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Monday, 20 February 2017

UNION HOTEL, Maudland Bank / Pedder Street

1 Maudland Bank / 43 Pedder Street
- Given as 17 Pedder Street in 1851 Census -
1850 - 51              John Fisher Smith
1853 - 54              Thomas Brooks 
1856                      Anthony Westhead
1857                      John Cox
1858 - 69              Thomas Grime (Councillor)
1870                      James Grime
1870 - 81              Thomas Swindlehurst
1881                      Ruth Swindlehurst
1882 - 88              Elizabeth Swindlehurst Property sold by E.S. to James Hull Brewer & Maltster, Glovers' Court.
1888 - 90              George Smith
1890                     James Park
1890 - 94              Thomas Dixon
1894 - 97              Thomas Nightingale
1897                      Richard Banks
1898                      Edward Chatburn
1899 - 1901          John McMahon
1904 - 08              John Smith.  d. 24.9.1908 aged 57 years. (See report below)
1908 - 13              Elizabeth Smith
1913 - 17              William Moxham
1924                     James T. Dew
1932                     Alexander Doolan
1936                     John W. Wane
1940 - 44             Agnes Moss
Preston Chronicle 12th January 1850
 Preston Chronicle  10th January 1852
Preston Chronicle   30th October 1852
Kendal Mercury  26th November 1853
TO BE LET, and may be entered upon immediately, all that well-accustomed INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the sign of the "Union Hotel," situate in Maudland Bank, corner of Pedder Street, within Preston, together with Brewhouse, Yard, STABLING, and every convenience for carrying on the business of a wholesale Brewer.
For particulars apply on the premises.
Preston February 11th February 1854
TO BE LET, with immediate possession, all that well-known PUBLIC-HOUSE called the "Union Hotel," situate at Maudland Bank. The stock to be taken at a fair valuation. For particulars apply on the premises, or to Mr. WILLIAM AINSWORTH, Auctioneer, 48, North Road, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  25th February 1854
Preston Chronicle   1st March 1856
at the UNION HOTEL, Maudland Bank, Preston.
On 19th November 1856
and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the property of Mr. A. Westhead,
who is declining business, comprising large coolers, mash tub, 
stillages, working trough, load and half-load barrels, quarter
casks, quantity of hops, jugs, glasses, decanters, pewter 
measures, ale drainer, spirit fountain with six taps, piping,
and barrels, forming and tables in back and front parlours,
leather seating round bar-parlour, &c.
Preston Chronicle 15th November 1856
Preston Chronicle   1st January 1859
Preston Chronicle  26th November 1859
Preston Chronicle   28th August 1861
Preston Chronicle   22nd November 1862
 Lancaster Gazette  4th April 1863
Preston Chronicle   1st January 1876
 Preston Chronicle  10th February 1877
 Preston Chronicle  24th November 1877
 Preston Herald  23rd September 1885
 Preston Herald  22nd February 1890
Preston Chronicle   20th September 1890
 Preston Herald  1st November 1890
An inquest was held at Preston Police Station, this afternoon, on the body of John Smith, 57, landlord of the Union Hotel, Maudland Bank, who died suddenly on Thursday morning shortly after retiring to bed.
His wife, Elizabeth Smith, said they had only been married eight months, and during that time her husband had been troubled with pain in the left breast. About 11 o'clock on Wednesday night she went to bed, and her husband, who had been working in the bar all day, followed her a short time afterwards. He complained of feeling the pain again, and about 12.20am suddenly stopped speaking, turned over on his face in bed, and moaned. She could get no answer from him, and afterwards found that he was dead.
In answer to the Coroner, she admitted that he had taken drink, but not to exceed. He never got drunk.
Dr. By water wrote stating that he attended the deceased 18 months ago for alcoholism. In his opinion death was due to heart failure following upon alcoholism.
The Jury found that the deceased had died from heart failure.
Lancashire Evening Post  25th September 1908
Lancashire Evening Post  12th March 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  18th January 1938
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th February 1938
 Lancashire Evening Post  6th February 1939
WANTED, General or Companion-help; good wages, etc., Mrs. Moss, Union Hotel, Maudland Bank, Preston
Lancashire Evening Post  2nd September 1943
John F. Smith                       36 years                  Innkeeper                         b. Cadley
Elizabeth Smith                     41                           Wife                                 b. Walton-le-dale
Margaret Frances Smith       10                            Daughter                          b. Preston
James Fisher Smith                9                            Son                                           do
Elizabeth Ada Smith              7                             Daughter                                   do
Grace Sarah Smith                5                             Daughter                                   do
Samuel Smith                        3                             Son                                           do
Martha A. Smith                   1                             Daughter                                   do
Grace S. Smith                    16                            Niece / Servant                          do

Thomas Grime                     50 years                  Reed Maker/Publican       b. Preston
Mary Grime                         46                           Wife                                          do
James Grime                        26                           Son                                           do
John Grime                          20                           Son                                           do
Thomas Grime                     18                           Son                                           do
Ellen Grime                          16                           Daughter                                   do
Lettice Grime                       13                           Daughter                                   do
Mary Grime                          8                            Daughter                                   do
Sarah Grime                         4                            Daughter                                   do
Frederick Grime                   2                             Son                                          do

Thomas Swindlehurst          37 years                  Innkeeper                          b. Fulwood
Elizabeth Swndlehurst         38                           Wife                                  b. Preston
Cornelius Swindlehurst        8                             Son                                            do
Wilfrid Swindlehurst            4                             Son                                            do
Mary A. Swindlehurst         1                             Daughter                                     do

Ruth Swindlehurst               48 years                  Innkeeper                          b. Preston
Cornelius Swindlehurst        17                           Son                                            do
Maria Swindlehurst             10                           Daughter                                     do
John H. Swindlehurst            8                           Son                                             do

Thomas Dixon                   34 years                   Lic. Vict.                           b. Longridge
Alice Dixon                       38                            Wife                                  b. Broughton
Ann E. Dixon                      5                             Daughter                           b. Dutton

John McMahon                 49 years                   Innkeeper                          b. Chatham
Elizabeth A. Brown             6                            Grand-daughter                  b. Liverpool

Elizabeth Smith                  46 years widow       Licensed Victualler             b. Preston
Ann Smith                         50            Sister-in-law  /  Licensed Victualler             do
James Smith                      17                      Step-son / General Servant               do
Jane Weir                          54 widow               General Servant                  b. Liverpool  

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