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Sunday, 21 October 2012

BLACK SWAN, 10 Water Street

10 Water Street
(when this pub was demolished, the Balmoral Hotel was built in its place)
The change of name is believed to have taken place on the 25th August 1891,
and the new property built around the turn of the century.

An interesting drawing that was made from a plan at L.R.O., showing a passage that skirts the vault, and leads to the 'Concert Hall' at the rear. A singer on an up-turned box would probably constitute a 'concert hall'. Not certain of the date, but the plans noted pre-1887. My guess is that it would be a long time before that date  when it was used as such.
These are the post 1887 plans. Whether they were carried out is difficult to say,
but it was demolished before 1891, and replaced by the Balmoral Hotel
1827                 Edward Jones

1829                 Edward Jones - may have returned after a spell at the 'King's Arms' in Church Street.
1831                 Mr. Haslam
1837                 Mr. Lancaster
1838 - 41         James Winstanley      d. 11.2.1846 aged 42 years.
1851 - 66         Charles Swift    Wife Anne Swift d. 22.2.1866       Charles died later in 1866.
1869 - 74         James Sharrock
1875 - 81         Stephen Cranshaw
1881                Rufus Yates / Joseph Yates   -  Joseph died 13.5.1891 aged 32 years
1882 - 84        John Townson
1884 - 85        Edmund Lund
1886                Joseph Edwards
1886 - 87         Rufus Yates
1888 - 91        Joseph Yates  d. 13.5.1891 aged 32 years.
1895 - 1901    Thomas Moore
Preston Pilot  20th October 1827
Preston Chronicle 28th May 1836
By Mr. T.W. Pemberton
At the 'Black Swan' in Water Street, Preston, 
on Tuesday 29th June 1841

LOT 1.   ALL that well-accustomed INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE
called "THE BLACK SWAN" in Water Street, with the Brewhouse,
Stable, Yards, and other conveniences thereto belonging, in the
occupation of James Winstanley.

And all that DWELLING-HOUSE situate in Water Street, 
adjoining the said Public House, in the occupation of Mr. Charles Swift.
Preston Chronicle  12th June 1841
by Mr. Chritchley
At the Black Swan, Water Street on Friday 13th February 1846

LOT 1.    ALL that well-accustomed INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, called 
"THE BLACK SWAN" situate in Water Street, with the Brewhouse, Stable, Yards 
and other conveniences thereto belonging, in the occupation of Mr.Charles Swift.
Preston Chronicle  7th February 1846
Preston Chronicle  5th October 1850
Preston Chronicle   24th July 1852
Preston Chronicle 15th January 1853
Preston Chronicle  29th January 1853


Will serve Cows at the BLACK SWAN STABLES, Water Street, Preston, at
FIVE SHILLINGS each, ready money.  WAR EAGLE is the winner of the
Second North Lancashire and four other local Prizes. His stock are proving
valuable, and his attendant has a commission to purchase all calves got by him.

