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Saturday, 10 March 2012

SHAWE'S ARMS, London Road

Ribble Bridge, Fishwick
Fishwick Bridge
279 London Road
Formerly the "BLACK HORSE"

1843             Renamed to Shawe's Arms from the 'Black Horse'.
1846                     James Markland - seems like he returned here.
1848                     Robert Holliday   d. 1.7.1848 aged 28 years.
1851 - 64             William Harrison - On Board of Guardians for Fishwick Ward.
1864 - 82             Francis Mark Briscoe
1882 - 87             Joseph Rigby
1887 - 91             Joseph Rigby the Younger
1891 - 92             Henry Ingram
1892 - 1921        William Lobban (Loban)
1921                     Richard Kay
1921                     Fred Marsh
1924 - 37             Harold Woodhead Farrington
1940                    Walter Ernest Morris.   d. 15.12.1941 aged 64 years. Mayor of 
                                                   Preston in 1939.
1944                    H,.W. Farrington  (has he returned?)
1946                    James Raymond Morley
1962.                   Reg Branch
See:  James Markland
Preston Chronicl
e  24th June 1843
Westmoreland Gazette  11th April 1846
About 12.30pm yesterday, an elderly looking woman was observed walking on the opposite side of the river by several people living near the banks of the River Ribble at Walton. Suspicious that the woman was labouring under suicidal notions, the parties watched her proceedings. She was seen to wander along the edge of the river up to a curve opposite Walton Church, when she was lost to view.
Shortly after she appeared again, and, after carefully inspecting the windings of the river, as if seeking for a spot where the river was deep, she was seen to plunge into the river, which was much swollen at the time.
An alarm being raised, Mr. James McKie, dyer, Walton, pulled off his coat, jumped into the water, and with considerable difficulty managed to effect a crossing, with a strong current running at the time. He ran along the edge of the water until he came up to the place where the woman had plunged in, and at once went into the water and rescued her. Mr. Mckie afterwards went with her to the Shawe's Arms to refresh herself after he manoeuvres. She refused to inform Mr. McKie where she came from, what her name was, or why she had made an attempt on her life.
It was subsequently ascertained that her name is Mary WILSON, and that she was formerly lived in the General Codrington Inn, New Hall Lane, in the town, and afterwards at the Lamb Inn, King Street, and that she has for some time been affected with a low intellect.
Preston Chronicle  30th December 1865
The footpath from the Shawe's Arms, Fishwick, along the River Ribble towards the Fisherman's Cabin, has recently been blocked up by the owner, Mr. Shawe, of Church Street. The inhabitant of Preston, and especially those who reside in London Road and vicinity, think this step a gross injustice, and on Wednesday night last a public meeting was held at the Cheetham Arms, London Road, to consider what steps should be taken in the matter.
The chair was taken by James Ellison at 8pm, and the room was full.
The following resolution was proposed and universally carried, "That a deputation be chosen from this meeting shall wait upon Mr. Knowles." Mr. Shawe of Church Street is owner of the land, but Mr. Knowles is his heir, and now that Mr. Shawe has arrived at such an age as to be quite incapable of attending to his affairs, the matter is left entirely in the hands of Mr. Knowles.
The deputation, which consisted of Me
Pssrs. William Pearson, Walter Stuart and Robert Wearden, waited upon Mr. Knowles at Fishwick Hall, on Thursday night. They explained their errand. Mr. Knowles said that he might open the road in a few weeks, but that it never really was a road.
The deputation told him that they had travelled the road for the last 40 years, and if they required, they could find people who could speak of a longer period. He also said that if they were determined to open the road, he hoped they would come at daylight, and he would fight them manfully (in law), but if any respectable man wished to walk by the river side he would willingly give him a pass. The meeting was adjourned until Wednesday evening next.
Inhabitants in the neighbourhood of Fishwick are ready to pay subscriptions, if necessary, to defray any expenses that may be incurred by a trial.
Preston Herald  9th July 1870
On Monday night last, the 26th May, the Shawe's Arms, Ribble Bridge, kept by James Rigby, was entered by burglars, who succeeded in carrying away with them a quantity of domino checks, two bottles of "Special" Scotch Whiskey, and 5/- in copper. They had not been captured up to yesterday.
Preston Herald  31st May 1890
Mr. Lobban of the Shawe's Arms Hotel, Walton-le-dale, shot a fine male otter in the Ribble this morning. The otter is 3' 7" in length, and 17lb in weight.
Lancashire Evening Post  12th March 1906
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian

For Sale by Tender, Fully-licensed, Shawe’s Arms, First Class trade.

Apply:  J. Masheter, Tra Bon Garage.

