the Hoop and Crown 1901-1905,
                               was the son of William CROOK, plumber, glazier, painter, gilder,
                               paper-hanger, furniture dealer, auctioneer, and landlord of the
                               Albert Hotel 1858-1863, the Red Lion Hotel 1863-1867, and the
                               Hesketh Arms and Cemetery Hotel from July 1868 until his death
                               on the 13th October 1868.

DEATH:  On Wednesday last, Mr. Richard 
Dickinson, formerly of the "Hoop and Crown"
public-house, Preston, aged 59 years.
Lancaster Gazette  15th October 1814
DEATH  On Monday last, Mr. John Dixon,
of Preston, Innkeeper, aged 40 years.
Lancaster Gazette  17th May 1817
See also, the Jolly Tars, Mount Pleasant 
Lancaster Gazette  6th January 1821
All that the said Old-established and well-accustomed
INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the sign of the
"HOOP AND CROWN," with the back-buildings,
and land upon which the same stand; the yard and
garden behind the same, and the new erections and
improvements erected and made upon part of the said 
Premises, late in the occupation of Mr. John DIXON,
and now of Mr. James WILKINSON.

And also, all that DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, 
adjoining thereto, fronting Friargate aforesaid, in the
occupation of James WHITESIDE.
Preston Chronicle 11th August 1832
160 Friargate
Begs leave to return his most sincere thanks to his
Friends and the Public generally for the liberal
patronage bestowed on him for the last 15 years in
the above business, and he hopes by strict attention
to all orders to merit a continuance of past favours.

J.W. having taken and entered the "HOOP AND
CROWN INN," Friargate, next door to the above
establishment, he begs leave to acquaint the inhabitants
of Preston and his Country friends, that he has a
choice selection of WINES and SPIRITS, and an
excellent Tap of Home-brewed ALE, and he trusts
that by strict attention to Business, to merit a share
of the public patronage.

N.B. A Good Substantial Dinner for Farmers, &c., 
will be provided every Saturday, at one o'clock.

Commodious Stabling and attentive Hostlers.
Preston Chronicle 30th January 1841
Preston Chronicle  6th July 1844
This would appear to be the second part of
the story. I'll try and find the beginning a.s.a.p.
Ipswich Journal  11th April 1846
On Wednesday 19th November, the annual ball of the
pawnbrokers was held at the "Hoop and Crown Inn,"

There was a numerous attendance, and the supper provided

on the occasion was a most bountiful one, comprising
every delicacy; in short such as the host and hostess,
Mr. and Mrs. Whiteside, usually place on the table when
they cater for their friends for festive occasions.

Dancing commenced on the removal of the tables, and

continued until the following morning was pretty far
advanced, the company heartily enjoying themselves.
Preston Chronicle 22nd November 1851
At a meeting of publicans and
beersellers, at Mr. Grime's "Hoop 
and Crown Inn," Friargate, it was
resolved to advance the price of beer 
sold out of doors, from 4d to 5d a quart.
Preston Chronicle 27th May 1854
BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public generally,
that he has REMOVED from St JOHN'S TAVERN,
Avenham Lane, to the old-established Inn called the
HOOP AND CROWN, in Friargate, where he respectfully
solicits their favours. It will always be his study, by keeping
at all times HOME-BREWED ALE of the best quality, 
and superior WINES and SPIRITS, and by studying the
comfort of his guests, to merit their patronage.

STABLING and every accommodation for a
superior Market House.
Preston Chronicle 21st June 1856
If the person who left, nearly two months 
and her PUPS, at Mr. R. DIXON'S, the
does not fetch them away within one week 
from this date, they will be sold to defray
Preston Chronicle 23rd May 1857
On Monday evening last, an adjourned meeting
of the Preston Botanical Society was held at the
Hoop and Crown Inn, Friargate, Mr. Peter Eckersley
in the chair.

