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Thursday, 9 February 2012


44 Friargate
The date over the front entrance is 1772.
1772   The sign over the door says that it first opened in this year, but I think it's probable that there was an
          earlier Dog and Partridge on the same site. See notes below, written by an amateur Military Historian.
1812 - 25             Thomas Charnley
1825 - 33             William Parkinson
1841 - 47             John Wilding
1851                     Richard Watson
1852 - 54             John Fisher Smith
1857 - 61             Mary Ann Anderton
1861 - 69             John Rigg Foley
1871 - 73             Hugh Breakell
1877 - 80             Robert Milner
1880 - 85             Ralph Melling
1885 - 92             Dorothy Margaret Melling
1892 - 94             William Henry Yates
1894 - 96             William Bradshaw
1896 - 1901         Thomas Foster
1901 - 04             Walter Holden
1907                     John Thomas Rhodes
1910                     Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes
1911                    Joseph Masheter (Mashiter)
1913                    John McLaughlin
1917 - 22             Mrs. Sarah McLaughlin
1925                    James Preston          d. 29.4.1925
1925 - 36             Mrs. Ada Annie Preston
1937 - 38             John W. Bebb
1940                    Henry Holmes
1944                    Joe Laws
1948                    Henry Lonsdale
1952 - 57            John Cedric Iddon
1980's to the present   Ronnie Fitzpatrick
A former Professional Soldier, who is interested in local military history, wrote the following about the 
'Dog and Partridge':
"As you look around the interior, one notices the military plaques and memorabilia
on display, although mostly modern, the military connection can be traced a lot 
further back.

The pub was occupied by Jacobite Soldiers during their occupation of the town in 1715, 
during the Jacobite uprising, the arrival of the Government Army under General's
Carpenter and Will's, resulted in the 'Battle of Preston' (the last battle ever fought
on English soil). #

The inn was almost certainly looted by the victors after the battle, a fact borne out by
a partial report of a certain Cornett Leake of Wynn's Regiment of Dragoons.
He states, "After our force secured the towne, I was posted with my troop to 
the Fryar's Lane Barr standing to the north of the towne, where my Captain
charged me with the task of obtaining victuals and supplies from the taverns
to our rear, which of late had surrendered 30 rebels, fully armed".

The note to be presented to the innkeepers was composed thus:

"Sir,  Give the bearer instantly ten bushels of Oates and
Goodly Victuals, for the use of Cavalry quartered at the
Barr, under paine of Military Execution."

My superior stressed also, that all measures must be pursued to gain forage. 
I carried out my duty, with a sergeant and four troopers  who entertained the
task with great zeal, and who with force of arms, did break open doores and 
clossetts in search of chattles of value, after which we partook of good mead
and bread.

#  NB. There have been three Battles of Preston. This one was the 3rd and last,
and should not be confused with the Civil War Battle of 1648.
Preston Chronicle 6th August 1842
A lodge of this Order will, we understand, be opened on Saturday
next, at the house of Mr. Wilding, Friargate, the sign of the
Dog and Partridge.
Preston Chronicle  26th July 1845
Preston Chronicle 23rd May 1846
Preston Chronicle 6th June 1846
Whitsuntide Wrestling - Cumberland Style
On Tuesday last, the annual wrestling matches took place at 
Mr. Wilding's, Dog and Partridge Inn. There was a larger
attendance than usual, and the sport was of great excellence.
Messrs. Boardley, Atkinson, and Emery, officiated as judges
and umpires. For the heavy-weights there were 32 entries.
First Prize £2. 10s; second £1. 10s.

In the "Wrestling up," Robinson showed first-rate science, and
in the first and third falls threw his opponent in a most masterly

There were 16 entries for the Light-weight. First prize of £2 to 
Joseph Edgar, Preston, and second prize of £1 to Thomas Shenty, 

The 1st and 2nd prizes for a jingling match, held the following day,
were awarded to James Hayes and Thomas Jackson, both of Preston.
Preston Chronicle  29th May 1847
Preston Chronicle 14th June 1856
Preston Chronicle  27th July 1861
Preston Chronicle 18th January 1862
Preston Chronicle 29th November 1873
Preston Chronicle 30th September 1876
Preston Chronicle 8th June 1878
Preston Guardian  15th July 1882
 Lancashire Evening Post  23rd February 1900
 Lancashire Evening Post  27th June 1901
 Lancashire Evening Post  30th October 1902
Lancashire Evening Post  13th November 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  12th September 1904
 Lancashire Evening Post  12th May 1905
Lancashire Evening Post  7th June 1905
Lancashire Evening Post  22nd February 1906
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th July 1907
 Lancashire Evening Post  1st August 1907
Lancashire Evening Post  11th December 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post  16th December 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th March 1921
Lancashire Evening Post  28th January 1935
John Wilding                  30 years                    Publican
Betty Wilding                 25                             Wife
Henry Wilding                 8                              Son
Thomas Wilding              3                              Son
Sarah Wilding                 1                              Daughter

Richard Watson            45 years                     Innkeeper                   b. Preston
Mary Watson                44                              Wife                                  do
Mary Parkinson             10                              Niece                        b. Blackburn
Margaret Singleton         30                             Servant                      b. Rossall
William Walker              45                             Game Dresser            b. Longridge

Mary Ann Anderton      49 years                    Lic. Vict.                     b. Walton-le-dale

Hugh Breakell               49 years                    Lic. Vict.                     b. Longton
Jane Breakell                35                             Neice / Housekeeper   b. Preston
Mary Breakell               15                             Daughter                     b. Penwortham
Hugh Breakell               13                             Son                                         do
Catherine Breakell         11                            Daughter                                  do
Alice Breakell                 9                             Daughter                                  do
Alice Bretherton             9                             Wife's daughter                         do
Josh Breakell                 5                              Son                             b. Fulwood
Ma ?  Breakell              3                               Daughter                     b. Ashton

Ralph Melling               31 years                    Lic. Vict.                      b. Fulwood
Dorothy Margaret Melling  29                       Wife                             b. Cockerham

Dorothy Melling           37 years                    Lic. Vict.                      b. Cockerham
Paul Dickinson             36                             Brother / Barman          b. Hambleton

Thomas Foster             48 years                    Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Elizabeth Foster            49                            Wife                                     do
Bertha Foster                17                            Daughter                              do
Joseph H. Foster           15                            Son                                     do
Nellie Foster                  13                            Daughter                             do

Joseph Mashiter           37 years                     Publican                      b. Preston
Alice Mashiter              37                              Wife                                    do


  1. Prior to Ronnie Fitzpatrick the Landlord was Leo Hyams (think that's the correct spelling), prior to him a couple called Colin & Trish and prior to them Jed and Anne, who left to take a pub in Blackpool. That would have been early to mid 1970's

    1. Thanks for that, Steve. If you can think of surnames for those with just Christian names, and perhaps more precise dates, you can email via the CONTACT page. Do you know whether Leo Hyams was Jewish; there were one or two Jewish landlords at one point, including George Wagner at the Red Lion on Church Street. I would be interested in tracing others.

    2. Hi, I'm pretty sure Leo was a member of the Preston & District Catenian Circle (an association for Catholic laymen). I also think Ronnie started at the D&P as Leo's bar manager. Leo died in the early 1990's. I think his brother was landlord at the Heart of Oak on Adelphi St, but I dont know his name. Ronnie would be able to help you.