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Friday, 3 February 2012

BUSH INN, 32 Berry Street

30 - 32 (later 61 - 63) Berry Street
1849                   Adelaide Curle    (Property owned by John Bamber)
1851                   John Bamber
1853 - 57            William Sharples
1860 - 65            Mary Sharples
1865                   Henry Eccles
1867 - 91           John Hobson     d. 16.11.1891
1891 - 95           Ann Hobson
1895 - 1901       Thomas Finch
1901 - 10           John Hobson
1913 - 17           Nathan Rickard
1926 - 27           Mary Gorton
1932 - 36           Albert Fielding
1940                   John Kerwin
1944 - 48           Stephen Allison
On the 9th July 1874
ALL that well-accustomed INN or Public House, called or known 
by the sign of "THE BUSH INN," with Stables, Brewhouse, and
Outbuildings thereto, situate on the east side of Berry Street, now 
in the occupation of John Hobson.

The house is well built, spacious, and commodious, and is well 
situate and adapted for carrying on an extensive business. The
 premises are freehold, and will be sold subject to a yearly ground rent of £3 3s. 5d
Preston Chronicle  27th June 1874
Instructions have been received from the Executors of the
late Mr. John Hobson, to sell by Auction, at the Central
Buildings, Lancaster Road, on Saturday next, December
5th 1891, at 4pm, the whole of the Valuable Lot of
HOMING PIGEONS consisting of 50 Birds, containing
the strains of Messrs. Harris, Gits, Gibson, Spider,
Barker, Allan, and others; also all the Loft Fittings,
Homing Baskets, &c., &c.
Catalogues may be had at the Bush Inn, Berry Street.
DEATH - On the 5th inst., at the Bush Inn,
Berry Street, Thomas Edward, infant son
of John and Ann Hobson, aged 7 months.
Preston Chronicle 14th January 1882
Preston Chronicle 11th July 1874
Preston Chronicle 27th June 1874
Preston Chronicle 21st November 1891
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian

Mary Sharples             60 years                  Innkeeper                b.
Elloner Sharples           23                           Daughter                 b.
John Hobson               43 years                  Innkeeper                b. Manchester
Elizabeth Hobson         50                           Wife                                  do
John Hobson               53 years                  Lic. Vict.                 b. Manchester  
Ann Hobson                27                           Wife                                   do
John Hobson                 1                           Son                         b. Preston
Alice Davis                 84                           Mother                    b. Manchester

John Hobson               63 years                  Publican                   b. Manchester
Ann Hobson                37                           Wife                                    do
John Hobson               11                           Son                          b. Preston
Edward Hobson           2                            Son                                    do
Gladys Hobson             1 month                 Daughter                            do
Martha Hobson ?        58                           Mother ??                 b. Sheffield
Martha Hobson           22                           Sister ??                             do
      Could these last two be related to Ann Hobson?  Needs some checking.

Thomas Finch             48 years                  Publican                    b. Preston
Margaret Finch           50                           Wife                                  do
Ann Finch                   25                           Daughter                            do
William F. Finch          14                           Son                                   do
Mary Finch                  10                          Daughter                            do

John Hobson              31 years                  Publican                   b. Preston

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