WAR EAGLE's Pedigree can be seen at the BLACK SWAN.
April 1853
Preston Chronicle  23rd April 1853
Preston Chronicle 11th June 1853
Preston Chronicle 24th February 1855
Preston Chronicle 16th June 1855
Preston Chronicle 15th March 1856
Preston Chronicle 9th October 1858
Preston Chronicle 14th July 1860
Preston Chronicle 23rd March 1861
Preston Chronicle 30th March 1861
Preston Chronicle  1st June 1861
Preston Chronicle 20th November 1861
Preston Chronicle  14th April 1866
Preston Chronicle  27th October 1866
Preston Chronicle 16th February 1867
Preston Chronicle 13th March 1869
Preston Guardian   14th August 1869
TO BE LET with immediate possession, the BLACK SWAN INN, 
Water Street. For a couple, with or without children, this is really a
fortune. Takings and profits good; stock &c., to be taken at a 
For particulars apply on the premises, or to T.SHORROCK,
White Hart, Gin Bow Entry.
Preston Chronicle 17th September 1870
Preston Chronicle 7th December 1872
A letter to the local newspaper giving the landlord's point of view.
Preston Chronicle 6th September 1873
TO BE SOLD, By Private Treaty, all that old-established and
well-accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE known by the name of the
"BLACK SWAN" in Water Street; brewing two or three times
weekly, and all retailed on the premises; together with two very 
good lodging houses adjoining, registered for 57 and 33 lodgers
respectively, with land to build another shop fronting Leeming 
Street; all free from Ground Rent. 
For particulars apply, Mr. Cranshaw, Oil Merchant, 4 Greaves Street; 
or William MASSEY, Auctioneer and Valuer, 8 Avenham Road, Preston
Preston Chronicle 1st August 1874
Preston Chronicle  31st July 1875
Preston Guardian  25th March 1876
FRIDAY NEXT, December 7th, Mr Cranshaw of the BLACK SWAN
Water Street, intends to open his SKITTLE ALLEY and AMERICAN
BOWLING SALOON, when he will give £6 to be competed for in Prizes.
Entrance 1s each, to be made at the above. Back entrance from Grinshaw Street.
Preston Chronicle 1st December 1877
Preston Guardian  12th January 1878
£50 REWARD - A malicious and absolutely false
report having been circulated to the effect that 
Stephen Cranshaw, innkeeper, oil and tallow
manufacturer &c., of Water Street, and elsewhere, 
is in pecuniary difficulties, Notice is Hereby Given,
that any person or persons who may repeat the same
will be prosecuted; and notice is furthermore given, 
that a Reward of £50 will be paid to any one who will 
discover the originator, or furnish such evidence as will 
result in the conviction of the fabricator of the aforesaid 
false and malicious report.
STEPHEN CRAWSHAW, 10 Water Street, Preston
February 7th 1879
Preston Chronicle 8th February  1879
Preston Chronicle 21st May 1881
16 Young STORE PIGS for sale, of good breed.
Apply Black Swan, Water Street, Preston.
Preston Herald  26th August 1885
"AN OBSERVER" writes complaining of what he describes as disgraceful interferences with the services of the Salvation Army in the neighbourhood of the Black Swan, Water Street, Preston
Thomas Woods and Adam Clarke Laughlin were charged with stealing a bottle containing four gallons of whisky, the property of Joseph Yates, landlord of the Black Swan, Water Street, on Wednesday the 2nd inst. Mr. Parker prosecuted. It appears that the prisoner's went into the public-house and took the bottle away to John Smith's house and there a quantity of it was consumed. The bottle at present contained about ten quarts. Smith stated that at about half-past six on the 2nd inst., the prisoner's came to him and asked him to allow them to bring a bottle containing some beer into his house.
He refused, and they went together to an outhouse, and there part of the whisky was consumed. The witness became insensible through the drink and knew nothing further.
Thomas Thompson stated that the prisoner Laughlin told him that he had taken a bottle of whisky from the Black Swan. Laughlin was, at that time, drunk.
Police Detective Inman stated that he apprehended the prisoner Woods, and charged him with stealing four gallons of whisky from the Black Swan public-house, the property of Joseph Yates. He afterwards apprehended the other prisoner, and when charging them together, Woods replied, "I never stole no whisky." Laughlin made no reply.
Preston Chronicle  15th January 1881
Before Mr. C. R. Jacson and Mr. C. J. Massey
John Leonard (35), labourer, was charged with stealing £3, the money of Thomas Rodgers, at Preston, on the 27th March. Mr. Cooper prosecuted, and Mr. Shee defended. In his opening statement, Mr Cooper said that on the 27th March the prosecutor had come from Liverpool to Preston. He met the prisoner in the Black Swan Inn, having been previously acquainted with him. He asked the prisoner where he could obtain a bed for the night, and the prisoner took him to a lodging-house in Leeming Street. Just before entering the lodging house the prosecutor counted his money, which amounted to a little over £3, and placed it in an inside waistcoat pocket. Rodgers announced his intention of going to bed. The landlord had lighted a candle with which to conduct Rodgers to his bed, but Leonard snatched this from him, saying that he would conduct Rodgers to his room. When upstairs Rodgers took off his coat and waistcoat, and was proceeding to divest himself of his trouser's when the prisoner blew out the candle and rushed downstairs. The prosecutor followed him downstairs, and saw his waist coast being passed round among a number of men. Shortly afterwards Leonard returned the waistcoat to the prosecutor, who then discovered his money was gone. The prosecutor subsequently gave information to the police, and Leonard was apprehended.
In defence, Mr. Shee relied upon the suggestion that the prosecutor never had £3 in his possession when he reached the lodging-house, because in the lodging-house on the same night when the prosecutor gave a shilling to pay for beer he stated when asking for the change it was "all the money he had, and he required to go to Blackburn the next morning." A verdict of guilty was returned. The prisoner had previously been convicted at Manchester, when he received a sentence of 5 years penal servitude, with 30 strokes of the 'cat'. In passing sentence, he Chairman said that very early in life the prisoner had commenced his criminal career. He would now go to penal servitude for 5 years, with 5 years police supervision.
Preston Herald   12th April 1890
Thanks for this story go to the 2X Great Grandson of the prosecutor, who discovered it in the newspaper.
James Winstanley                   35 years                      Publican
Elizabeth Winstanley               55                                  ?            (might have been James' mother)

Charles Swift                          46 years                     Innkeeper               b. Sheffield
Ann Swift                               45                              Wife                                do
William Swift                          17                              Son                        b. Preston
Thomas Swift                         15                              Son                                  do
Elizabeth Swift                         8                               Daughter                          do
Agnes Swift                             6                               Daughter                          do
Edward Swift                          3                               Son                                  do
Betty Swift                             73                              Mother                   b. Dewsbury

Charles Swift                         56 years                     Innkeeper               b. Anderton
Ann Swift                              56                              Wife                       b. Atcliffe Yorkshire
Elizabeth Swift                       19                              Daughter                b. Preston
Agnes Swift                           17                              Daughter                        do
Charles Edward                     13                              Son                                do
Betty Swift                             90                              Mother                 b. Adlington

                   There's quite a lot of variation in what would appear to be the same Swift family.    

Rufus Yates                          53 years                     Cotton Mill Manager    b. Darwen
Ellen Yates                           54                              Wife                                     do
Joseph Yates                        22                              Son / Barman               b. Blackburn
Joshua Yates                        19                              Son                              b. Bury

Joseph Yates                        32 years                    Licensed Victualler        b. Blackburn
Margaret Yates                    32                             Wife                              b. Preston
Rufus Yates                           6                              Son                                       do

Thomas Moore                    46 years                    Publican                        b. Preston
Betsy Moore                       45                             Wife                                       do
Henry Moore                      21                             Son                                         do
Joseph Moore                     19                             Son                                        do
Mary J. Moore                    17                            Daughter                                 do
Emily Moore                        10                           Daughter                                 do
M.A. Moore                         4                            Daughter                                 do

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