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Saturday, 17 March 2012

FOUNDRY ARMS, Shepherd Street

32 Shepherd Street
1860                      John Brown
1863 - 1869          Simon Shorrock  -  Brewster Sessions report 28.8.1869 - Licence refused.
John Brown, landlord of the Foundry Arms, 
32 Shepherd Street, was charged with keeping
 a disorderly house. P.C. Swift said that he went
to the defendant's house on Sunday morning, the
8th inst., when he found 21 men and prostitutes
within. The defendant was lying drunk on an old
pig crate, in a lumber room.

The defendant's wife appeared to answer the charge.
She said they had endeavoured to keep the house
as respectable as possible, and that if they did not
allow people to come into the house and do as they
wanted, they would get their brains knocked out.

She then submitted a small placard to the Bench, as 
a guarantee for the respectability of the house. 
It read - "John Brown, Foundry Arms, 32 Shepherd
Street, has on hand a number of rats, and offers an
excellent opportunity (having good accommodation)
for practising dogs in worrying this kind of vermin.
Further information may be had on application."

The Magistrates did not see the force of the placard,
and fined the defendant £5 and costs.
Preston Chronicle  21st July 1860
Preston Chronicle 7th January 1871
Not necessarily the Foundry Arms, but brothels were
prevalent in this part of Preston.


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