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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ANGEL INN, Lune Street

39 Lune Street
The Angel Inn - situated on the east side of Lune Street
Photo: Jim Holderness   Courtesy of Miss J.E. Holderness

1838 - 41      John Stock
1844 - 52      William Nightingale  d. 24.10.1852 aged 58 years
1852 - 70      Margaret Nightingale [daughter of William]
1871             Mary Carter
1873             Miss Margaret Nightingale*
1873 - 79      Thomas Bilsbrough -  d. 10.3.1879 aged 61, at 21 Christian Road.
1881 - 84      William Thomas Bilsbrough 
1885 - 94      Thomas Horn
1894 - 1905  William Davies
1907 - 16      James Campbell
1917 - 24      Mrs.Theresa Watmough
1926 - 36      Edward McNally
1940              Ernest Wilkins
1944 - 48      James E. Wilkinson
* The 1871 Census showed Margaret Nightingale as living at
46 Fishergate Hill, and retired. Perhaps she returned after 1871,
or could Mary Carter have just been a manager?

James Nightingale
(lived in Preston for 40 years prior to 19.4.1834)
_______________________________ |________________________
                 William (son)                                      Arthur (son)                              Another Son
              (Corporation Arms                              Beer-house in
                   and Angel Inn)                              Higginson Street


At the Warehouse lately occupied by MR. JOHN STOCK, Corn 
Dealer, Lune Street, opposite the Corn Exchange, on 3rd May 1838.
THE Whole of the STOCK IN TRADE of John Stock, consisting of
about 70 loads of Meal, 4 packs Flour, 3 Windies Beans, 2 Windies
Split Beans, 8 packs Bran, &c., &c.
Preston Chronicle  28th April 1838.
WHEREAS  A FIAT in the nature of a Commission of Bankrupt
is awarded and issued forth against JOHN STOCK, of Preston,
Corn Merchant, Innkeeper, Dealer, and Chapman .....................
Preston Chronicle 28th April 1838

DEATH   On 4.4.1847, aged 11 years, William, Son of Mr. Thomas NIGHTINGALE, 
and Grandson of Mr. William NIGHTINGALE, of the ANGEL INN, Preston.
DEATH On Sunday last, aged 58 years, Mr. WILLIAM NIGHTINGALE, 
of the Angel Inn, Lune Street.
Preston Chronicle 30th October 1852
M. Nightingale, Angel Inn, Lune Street, Preston, grateful for all favours
conferred on her since her late father's death, respectfully begs leave
to inform her friends and the public that she has ON SALE a large quantity
 of strong, healthy PLANTS, of the following sorts, at 5s. per 100:-
British Queen, which took four first prizes at the Preston Horticultural Show.......
Preston Chronicle 17th September 1853
DEATH Margaret NIGHTINGALE, 63 years, 17 Jordan
Street, on 31st December 1875
1879 Brewster Session:  Mr. Bilsbrough of the Angel Inn,
Lune Street, applied for a seven-day licence, having previously 
only held a six-day licence. The licence was granted.
THE FAILURE is announced of
William Thomas Bilsbrough, landlord
of the Angel Inn, Preston, with liabilities
estimated at £6,000. Assets are not known.
Leeds Mercury  12th May 1881
DEATH On the 29th May 1883, at 29 Lune Street, Preston. 
Walter Park, second son of W. Thomas BILSBROUGH,
 aged 12 years 6 months. 
BIRTH  On the 20th February 1884, at the ANGEL HOTEL, 
Lune Street, Preston, the wife of W. Thomas BILSBROUGH, 
of a daughter.
MARRIAGE - On the 10th April 1883, at St. George's Church, Preston, 
William Thomas Bilsbrough, of the Angel Inn, Lune Street, to Elizabeth Alice Halton,
grand-daughter of the late Robert Parker, pawnbroker, Edward Street.
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th January 1920

John Stock                30 years                Publican
Jane Stock                40                          Wife

William Nightingale      56 years - widow      Innkeeper                     b. Goosnargh
Margaret Nightingale   38                             Daughter                       b. Preston

Margaret Nightingale      42 years                 Innkeeper                     b. Preston
Mary Brookfield             19                         Servant                         b. Tarleton
                                   [Margaret's age is questionable]

Mary Carter                52 years                   Publican                       b. Preston
Elizabeth Carter           26                            Daughter                              do
?          Carter              24                           Daughter                               do
Mary Carter                 14                           Daughter                              do
Thomas Carter             12                           Son                                      do

Wm. T. Bilsbrough               38 years          Licensed Victualler       b. Preston
Anne J. Bilsbrough               33                   Wife                             b. Liverpool
Thos. A. Bilsbrough             13                   Son                              b. Liverpool
Walter P. Bilsbrough            10                   Son                              b. Preston
Harry Bilsbrough                   8                    Son                                     do
Frank Bilsbrough                   3                    Son                                     do
M.A.P. Bilsbrough                1                    Daughter                              do
Edith Heaton                        19                   Barmaid                      b. Howick
T.L. Evans                           30                   Cook                          b. Bristol
M.A. Wilson                        23                   Nurse ?                       b. Preston

Thomas Horn                      47 years         Licensed Victualler         b. Preston
Ellen Horn                           49                  Wife                              b. Rainford

William Davies                    56 years         Publican                        b. Kinnerley, Shropshire
James Campbell                  55                  Publican's Manager       b. Preston
Elizabeth Gardner                36  [widow]   Servant                         
Mary Moss                         20                  Servant
Mary Whittle                       25                  Servant

James Campbell                 55 years          Lic. Vict.                      b. Preston
Alice Campbell                  53                    Wife                            b. Didsbury
Mary Gertrude Hyde          21                   Barmaid                       b. Preston
Rose Ada Roberts             26                   Barmaid                        b. Oswestry

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