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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


25 Moor Lane  /  20 North Street
later 160 Moor Lane
The "Windmill Inn" in a later guise as the "Cross Keys"
You can just see the remains of the windmill itself, behind the right of the roof.
This building was, of course, a replacement for the original "Windmill Inn", but seemingly built on the next junction north. See map and comments, below.

Although the licence was passed from the Windmill Inn to the Cross Keys, the latter was built on the junction to the north.
It will be noted on the left hand map that the tunnel containing the Longridge Railway line, ran underneath the Windmill Inn.
There are records of licensees at the Windmill from at least 1818, and the railway won't have appeared until at least 1840, so it is assumed that the tunnel must have been bored under the Windmill Inn and other buildings.
Thanks to reader David Wignall for pointing out the different building plots.
Any further comments welcomed.
1818                       Richard Warwick
1821 - 24               Adam Swarbrick - Adam Swarbrick was born in 1790 at Wesham. He married Margaret Haythornthwaite at St John's in Preston in 1814. He was the uncle of the Joseph Swarbrick who held the Swan with Two Necks. Adam died in 1826. 
                                            Thank you to Dave Swarbrick (no relation) for this information.
1825                       Thomas Billington
1829                       James Johnson
1834                           ?     Parkinson   -  licence suspended 6.9.1834.
1841                       Thomas Craven
1841 - 42               James Walch
1843 - 50               John Gornall
1851                       Daniel Cockitt
1852                       Mrs. Cocker  - should this be Cockitt?
1853                      William Rothwell
1854 - 60               Richard Ratcliffe  - whether there was a split tenancy here I don't know, but see 1857.
1857                      George Seed*  see article below - 1857
1861                      T. Blackburn
1864                      Richard Blackburn
1864 - 1890          Robert Robinson
1890                      Agnes Ann Casey
1891                      Robert Butler
1891                     Thomas Henry Flowers
1892 - 94              Thomas Nelson
1894 - 95              Mary Alice Eastham
1895                      Henry Adams
1895                      John Phillipson
1896                      Joseph Cowell
1896                      Robert Nelson
1897 - 99              Ellen Preston
1899                      William James Taylor
1899 - 1901          Henry Adams
1901 - 04              George Borwick
1907 - 08              Thomas Henry Wignall
1910 - 11               John Turner
1913                      Thomas Rooney
1917                      Henry Adman  Should read Henry Adams?
1924                      Richard Spencer
On Thursday sen'night, a newborn female infant
was found in a dung-hill near the Windmill Tavern, Preston.
We are sorry to state that the wicked mother
has,as yet, escaped detection.
Lancaster Gazette  December 02, 1815
With immediate possession
All  that well-accustomed public house, called
the "WINDMILL INN," situated in Moor
Lane, Preston. The house is in good repair, and
the fixtures, brewing utensil, and brewhouse, in 
the best condition. Satisfactory reasons for the
present tenant declining the business
For particulars apply to  MR. JOHN GORNALL,
Bow Lane, Preston; or on the premises.
Preston Chronicle   June 1st 1850.
A rough looking fellow called William Whiteside,
appreared at the Town Hall, charged with attempting 
to forcibly enter the WINDMILL TAVERN, Moor Lane,
(kept by a widow named COCKER). At about 1am in the
morning, P.C. Hesketh, along with P.C. Steinson, and 
P.S. Whittaker, proceeded to the house in question, where
they saw four or five men lurking about, and another trying
to get through a window.

When apprehended, he was taken into the house where
Hesketh ordered two whiskeys, and he and Steinson drank them. 

In answer to the Mayor, Hesketh said the assertion was true.
They were in a profuse persperation, and he was afraid they might
take cold. The defendant was cautioned and discharged.
Preston Chronicle 24th July 1852
(Late of the Britannia Inn, Friargate)
On entering the above HOTEL, the proprietor begs
to thank his nuerous patrons and friends for their
favours which he has received at his late place of 
business, and hopes, by keeping always on hand a 
first class article in spirits, combinewd with strict
attention to their comfort, to merit a continuation
of their patronage in the future.
Preston Chronicle 23rd May 1857

On Sale TWO DUCKS and a DRAKE,
to be seen at the Windmill Inn,
Moor Lane.
Preston Chronicle 23rd May 1857
Just arrived, a large quantity
at Mr. Robinson's,
Windmill Inn, Moor Lane.
Preston Chronicle 9th April 1870
Preston Chronicle  23rd May 1874
Liverpool Mercury  14th December 1899
TO BE LET, from December 1st, the Old-established Fully-licensed PUBLIC House, "The Windmill Inn", Moor Lane, Preston. Apply, Archer and Gerrard, Estate Agents, 20 Cannon Street, Preston. Tel 972
Lancashire Evening Post. 4th November 1921
Large Room to be Let; suitable for Club - Apply, Windmill Inn, Moor Lane, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  1st August 1924
Thomas Craven                    25 years                      Publican
Jane Craven                         25                               Wife
James Craven                        2                                Son

Daniel Cockitt                      32 years                      Innkeeper                    b. Wishington, Cheshire
Esther Cockitt                      28                               Wife                            b. Goosnargh
Charles Cockitt                     3                                Son                                 b. Lancaster
Thomas Blackburn               45                            Hay & Straw Dealer       b. Goosnargh
Bessy Coyne                        24                               Servant                           b. Ireland


Robert Robinson                 37 years                       Innkeeper                    b. Kendal
Theresa Robinson               35                                 Wife                            b. Kirkham
William Robinson                10                                 Son                             b. Preston
Robert Robinson                  5                                  Son                                     do

Robert Robinson                47 years                         Innkeeper                   b. Kendal
Theresa Robinson               45                                 Wife                            b. Kirkham
William Robinson                20                                 Son                             b. Preston
Robert Robinson                 15                                 Son                                      do
John Robinson                      9                                 Son                                      do
Richard Robinson                 6                                  Son                                      do

Thomas Henry Flowers      30 years                         Innkeeper                    b. Coventry
Anne Flowers                    21                                  Wife                            b. Ireland
Thomas Henry Flowers       1                                   Son                             b. Burnley

Henry Adams                    45 years                         Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Sarah Adams                     40                                  Wife                                    do
James Adams                     22                                  Son                                     do
George Adams                   18                                  Son                                     do
Robert Adams                    14                                  Son                                     do
Hubert Adams                    12                                  Son                                     do
Cedric Adams                     9                                   Son                                     do
William Adams                    5                                   Son                                     do
Cissy Adams                       1                                   Daughter                             do

John Turner                       44 years                          Publican                    b. Preston
Margaret Turner                44                                   Wife                                   do
Jane Turner                       21                                    Daughter                           do
John Turner                       18                                    Son                                   do
Nancy Turner                    14                                    Daughter                           do

1 comment:

  1. Adam Swarbrick was born in 1790 at Wesham. He married Margaret Haythornthwaite at St John's in Preston in 1814. He was the uncle of the Joseph Swarbrick who held the Swan with Two Necks.

    Adam died in 1826.

    Dave Swarbrick [no relation]