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Saturday, 20 October 2012

FOX AND DUCK, Croft Street

58  (later 36)  Croft Street
1849 - 51            John Newton   -  property owned by John Newton, also.
1853                   Jane Massey
1854 - 55            Samuel Massey
1858                   John Newton - see note later.
1859                   William Hunt
1861 - 62           Thomas Miller
1865 - 71           Thomas Winstanley
1873 - 81           William Worthington
1881 - 82           James Fiddler
1883 - 87           Margaret Fiddler
1887                  George Catlow
1888                  Alfred Hart
1889                  Thomas Collis
1889 - 93           Thomas Brown
1893 - 95           John Salter
1895                  Charles Nuttall
1895 - 97           John Iddon
1897                  Robert Edward Taylor
1898 - 1900      Richard Midgehall
1900 - 13          Thomas Haydock
1915 - 17          Arthur Frederick Hughes
1926 - 27          George Dickinson
1932 - 44          James Henry Aspden
1944 - 53          Mrs. Catherine Aspden
1957 - 63          Hermon Hambleton
1964 - 68          Albert Fiddler
              Post-1940 records p.p. Linda Barton

Excellent beerhouse, Fox and Duck, Croft Street,
and also the adjoining cottage occupied by Mr Samuel 
Massey. Sold subject to an annual Ground Rent of £3. 16. 3d.

Further information from the owner, Mr. John Newton,
Prince Arthur Inn, Moor Lane, or to the Auctioneer.
Preston Chronicle 2nd December 1854
Didn't sell (Ref: Linda Barton)
1858 note:  In the Preston Guardian of 20th Nov. there
was an offer to sell the pub by private treaty. It concluded
that 'further information could be had from John Newton ,
No. 56 Croft Street, which would suggest he had returned
whilst he sold his property and business.
Ref: Linda Barton
Lot 5.
Preston Chronicle  5th February 1859                                      
(Property owned by John Newton, whose address was now 28 Park Road.)
Both the above:-
Preston Chronicle  2nd September 1865

Thomas Winstanley, Fox and Duck, Croft Street,
applied for the renewal of his licence before the Mayor,
G. Sidgreaves, and R. Pedder Esqrs. He had been fined 
on two previous occasions, once for an offence against the
Sunday Act, and the second occasion for refusing to admit
the police.

Mr. Dunn stated that he had made every enquiry into the 
character of the applicant, and that he could find no fault
whatever against him. He had kept his house very properly,
and how he had managed to commit the offences for which
his licence had been suspended, he could not tell.

Winstanley promises faithfully that if his licence was renewed 
he would endeavour to prevent similar offences occurring 
again. The licence was granted.
Preston Guardian  15th September 1866
John Newton                   31 years                Beerseller                     b. Longridge
Hannah Newton              31                         Wife                             b. Howick
John Newton                    9                          Son                              b. Preston

Thomas Miller                 52 years                 Beerseller                     b. Bolton-le-Sands
Rebecca Miller                39                          Wife                            b. Kirkham
Mary Jane Miller              5                           Daughter                      b. Preston
Ellen Miller                       2                           Daughter                               do
John Miller                      5 months                Son                                       do
Richard Miller                 5 months                Son                                       do
Thomas Cawen?            18                           Step-son                                do
Martha Cawen ?            16                           Step-daughter                       do
Rebecca Cawen ?          13                           Step-daughter                       do
William Cawen ?             7                            Step-son                               do
    I wonder is 'Cawen' should read 'Craven'?

Thomas Winstanley         62 years                 Publican                     b. School Lane ??

James Fiddler                 51 years                 Lic. Vict.                    b. Farrington
Margaret Fiddler            42                          Wife                           b. Solom

Thomas Brown              55 years                 Publican                     b. Preston
Alice Brown                  54                          Wife                                  do
Sarah J. Brown              19                          Daughter                           do

Thomas Haydock          29 years                 Publican                     b. Salmesbury
Annie Haydock             30                          Wife                           b. Longridge
John Haydock                5                           Son                            b. Preston

Thomas Haydock         39 years                  Publican                     b. Salmesbury
Annie Haydock            39                           Wife                           b. Longridge
John Haydock              15                           Son / Scholar             b. Preston
Cyril Haydock               7                            Son / Scholar                      do
Kathleen Haydock         9 months                Daughter                             do

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