A series of rules for the governance of the Society
were adopted. Mr. John Bonney was re-elected
Secretary, and a copy of Rennie's Botany was
directed to be presented to him for his past services.
Mr. I. Farrington was re-elected Treasurer, and Mr. 
W. Hall was appointed Vice-Chairman. The appointment
of Chairman was postponed until the next meeting.
Preston Chronicle 18th September 1858
BY Mr. H.P.WATSON, on Wednesday 26th Day of January,
instant, at seven o'clock in the evening, 
at the Hoop and Crown Inn, Friargate, Preston,
Subject to such conditions as will then be produced.
ALL that the said HOOP AND CROWN INN, with
the Brew-house, Stables, Yard, and Outbuildings; 
and also the adjoining SHOP and DWELLING-HOUSE, 
now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Dixon and Mrs. 
Coward respectively.

The premises are freehold of inheritance, and will be
offered for sale in one lot. For further particulars, 
application may be made to Mr. R.B. DIXON, 
Solicitor, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 6th January 1859
At the monthly meeting of the Natural History
Society, held at the Hoop and Crown Inn, on
Monday evening, Mr. Thomas Pugh submitted
 to the members, the specimen of Cerura bicuspis,
the capture of which by him was noticed in the
Chronicle a few weeks since. Some good specimens
of other less rare moths and butterflies were shown
by several members.
Six new members were enrolled. There was a good
attendance. Mr. R. Sharples presided.
Preston Chronicle 7th July 1860
Preston Chronicle 19th February 1870

DEATH - On the 8th inst., Thomas,
eldest son of the late Mr. Robert Dixon,
of the Hoop and Crown Inn, Friargate,
aged 41 years.
Preston Chronicle 14th May 1870

Letter to the Editor of the Preston Chronicle.
Sir,  I was surprised to see, in last Wednesday's 
Police Reports, a case where two little boys, aged
11 and 9 years, were brought before the magistrates
for being drunk and incapable. 

On reading the account, I was astonished to find that
the children stated they had received the 'drink' at the
Hoop and Crown, Friargate. Now it is a well-known
fact, and I can produce witnesses to prove it, that
neither thieves, prostitutes, nor children, are supplied
with drink at the Hoop and Crown.

Reporters should remember when dotting down police news,
that there are many "Crowns" in Preston, but only one
with a 'Hoop' attached to it. When a child comes for beer 
or spirits, we always consider it is for their parents, and the 
person who would permit a boy of 9 years to get drunk in his 
house, is, in my estimation deserving of a fine or imprisonment.
Yours &c.,
Preston Chronicle 18th March 1871
Edward Leonard and William Fairclough, young men,
were charged with stealing a box containing a quantity
of needlework, the property of Jane Tye, Hawker. The
previous evening, about 11 o'clock, the prosecutrix
called at the Hoop and Crown in Friargate, but being
the worse for drink, the landlord refused to supply her 
with any beer.

The prisoners, who were in the house at the time, followed
her out, and when they got to the top of Hope Street they
threw her to the ground, and took the property with which
they were charged with stealing from her.

They then ran down Hope Street with the stolen articles, 
and a police constable who came up at the time, pursued
and apprehended them.

The articles, which were valued at 6s 6d were afterwards
found at the bottom of Hope Street. The prisoners pleaded
not guilty to the charge, and were committed to the Sessions
for trial.
Preston Chronicle 29th March 1873
Black Bull Hotel and the
Hoop and Crown Inn, 
to Elswick, every Saturday.
Preston Chronicle 16th December 1882
Dundee Courier  4th August 1896

