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Sunday, 5 February 2017


91a Friargate
1807                        Mrs. Charnley
1807 - 10                Mrs. Alice Guy    
1810                        Mr. Richard Guy  d. 10.1.1810 aged 27 year.
1818 - 22                Thomas Layfield    d. 15.5.1822 aged 46 years - see below.
1824 -                      Jacob Hall
1825 - 29                James Nickson (Nixon)     His father, Joseph, had been landlord here previously......When?
1834 - 38                 Mr. F. Booth
1837 - 51                 James Pemberton  -  wife, Ellen, d. 11.6.1841 aged 50 years.
1853 - 54                 James Hill
1854 - 58                 Thomas Brooks - flagger, slater, house builder.
1858 - 67                 James Tinckler - wife, Ann, d. 2.3.1873.
1869 - 70                 David Leigh
1871 - 73                 James Tinckler

Hotel rebuilt and set further back from its original position in 1876 / 1877, in order to widen Friargate.

1875 - 79                 William Richardson
1879                         Agnes C. Richardson
1879                         Mary Ann Waggett
1881 - 86                 Richard Dobson
1886 - 91                 Thomas Thackeray
1891 - 94                 Annie Thackeray - in 1894 became Annie Houghton.
1894 - 1904             James Houghton
1904 - 07                 William Hopkins
1910                         C. Starkie   In the 1911 Census Schedule the name was given as Starkie, but                                                     in the Census Return itself it was given as Straker.
1910 - 18                  Charles Straker - sysnonymous with C. Starkie?
1920 - 36                  William Heagin      d. 7.3.1944   Wife Frances Heagin.
1940 - 48                  Anthony Brindle
1952 - 57                  William G. Davis  (Davies?)
MARRIAGE:  A few days ago,
Mr. Richard Guy , to Mrs. Charnley,
of the Lamb and Packet Hotel, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  25th April 1807
DEATH:  A few days ago, Mr. Guy,
of the Lamb and Packet public house, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  27th January 1810
DEATH:  On Wednesday 15th May 1822,
Mr. Thomas Layfield, of the Lamb and Packet
public house, Preston, aged 46 years.
Lancaster Gazette  18th May 1822
MARRIAGE: On Thursday 5th August 1824,
Mr. Jacob Hall, of the Lamb and Packet  public
house, to Miss Sarah Dewhurst.
Lancaster Gazette  7th August 1824.
Early on Tuesday morning last.
A very large Black and White ENGLISH SETTER DOG,
with full tail, and answers to the name of "SANCHO."
Whoever has found same, will, on bringing him to the office
of this paper, or to Mr. F. BOOTH'S, LAMB AND PACKET,
be Handsomely Rewarded, and any person detaining him
after this notice will be prosecuted.
Preston Chronicle 23rd August 1834
A Brown and White POINTER BITCH, with two
Brown Ears, a spot on the back, a spot on the tail 
and back, and a spot on the head.

The owner may have her restored on paying
expenses by applying to Mr. F. BOOTH, Lamb
and Packet, Friargate, Preston.
If she is not claimed in ten days, she will be
sold to defray expenses.
Preston Chronicle 5th March 1836
By  T. Wren
At the House of J. Pemberton, sign of the
Lamb and Packet, Friaragate, on Thursday
21st December, inst., at 8 o'clock in the evening.

A PEW, siruate at the south side of the middle 
Aisle of the Parish Church. ALSO,  a FINGER
ORGAN, in handsome Mahoganey Case, 4 feet
wide by 7ft 6inches high.
For further particulars apply to T. WREN, 
122 Fishergate, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  16th December 1837
Preston Chronicle 25th March 1843
...............In the evening, meetings were held
adjoining the Lamb and Packet Inn, and the 
Weavers' Arms. Very numerous and most 
enthusiastic were the assemblages.

From the window of the Lamb and Packet, Mr.
and Mr. GRENFELL, successively addressed the crowd.
Preston Chronicle  31st July 1847
 Preston Chronicle  3rd May 1851
On the 31st May, the officers and brethren of the
"Court Pride of Preston," met in the Court-room
of the Lamb and Packet Inn, Friargate.
Preston Chronicle 7th June 1851
 Preston Chronicle  19th June 1852
 Preston Chronicle  24th December 1852
One of the heroes of the militia named James Silcock,
was brought up for an assault upon Mr. Brooks, landlord
of the Lamb and Packet public-house, in Friargate, where
he was billeted. The assault complained of had been 
committed by Silcock cecause Mr. Brooks would not
furnish him with a candle to light him to bed, even after
he had assured the plaintiff that he dare not go to bed
without a candle! 
Ordered to find bail; in default to be committed to
prison for 14 days.
Preston Chronicle  16th September 1854
Preston Chronicle  14th March 1857
Preston Chronicle 1st May 1858
in last week's police intelligence as having
been bound over to keep the peace for being
concerned in a disturbance at the Lamb and
Packet Inn, Friargate, is not William Dilworth,
grocer and provision dealer, N0. 20 Friargate.
Preston Chronicle  8th May 1858
A young man named Charles Blackburn, who has only
just come out of prison, was charged with assaulting 
Mary Ann Middleton, of the Lamb and Packet Inn,

On being examined she said that, on Thursday evening, 
she met the prisoner, who was drunk, and without any 
provocation he punched three jugs she was carrying
in her hands, and broke them.

