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Friday, 1 March 2013

SWAN INN, New Street

2 New Street
a.k.a. "WHITE SWAN"
The Swan Inn is on the left of three neighbouring public houses in New Street.
The others are the White Bull (centre) and the Golden Ball (right).
New Street started on the left, where the Cenotaph now stands, and ran
through what is now the old Post Office building.
1796 -                    Edward Williamson Election expenses of £319 19s. 6d. incurred at the "SWAN"
                                                            to Mr. Williamson.  DDK/1683/71
                                                            DEATH:  On Wednesday 28th February 1810,
                                                            Mrs. Williamson, mother of the late Edward Williamson,
                                                            of the Swan Inn, Preston.
                                                                                Lancaster Gazette   3rd March 1810
1814                      Peter Sharples
1815                      James Todd
1818                      Robert Bell
1822 - 36              William Smith  d.19.2.1842 aged 69 years

1827 - 29             George Jackson                                           I also have these records of licencees during the
pre-1933              Joseph Melling  P.C. 14.12.1833  d. 17.2.1835  respective years. Whether William Smith's   
1833 - 34             John Brazendale                                                                        tenure was  split I don't know.   HELP!
1840 - 41              George Topham - Fined for allowing dice to be played in his house. [P.C. 22.2.1840]
1842                      John Hargreaves
1843                      Mr. and Mrs. Carefoot
1843                      Mrs. Carefoot
1846 - 48               Peter Howard
1851                      Ann Hunt
1853                      Mary Hoswell
1854                      Henry Baker   d. 18.11.1854
1854 - 57               Mrs. Maria Baker
1860 - 61               Matthew (Matthias) Noblet
1863 - 67               Pierce and Sarah Hindley
1869                      Mr. H. Sharples
1869 - 70               James Sumner
1870 - 71               John Cottam
1871 - 81               Thomas Bennett
1881                       Margaret Curwen
1882 - 85               William Potter
1885 - 87               William Preston
1888                       James Fairley
1888 - 89               William Dodgson
1889 - 90                Joseph Kirby
1890                       William Moore
1890 - 94                George Swarbrick - Eleanor [Kirkham] married George Swarbrick in 1883
August 29th 1894  No application for renewal of licence.  House pulled down.
York Herald  17th February 1827
Preston Chronicle  17th November 1832
Preston Chronicle  14th December 1833
DEATH - On Monday 21st April 1834,
suddenly, aged 57 years, MARY, the wife of
INN, New Street.
Preston Chronicle 26th April 1834
By Mr. R. Duckett
Without Reserve, and Free from Auction Duty
(by Order of the Assignees of Joseph Melling,
an Insolvent Debtor).
At the house of Mr. John Brazendale, the sign
of the Swan Inn, in New Street, in Preston, on
Monday the 17th day of November next, at
7 o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions
as shall be then abd there produced:
LOT 1.
The Fee-simple and Inheritance of and in all that the
said INN, called the SWAN INN, in New Street, in
Preston, aforesaid, eligibly situated near the Fish-stones, 
with the Appurtenances, now in the occupation of the said 
Mr. Brazendale.
Preston Chronicle 1st November 1834
DEATH - On Tuesday 17th February,
Mr. Joseph Melling, formerly of the SWAN
INN, New Street, in this town.
Preston Chronicle 21st February 1835
Preston Chronicle   19th November 1836
                                          Preston Chronicle 27th May 1843

Preston Chronicle 9th November 1844
In returning his sincere thanks to his Friends and
the Public for past favours, begs to inform them that
he has REMOVED from the Apollo Inn to the
WHITE SWAN INN, New Street, near the
Fish-stones, where he trusts by strict attention
to the comforts of his guests, and by always
keeping a choice stock of Wines, Spirits, &c.,
to merit a continuance of that liberal support
which he has histherto received.
NB. A spacious Club-room, capable of a
accommodating a numerous Society.
Preston Chronicle  18th July 1846
Preston Chronicle  5th August 1848
Preston Chronicle  5th October 1850
In an excellent situation.
THE SWAN INN, in New Street, Market Place,
Preston. The stock to be taken at a valuation,
with immediate possession.
Apply to Mrs. Baker, on the premises; or to
GEORGE PARKER, Auctioneer, Shelley's Arms.
Preston Chronicle 2nd December 1854
In P.C. 24th February 1855, Mrs. 'Baker' was referred to as 'Barker'
re. Matthias Noblet, publican, formerly of
the Swan Inn, New Street, Preston - Mr. Webb
Ward of Liverpool supported the case of the
bankrupt, and Mr. Forshaw opposed.
Adjiurned for one month.
Preston Chronicle 19th March 1862
At the borough police court, Kate MacDonald 
was charged with stealing a pair of boots, the
property of Sarah Hindley, of the Swan Inn,
New Street, with whom the prisoner had been
living as a servant.

Mrs. Hindley said that when she took her into
her employ she was of good character, but that
she had discharged her because she found her
in the cellar helping herself to the ale. She
discharged her one day last week, and on Saturday
last, missed the boots in question.The prisoner 
afterwards pawned the boots at the shop of 
Mr. Alston, pawnbroker, Friargate.

The prisoner admitted her guilt, and begged the
bench to be lenient with her. She was committed
to prison for two months with hard labour.
Preston Chronicle 5th September 1863
Preston Chronicle  27th February 1864
Preston Chronicle  6th January 1866
Preston Chronicle  19th October 1867
Preston Chronicle  4th September 1869
WANTED immediately, a good general
SERVANT; aged 30. A Protestant preferred.
Apply or address Mrs. Potter, Swan Inn, New Street, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  3rd February 1883
George Topham                   25 years                       Publican
Elizabeth Topham                 20                                Wife
Ann Topham                         2                                  Daughter

Ann Hunt                              63 years                       Innkeeper                b. Penwortham
Margaret Hunt                      40                                Daughter                  b. Leyland
Mary Ann Hunt                     37                               Daughter                            do

Matthias Noblett                  53 years                       Publican                    b. Ingol
Jane Nonlett                         54                                Wife                         b. Salmesbury
John Noblett                        14                                 Son                                     do

Thomas Bennett                   49 years                       Lic. Vict.                   b. Longton
Jane Bennett                        39                                Wife                          b. Kirkham

Margaret Curwen                 57 years                       Innkeeper                  b. Holme, Westmoreland

George Swarbrick               26 years                        Publican                     b. Preston
Eleanor Swarbrick               24                                 Wife                                    do
Eliza Murphy                       22                                  Servant                     b. Monmouthshire

1 comment:

  1. George Swarbrick had previously [1889] held the White Bull at 3, New Street.

    His wife Eleanor went on to run the Vine Tavern [1894 onwards]