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Saturday, 7 November 2015

NEPTUNE INN, Strand Road

22 Strand Road (or West Strand)
10 Strand Road (1904)
2 Strand Road (1913)
8 Strand Road (1917)

This is a much more modern building than the 1865 one.
 The replacement building for the original (above). In actual fact, I've a feeling that that one
was a replacement for an even earlier one.
1865 - 66                Thomas Fairclough
1868 - 90                Thomas Sumner
1870                       William Raglan (Ragan)
1870                       William Bowman
1870 - 71                William Hindle
1871 - 77                James Kershaw
1879                       Mrs. Kershaw
1881 - 84                Catherine Kershaw
1885                       William Birtwistle
1885 - 86                Henry Beesley
1886 - 87                John Seed
1887 - 89                William Porter
1889 - 90                James Edward Bilsborough
1890 - 94                William Porter
1894 - 95                William Monk the younger
1896 - 99                Thomas Turner
1900                        Robert Breakell
1900 - 01                Thomas Oldham
1901                        George Gilleade
1904                        James Brown
1907 - 11                Thomas Blackoe
1913 - 17                John Carter
1924                        Roger James Clitheroe
1932 - 36                Elizabeth Clitheroe
1940 - 44                Frederick Carter
1948                       William R. Strickland 
1976/77?                Len Cherry - moved from here to the Old Black Bull, Friargate, in the early 1980's
For a term of three or more years, the
NEPTUNE INN, situate in Marsh Lane
and Strand Road, close to the Waggon Works 
and  proposed docks.

Apply to Mr. W. COWARD, at the
Cricketers' Arms, South Meadow Lane, whp 
will receive tenders up to the first day of May,
when the taker will be declared.
Preston Chronicle  27th March 1869
Preston Chronicle  5th July 1873
Last Thursday, a "Grand National Dog Show" was held
at the Neptune Hotel, Starand Road, Preston. There were
80 entries, and being open to all England, some of the dogs
that have taken the leading prizes at the principal dog shows
that have taken place, were entered for competition.

The Judges were: Joseph Walker Esq, West Gorton,
Manchester; Thomas Worthington Esq, Bury; John
Henshall, Salford; and Thomas Kirby Wsq, Rochdale.

The show was a very successful one. The Exhibitors 
afterwards dined together at the Neptune Hotel.
Lytham and Kirkham Times  9th July 1873
Preston Chronicle  4th September 1875
Preston Chronicle  6th April 1878
Liverpool Mercury  25th June 1879
By tender, with immediate possession.
The INN or PUBLIC HOUSE called the
"NEPTUNE INN," situate at the corner
of Marsh Lane and Strand Road, Preston,
and near the site of the Ribble and other
improvements now being made.

Apply JAMES HULL & Sons, 
Glover Street Brewery, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  15th November 1884
William Hindle                    49 years                Lic. Vict.                     b. Over Darwen
Sarah Hindle                      47                          Wife                           b. Stockport
James H. Hindle                 10                          Son                             b. Over Darwen

Catherine Kershaw             49 years                Lic. Vict.                     b. Horwich
Sarah Alice Kershaw          22                         Daughter                               do
Ada H. Kershaw                17                         Daughter                               do
Mary A. Kershaw              15                         Daughter                     b. Heaton
James Kershaw                  13                          Son                           b. Westhoughton
Florence C. Kershaw         11                          Daughter                               do
Emily J. Kershaw                 9                          Daughter                    b. Horwich

William Porter                   34 years                 Lic. Vict.                     b. Preston
Lucy Porter                       32                          Wife                           b. Blackpool
Florence Porter                 11                           Daughter                    b. Preston
Margaret Porter                61                           Mother                       b. Whittingham

Thomas Oldham                31 years                 Hotel Proprietor          b. Manchester
Alice Oldham                    32                           Wife                                      do
Thomas Oldham                 7                            Son                                       do

Thomas Blackoe              48 years                   Lic. Vict.                    b. Preston
Ann Blackoe                   47                            Wife / Assistant           b. Chipping
Helena Blackoe               22                            Daughter / Barmaid     b. Preston
Edward Blackoe             21                             Son / Bodymaker                 do

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