Lancashire Evening Post  4th September 1920
Taken fro m the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.
James Carter of 49, Queen Street, was driving a horse down Hudson Brow when one of the harness chains snapped, and the animal bolted down the brow at a furious gallop. Being unable to take Walton Bridge, the horse and vehicle crashed into the wall of the Shawe's Arms, of which Mr. Lobban is licensee. The cart being overturned, Carter escaped injury by jumping  from the vehicle.
The horse was slightly injured, the cart damaged, and also considerable damage to the licensed premises.
Lancashire Evening Post  21st August 1912
The Free and Fully-licensed Inn or Public House, known as the Shawe's Arms, at Walton Bridge, Preston. Vacant possession. Present tenant (Mr. W. Lobban) retiring.
Further particulars, apply to S. ETESON, Goulburn Hotel, Preston, or Frank Starkie, Solicitor, 8a, Winckley Square, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  21st October 1920
Wanted, Pianist, every Monday evening 8pm to 10.30pm.
Must be member of R.A.O.B. - apply to Secretary of the Shakespeare Lodge, Shawe's Arms, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  10th September 1834
A proposal to sell about 1405 sq. yards of land at the rear of the Shawe's Arms, London Road, to a brewery company was discussed.
It was suggested that the Corporation might need the land for improvement developments in the future.
The subject arose in the Minutes of the Estate and Cemetery Committee who proposed that, subject to the approval of the Minister of Health, the land should be sold to the company for £100, on terms and conditions settled by the District Valuer.
Alderman T. C. Rainford asked whether that was a fair price as it only worked out at 1s 6d a yard.
Lancashire Evening Post  30th September 1937
DEATH: On the 25th inst. (suddenly) at the Shawe's Arms, London Road, Walter Ernest Morris, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Morris, aged 64 years.
Lancashire Evening Post   16th December 1841
In his evidence, John Masheter said that he made a profit of £750 on the purchase and sale of the Shawe's Arms, in 1920. Before the property had been conveyed to him, he had sold it again. A profit of £50 was made on the purchase and sale of a house in London Road, Preston. The money received for the sale of the house was handed to his son, Joseph, to put in the bank.
Only £510 out of £560 was put in the bank, and he did not authorise Joseph to retain any part of the money.
During examination of John Masheter, Sir Herbert Cunliffe KC, for the defendant, pointed out that the plaintiff now claimed he was a partner in the farm, and in the market gardener business, and that the motor business was his own.
Lancashire Evening Post  16th May 1933
Preston Magistrates dismissed a summons brought by Alice MORLEY, Bedford Street, against her husband, James Raymond MORLEY, of the Shawe's Arms, Preston, alleging desertion. The case was dismissed. The wife was to keep the children, and Mr. Morley was ordered to pay 15 shillings per week maintenance.
Lancashire Evening Post  24th August 1946

 Preston Herald  19th January 1962
Preston Herald  2nd February 1962
William Harrison                   36 years                     Innkeeper                      b. Shevington
Mary Harrison                      40                              Wife                              b. Preston
John Harrison                       13                               Son                              b. Blackburn
Mary Harrison                       8                                Daughter                               do

William Harrison                  47 years                      Innkeeper                      b. Standish
Mary Harrison                     51                               Wife                              b. Preston
John Harrison                      23                               Son / Clerk                    b. Blackburn
Mary Harrison                     18                       Innkeeper's daughter                      do

Francis M. Briscoe                49 years                     Public House Keeper   b. Yorkshire
Sarah Briscoe                        50                             Wife                             b. Quernmore
Margaret Pomfret                  18                             Domestic Servant          b. Preston

Francis Mark Briscoe              59 years               Publican           b. Ingleton, Yorkshire
Margaret Elizabeth Briscoe    37                              Wife                            b. Lancaster
Mary Nicholson                    82 widow              Mother / Annuitant            b. Yorkshire

Henry Ingram                        48 years                     Lic. Vict.                      b. Preston
Helen Ingram                         48                              Wife                            b. Ireland
Luke Ingram                          21                              Son                             b. Preston
Arthur Ingram                        18                              Son                                      do
Rachel Ingram                         8                               Daughter                              do

William Lobban                    44 years                      Publican                       b. Preston
Ellen Lobban                        45                               Wife                                      do
Gertrude Lobban                   ?                                Daughter                                ?
Emily Lobban                        ?                                Daughter                                ?

William Lobban                   54 years                      Publican                       b. Preston
Ellen Lobban                       55                               Wife                            b. Calder Vale
Gertrude Lobban                 16                               Daughter                     b. Preston
Emily Lobban                      14                               Daughter                              do
Eliza Seed                           50 widow / sister         Servant                                 do

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