Lancashire Evening Post  28th February  1900
Lancashire Evening Post 28th August 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  26th April 1907
 Lancashire Evening Post  6th February 1908
Lancashire Evening Post  7th December 1908
 Lancashire Evening Post  2nd April 1909
 Lancashire Evening Post  3rd December 1919
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th February 1933
 Lancashire Evening Post  5th February 1934
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th March 1934
 Lancashire Evening Post  15th July 1935
James Whiteside                  45 years                   Innkeeper
Betty Whiteside                   40                            Wife
Mary Whiteside                   20                            Daughter
Jane Whiteside                     15                            Daughter
Peggy Whiteside                  15                            Daughter
James Whiteside                  13                            Son 
Joseph Maude                     20                            Lodger? / Barber

James Whiteside                  57 years                   Innkeeper                  b. Poulton
Betty Whiteside                   53                            Wife                          b. Bispham
Mary Whiteside                  32                             Daughter                   b. Poulton
Jane Whiteside                    28                            Daughter                    b. Preston
Peggy Whiteside                 26                             Daughter                            do
James Whiteside                 23                             Son                                    do

Robert Dixon                      60 years                    Innkeeper                b. Clitheroe
Jane Dixon                          53                             Wife                        b. Barton
Thomas Dixon                     32                             Son                         b. Clitheroe
Hannah Dixon                     21                             Daughter                  b. Preston
John Dixon                          19                            Son                                  do
Robert Dixon                       16                            Son                                  do
Mary Dixon                         14                            Daughter                           do
Ellen Dixon                          10                            Daughter                          do

Edmund Barry                    25 years                    Innkeeper                b. London
Anne Barry                         21                             Wife                       b. Manchester
Kate Barry                         21                              Sister                      b. London
Anne A.  ?                         22 years                     Servant                   b. Ireland

Kate Barry                        28 years                     Lic. Vict.                 b. London, Middlesex.
Margaret Barry                 24                               Sister                                  do
Charlotte Barry                 22                               Sister                      b. Preston

James Hall                        33 years                      Lic. Vict.                 b. Preston
Kate Hall                          36                               Wife                       b. London
      (formerly Kate Barry)

John J. Crook                   45 years                     Publican                  b. Preston
Amelia Crook                   48                              Wife                                do
Harry Crook                     19                              Son                                 do
William Crook                  18                              Son                                 do
Frank Crook                     14                              Son                                 do
Ernest Crook                    13                              Son                                 do
Bertie Crook                     10                              Son                                 do

Amelia Crook                   56 years widow         Lic. Vict.                  b. Preston
Harry Crook                     28                             Clerk                                do
Frank Crook                     25                             Barman                            do
Ernest Crook                    23                             Cycle repair assistant        do
Herbert Crook                  19                             Apprentice Painter            do
Mary Anna Manning         35 widow                  Servant                    b. Swinton


  1. Re: 1786 indenture: Joseph Sudell is my gtx5 grandfather. He was a successful shoemaker to trade. His first wife Mary Woodcock died in 1754, and he then married Sarah Plant, daughter of Rowland and Ellen Plant. Rowland died in 1785 aged 86. It may be that this was the property of the Plant family and that Joseph Sudell was acting as an executor along with his mother-in-law Ellen Plant, widow. Perhaps, then, Rowland Plant was innkeeper before Thomas Dickinson. Ellen died in 1794 at the ripe old age of 92.

    1. Fantastic linking material here. Many thanks for sharing it.
      Steve H.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Steve I am a Liverpool historian and have just posted this story which has a Hoop and Crown link, would be grateful if I could use the photo and will happily link it to this blog.

    1. Have seen this story before. Very sad. Yes, lift the photo and add to your story. I'll link an item to your blog. Write to me on if you wish.

  4. John James Crook, landlord of the Hoop & Crown Hotel 1901-1905, was the son of William Crook, plumber, glazier, painter, gilder, paper-hanger, furniture dealer, auctioneer, and landlord of the Albert Hotel 1858-1863, the Red Lion Hotel 1863-1867, and the Hesketh Arms & Cemetery Hotel from July 1868 until his death on 13 Oct 1868.

    1. Many thanks, Glenn, I'll add that to the body of the page shortly. Trust you're keeping well!!