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Friday, 10 February 2012

EAGLE AND CHILD, Church Street

139 Church Street
Property owned by the Earl of Derby until 1890 / 91, then owned 
by Philip Park.
Synonymous with the "CHURCH GATES" about 1832 - 1839
This was the most famous of the Derby inns, 'Eagle and Child' being the crest,
and at one time the inn had a pictorial sign over the doorway showing an eagle's nest
with a child inside the nest.  There is a legend which affirms that the child in the
eagle's nest was the illegitimate son of Sir Thomas Lathom, ancestor of the house
of Stanley and Derby.
At one point this pub went by the name "LATHOM HOUSE."
It is easy to position the Eagle and Child. It stood where the broad opening
to Stoneygate begins,  between the Minster and the buildings that were part
of the Bull and Royal Hotel and Conservative Club. For those who remember
it, you can see the 'Discount Book Store' in the picture.
Another view of the 'Eagle and Child'

18th century -  believed to have its origin in this century.
Pre-1811 ?          James and Ann Barton  -  see death notices, below.
     -  1811          John Yates   d. 1.7.1811 see below.
1811 -13            Esther Yates   m 28.4.1813 to Mr. Thomas Hampson
1813 -32            Esther Hampson (nee Yates)
1841                   Richard Holden
1849 - 53           John Anderton
1853 - 58           Roger Bowling
1858                  James Bowling
1861                  Sarah Bowling
1857 - 87          James Bowling
1871                  William Knowles (Manager)
1881                  June Knowles  (Manageress)
1887 - 1918      Eugene Dickinson  died late Oct/ early Nov. 1918, aged about 68 years.
1918                  Miss Mary Dickinson  - Sister of Eugene Dickinson 
1921 - 34           James Bell.  d.  18.6.1934 aged 63 years.
September 1931   Demolished???
DEATH:  On Monday 1st July, 1811,
Mr. John Yates, Eagle and Child public-
house. in Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  6th July 1811
MARRIAGE:  On Wednesday 28th April, 
Mr. Thomas Hampson, to Mrs. Yates, of the 
Eagle and Child, in this town.
Preston Chronicle  1st May 1813
DEATH:  On Monday last, at Preston, William,
son of Mrs. Yates, of the Eagle and Child
public-house, aged 19 years.
Lancaster Gazette  2nd March 1822 
Preston Chronicle 2nd April 1831
The following is intended to give an idea
of the relationships between members of
each of the principal parliamentary parties,
following the elections of 1832:-
Preston Chronicle 15th December 1832
Preston Chronicle 13th April 1833
On Sunday last, in Sill's Court,
Mr. James Barton, aged 72 years,
formerly of the Eagle and Child 
public-house, in this town.
Preston Chronicle  31st May 1834
On Sunday last, at Moon's Mill, Walton-le-dale,
 after a protracted illness, borne with patience 
and resignation,aged 70, Ann, relict of the 
late Mr. James Barton, formerly of the 
Eagle and Child Public-house, in this town.
Preston Chronicle  12th March 1836
DEATH - On 29th May 1849, at Warnhunga,
Australia, aged 66 years, Mr. Thomas Robinson,
father of Mrs. Anderton of the Eagle and Child
Inn, Preston. The deceased was tenant of the
Old Hall, Bold, near Warrington, for a long
series of years previous to his leaving England.
Liverpool Mercury   11th December 1849
The article continues, but is irrelevant to this site.
Preston Chronicle   17th March 1855
Preston Chronicle   15th November 1856
Preston Chronicle  14th March 1857
Preston Chronicle   26th October 1861
Lancaster Gazette   14th February 1863
Preston Chronicle   11th April 1863
Preston Chronicle   10th February 1866
Preston Chronicle   26th January 1867
Preston Chronicle   16th February 1867
Preston Chronicle   2nd May 1868
The Refreshment Rooms at Preston Railway Station -
These rooms have been taken for £800 per year, by
Mr. James Bowling, Eagle and Child Inn, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  5th September 1868  
Preston Chronicle  20th January 1872
MARRIAGE:  On 24th May 1876, at Christ Church,
Blackpool,Mr. James Bowling of Preston, to Miss 
Agnes Anne, the eldest daughter of William Birch Esq.,
of Whitegate Villa, Marton.
Preston Chronicle  27th May 1876
Preston Chronicle   27th May 1876
Preston Chronicle   23rd June 1877
The Blackburn Standard  14th October 1893

FINANCE ACT (1909 - 10)  Duties on land values.

8th May 1913  Eagle and Child, Church Street.

Occupiers: Mary and Eugene Dickinson.

Provisional valuation of land £2925.

Owned at the time by the Trustees of Bushell's

Hospital. The Dickinsons were renting it from

1891 at £95 per annum.

Richard Holden                 42 years                  Innkeeper
Isabella Holden                 42                            Wife
Isabella Holden                  7                             Daughter
Ellen Carr                          42                           Servant

John Anderton                  35 years                  Innkeeper                  b. Walton-le-dale
Sarah Anderton                30                            Wife                         b. Bold
Thomas Robinson Anderton    2                       Son                           b. Preston

Sarah Bowling                  68 years   Widow.  Innkeeper                   b. Leyland
James Bowling                  28                          Son                                    do

William Knowles              30 years                 Lic. Vict.                     b. Salwick
Jane Knowles                   28                         Wife                            b. Penwortham
Robert Knowles                7                          Son                             b. Preston
Emily Knowles                  4                           Daughter                              do
Elizabeth Knowles             2                          Daughter                               do

Jane Knowles                   38 years                Manageress                 b. Penwortham
Robert Knowles               17                         Son                              b. Preston
Emily Knowles                 14                         Daughter                                do
Louise Knowles                3                          Daughter                                do

Eugene Dickinson             41 years                Lic. Vict.                      b. Preesall
Mary Dickinson                32                         Sister                           b. Hambleton
Ann Dickinson                  70                         Mother                        b. Catterall

Eugene Dickinson             50 years                Lic. Vict.                      b. Preesall
Mary Dickinson                43                         Wife  ??                      b. Hambleton
            Mary Dickinson shown as sister in 1891

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