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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


63  (later 241)  Fylde Road
c. 1839                Thomas Monk
1839 - 41            William Bond
1851 - 53            John Burgess
1853 - 65            Frederick Booth  -  See advertisement, below, dated 25.10.1851. Curious? Says that
                                                                Frederick Booth took over in 1851.  Did he put a manager in?
                                                        In Oakey's Directory 1853 given as 'Fylde Road Brewery'.
1865                    Alice Booth
1865 - 82            James Schofield
1883 - 1902        Christopher Gregson - Had married Mary Tuson in 1870. She died in 1886, two weeks after the
                                                                                  birth of their 9th child, Lily.
1902                    Hannah Gregson
1904                    Executors of Christoper Gregson  (still shown as C.G. in 1905 Kelly's Directory.)
1907 - 17            Nicholas Fish
1924                   Richard Mayor
1926 - 32            Herbert Botham
1936 - 44            John W. Duce
1948                   John W. Bothman (Botham)  Nellie Botham
Below you will find the reason
why the pub got its' name.
THOMAS MONK, formerly of Leyland, near Preston,
Farmer and Retail Beerseller, Timber and Hay Dealer;
afterwards of the "Doctor Syntax" Fylde Road, Preston, 
Publican; and late of Leyland, a farmer.
Preston Chronicle 13th July 1839
At the Black Bull Inn, Friargate,
on Thursday 7th November 1839

ALL that PUBLIC HOUSE, called the "DOCTOR
SYNTAX," in Fylde Road, Preston, with the Stable,
Brewhouse, and appurtenances belonging; now in the
possession of William Bond as tenant thereof.

The House is well-cellared and comprises 5 Rooms
on the first floor; Club Room and 3 Bed Rooms on the 
2nd floor; and 5 Bed Rooms on the 3rd floor; and has
a Stable for 3 Horses, Brewhouse, and Malt Room.

The above premises have been built about three years,
and they are well-adapted for carrying out an extensive
business. The premises are subject to a yearly Ground
Rent of £3 14s 3d, payable to James Pedder Esq., his
heirs and assigns, forever.

Further particulars apply to Mr. Richard Holliday,
the owner.
Preston Chronicle  2nd November 1839
Preston Chronicle  25th October 1851
TO LET, a five-stall STABLE behind
the "Doctor Syntax" Fylde Road, Preston.

Also a LARGE ROOM, suitable for
storage or workshop. Terms cash.
Apply William Hayhurst, 125 Church Street.
Preston Chronicle  29th August 1874
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
William Bond                  35 years           Innkeeper
Nancy Bond                   35                     Wife


Frederick Booth             50 years            Innkeeper                 b. Preston
Alice Booth                    41                     Wife                         b. Goosnargh

James Schofield             40 years            Innkeeper                 b. Anderton
Alice Schofield               48                     Wife                        b. Eccleston

James Schofield             49 years            Publican                   b. Anderton
Alice Schofield               58                     Wife                        b. Eccleston

Christopher Gregson      41 years            Publican                    b. Preston
Hannah Gregson            18                     Daughter                            do
Roger Gregson               17                    Son                                    do
John Gregson                 15                    Son                                    do
Elizabeth Gregson          12                    Daughter                             do
Eleanor Gregson            10                    Daughter                             do
Veronica Gregson           9                     Daughter                             do
Lily Gregson                   5                     Daughter                             do

John G. died in ......... as a result of burning, after falling into a hot vat of beer.
Margaret died after falling off a swing in c. 1883, aged 5 years  -  see Fountain Inn
Helena died as a result of peritonitis in c. 1884 aged 13 years  -  see Fountain Inn

Christopher Gregson     51 years           Lic. Vict.                   b. Preston
John Gregson                25                    Son                                   do
Hannah Gregson           28                    Daughter                            do
Elizabeth Gregson         22                    Daughter                            do
Veronica Gregson         19                    Daughter                           do
Sally (Lily) Gregson      15                    Daughter                            do

Nicholas Fish                50 years          Publican                     b. Darwen
Josephine Fish              38                   Wife                           b. Cheshire
Jennie Fish                   24                    Daughter                    b. Turton
Nicholas Fish               16             Son / Appr. Engineer         b. Manchester
Arther Fish                   15              Son / Scholar                   b. Bolton
Hudson Fish                 13              Son / Scholar                           do
Josephine Fish              12            Daughter / Scholar                     do
Frank Fish                    10              Son / Scholar                  b. Droylesden
Dorrace Fish                 6             Daughter / Scholar             b. Preston
Lorna Fish                    4             Daughter / Scholar                      do

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