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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


67  (later 70)  St. Paul's Road.
1853 - 62               James Edmondson   1812-1877?   Wife, Jane nee Eccleston, 1813-1876?
1865                      Ellen Snape
1865                      William Woods
1867                       Richard Woods
1869 - 89               Thomas Pearson
1889 - 1907           John William Wood
1910 - 17               Margaret Wood
1924                       William Beardsworth
1926 - 27               John Fishwick
1932                       Thomas N. Saul
1936 - 40               Thomas McGuiness
1944 - 48               George Bamford
James EDMONDSON, landlord of
the HYDE PARK INN, St. Paul's Road,
was ordered to find bail for his future
good conduct, or go to prison for
21 days, for assaulting his wife on
Sunday night last.
Preston Chronicle  31st August 1861
On Monday 1st December, a young man named 
Thomas Edmondson, was charged with assaulting
his father, James Edmondson, with a knife. The 
prosecutor keeps the Hyde Park Tavern, and said
that his son returned home on Sunday night, and
became very unruly and unmanageable, but he did
not want to press the charge. 

He was asked by the Bench, "Well, what did he do?"
The prosecutor replied, "Well, he was making an
attempt to strike at me with a carving knife. He was
rather drunk. He broke the knife in the attempt. He
did cut me on the hand, but I was not hurt much, as I
caught hold of the knife with my hand. I had been
blowing up at him. He fetched the knife out of the
kitchen. The kitchen is downstairs, and this occurred
upstairs. I was in bed at the time. It was about half
past eleven and I was a bit frightened.

The prisoner told the court that his parents had been
rowing, and that they were always rowing - they are very 
frequent. His language against her is abominable.

The Bench told them they "were a disreputable set"
and ordered the prisoner to find bail for 12 months for 
his good behaviour, himself in £40 and two sureties
of £20 each, or one months imprisonment.
Preston Chronicle  6th December 1862
James Edmondson              47 years                Innkeeper              b. Mellor
Jane Edmondson                47                         Wife                      b. Preston
Thomas Edmondson           25                          Son                              do

Thomas Pearson                 40 years               Innkeeper              b. Preston
Susannah Pearson               40                        Wife                             do
Margaret Pearson                15                        Daughter                      do
Elizabeth Pearson                12                        Daughter               b. Blackburn
Anthony Pearson                 10                        Son                              do
Mary Pearson                      8                         Daughter                       do
Sarah Pearson                     6                          Daughter                      do
Joseph Pearson                   3                          Son                       b. Preston
Emily Pearson                      8 months              Daughter                      do

Thomas Pearson                 50 years                Publican                b. Preston
Susannah Pearson               50                         Wife                              do
Elizabeth Pearson                22                         Daughter              b. Blackburn
Anthony Pearson                 20                         Son                               do
Mary J. Pearson                  18                         Daughter                       do
Sarah Pearson                     15                         Daughter                       do
Emily Pearson                     10                         Daughter              b. Preston
Edith Pearson                       8                          Daughter                      do

John Wood                        36 years                Publican               b. Bury
Margaret Wood                 35                         Wife                    b. Preston
     ?        Wood                 11                         Son                              do
James Wood                       9                          Son                     b. Blackpool
Martha Wood                     7                          Daughter              b. Preston
Margaret Wood                  2                          Daughter                      do

John William Wood           45 years                 Lic.Vict.              b. Bury
Margaret Wood                45                           Wife                   b. Preston
Thomas Wood                  21                            Son                           do
Martha Wood                   17                            Daughter                   do
Margaret Wood                12                            Daughter                   do
John Wood                        9                             Son                           do
Susannah Wood                7                              Daughter                   do

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