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Saturday, 3 November 2012

KING'S ARMS, Stanley Street

31  or34 Dale Street
31 Stanley Street
Bottom of Church Street
1-2 Stanley Street (1901)
The King's Arms in one of its later guises.
Halliday's King's Arms Hotel, the board says, so the photograph must have
been taken between 1902 and 1917. Could it have been the 1902 Guild?
1837 - 39               Edmund Gardner  -  there is an outside chance that this should relate to the
                                                               "King's Arms" in the part of Church Street that is now
                                                                where the Miller Arcade is.
1841                      John Hull
1851                      Elizabeth Baines
1853 - 54               John Sergeant
1857 - 60               Thomas Sergeant
1861 - 71               John Sergeant
1873 - 94               George Smith
1894 - 1901           David J. Taylor
1901                       Thomas Wignall
1904 - 17               Thomas Halliday
1924 - 27               Harry Eteson
1927                       George Sapsford  -Former PNE player. Retired in 1927. May have been here till 1932.
                                                                                     Info. from Ian Rigby, PNE's Official Historian.
1932                     Edward Worden
1932                     Dr. James Howson
1936 - 40              Herbert Botham
1944 - 46              Thomas L. Stock
1948                      Mrs. Kathleen Stock
Insolvent Debtor
Edmund Gardner, late of the King's Arms, 
Church Street, Preston, Coal Dealer,
Publican and Livery Stable keeper, then
Publican, but late ostler only.
Preston Chronicle 26th October 1839
Preston Chronicle  27th March 1841
 Preston Chronicle  5th June 1841
Preston Chronicle  25th June 1842
Preston Guardian  20th October 1855
I beg to state that I am not the John Sergeant who
was the defendant in the County Court case reported
under the heads of "A Barefaced Roque" and "An
Impudent Cheat." A rumour to that effect, designed 
to injure me, has been industriously circulated, with
other gratuitous information, equally false.

The defendant in that action was John Sergeant, 
brickmaker. I have neither figured in the County 
Court nor suspended business, as my friends may
learn by calling at that Old-established hostelry, 
the King's Arms, Church Street, where they will
find every accomodation as usual, and genuine
Preston Chronicle  24th December 1858
 Preston Guardian  30th April 1859
Preston Guardian  30th April 1859

Preston Guardian  29th March 1862
Preston Guardian  15th August 1863
Preston Guardian  29th August 1863
Lancashire Daily Post   11th January 1946
Lancashire Daily Post  12th January 1946
Lancashire Daily Post  19th January 1946
I'll try and get a better copy of this report.
John Hull                      25 years                    Innkeeper
Ann Hull                       25                             Wife
John Hull                       2                               Son

Elizabeth Baines           44 years                     Lic. Vict.                         b. Lancs.?
John Baines                  15                              Son                                b. West Derby
Alice Baines                 13                              Daughter       
James Baines                11                              Son                 
William Baines               9                               Son        
Elizabeth Baines            7                                Daughter 
Anne Baines                  2                                Daughter              


John Sergeant              48 years                      Innkeeper                      b. Preston
Mary Sergeant             49                               Wife                              b. Kirkham
Emma Sergeant            23                               Daughter                       b. Preston
Lucy Sergeant              21                               Daughter                               do
Mary Ann Sergeant      20                               Daughter                               do
Agnes Sergeant            15                               Daughter                               do
Edward Sergeant          11                               Son                                      do

George Smith               40 years                      Lic. Vict.                      b. Walton-le-dale
Mary Smith                  33                               Wife                             b. Preston
John Smith                   12                                Son                                       do
Mary E. Smith             10                                Daughter                               do
Emma Smith                  8                                Daughter                               do
Thomas Smith               2                                Son                                       do
Maria Hayes                20                 General Domestic Servant          b. Liverpool     

George Smith               50 years                      Publican                        b. Walton
Mary Ellen Smith          20                               Daughter                               do
Emma Smith                 18                               Daughter                       b. Preston
Thomas Smith               12                               Son                                       do
Alice Smith                    9                                Daughter                                do
George Smith                3                                 Son                                       do

David James Taylor      46 years                     Lic. Vict.                       b. Preston
Caroline Taylor            44                               Wife                                      do
Ada Annie Taylor         19                               Daughter                               do
Gertrude Taylor            17                               Daughter                               do
Florence May Taylor    15                               Daughter                               do
David William Taylor    10                               Son                                       do
Reginald Holden Taylor  4                               Son                                       do

Thomas Halliday           50 years                      Publican                      b. Middleton, Lancs
Ellen Halliday                54                               Wife                           b. Preston
Ellen Cranshaw             22                               Servant                               do


  1. Wow I have been researching my family history and came across your site. Thank you you have helped me piece together my Great Grandparents I am the Great Grandaughter of the Slaters who had the Builders Arms from 1878 to 1897. I knew there was some connection with a Pub on that side of the family but I didn't know where until now. My Aunt and Uncle later had the Kings Arms on Stanley Street, this must have been in the 1950’s. Thank you!

    1. I'm glad I've given you a pleasant surprise!
      If you've details (names and dates) for their presence at the King's Arms, it would be useful.

      Every little detail is useful for attracting new visitors (who may also get a nice surprise), so any details about any pub in Preston, that you feel able to share, will always be welcomed.

      Thanks for writing to me.