At this juncture, Mr. Gibbons asked the Magistrates if 
they would remand the case until the Saturday, as the 
prisoner was suspected of robbing a till in the town.
The case was, accordingly, remanded.
Preston Chronicle  2nd April 1859
On Wednesday at noon, Mr. Thomas Dixon, in
pursuance of a preliminary notice sounded by the
bellman, addressed the "burgesses" of St. George's
Ward, out of the front window of the Lamb and Packet, 
Friargate, A moderate crowd of working people, women 
and children, were assembled opposite the hotel.
Preston Chronicle 3rd November 1860
by Mr. CHADWICK of Standish, at the house of
Mr. James Tinckler, the Lamb and Packet Inn, 
Friargate, Preston, on 27th August 1861 at 7pm

LOT 1   All that established and well-accustomed
INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the name of
the "LAMB AND PACKET," together with the
Brew-house, Yard and Outbuildings belonging
thereto, all of which are situate on the south side
of Friargate and east corner of Canal Street, in
Preston, in the occupation of Mr. James Tinckler,
as tenant.
Preston Chronicle  10th August 1861
It was sold to Mr. Willan for £1,450

Preston Chronicle  3rd November 1861
Preston Chronicle  12th November 1861
 Preston Chronicle  9th March 1867
 Preston Chronicle  16th March 1867
to his numerous Friends and Customers for the favours he
has received from them during the eight years he has been 
proprietor of the "TALBOT INN" Chapel Yard; and now
respectfully informs them that he has ENTERED UPON
PACKET," FRIARGATE, where he hopes by means of
superior accomodation, attention to business, and a 
constantsupply of the best WINES and LIQUORS to 
merit an increase of their esteemed patronage and support.
Preston Chronicle  9th October 1875
Preston Chronicle  30th October 1875
 Preston Chronicle  8th January 1876
TENDERS are requested for the Taking Down, Setting
Back, and Re-building the LAMB AND PACKET INN,
Friargate, Preston. Specifications may be seen at the
Town Hall, Preston, from the 8th to the 15th inst.

Sealed tenders, endorsed "Alterations at Lamb and Packet"
to be delivered to the Town Clerk, Town Hall, Preston,
on or before the 18th inst.

                                             CHARLES FRYER, Town Clerk
Preston Chronicle 6th May 1876
 Preston Chronicle  3rd June 1876
Town Improvements Committee:................Mr. Garlick
reported that the premises at the bottom of Friargate, 
the Lamb and Packet, would be shortly fit for habitation
by the tenant, the house having been rebuilt to extend
the footpath.
Preston Chronicle   23rd December 1876
It was proposed by the Council, to build a new public
house on the site of the original Wheatsheaf in 
Water Lane, prompting the following comment from
Mr. Satterthwiate. He said that he hoped that if
such a house were contemplated, it would not be of 
such contemptable proportions as the Lamb and
Packet, which they had just erected at the bottom
of Friargate.
Preston Chronicle 27th January 1877
Was the previous Lamb and Packet a lot smaller??
 Manchester Courier  11th April 1877
Preston Guardian  14th April 1877
Preston Guardian  1st September 1877
Preston Guardian  22nd September 1877
Preston Guardian  29th September 1877
Preston Guardian  24th November 1877
Preston Guardian  15th November 1879
Preston Guardian  8th September 1883
Preston Guardian  31st January 1885
 Preston Chronicle  31st January 1885

Preston Guardian  7th February 1885
 Manchester Times  17th April 1886
Manchester Courier  12th May 1886
 Lancashire Evening Post  3rd August 1887
Lancashire Evening Post  18th March 1893
 Lancashire Evening Post  23rd March 1893
 Lancashire Evening Post  12th July 1895
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th April 1896
 Lancashire Evening Post  29th December 1897
 Lancashire Evening Post  30th December 1897
Lancashire Evening Post  27th March 1899
Lancashire Evening Post  15th April 1899
Lancashire Evening Post  18th April 1899
 Lancashire Evening Post  20th April 1900
Lancashire Evening Post  30th March 1903
 Lancahire Evening Post  12th October 1904
 Lancashire Evening Post  10th May 1906
Lancashire Evening Post  24th May 1906
Lancashire Evening Post  14th March 1907
 Lancashire Evening Post  26th May 1908
 Preston Chronicle  2nd November 1908
 Note the air-raid warning notice above! 
Lancashire Evening Post  24th April 1918
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th October 1919
Lancashire Evening Post  27th December 1919
 Lancashire Evening Post  11th February 1920

 Lancashire Evening Post  13th November 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th September 1921
 Lancashire Evening Post  21st April 1924
 Lancashire Evening Post  17th March 1930
Lancashire Evening Post  16th April 1930

Lancashire Evening Post  19th May 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  16th July 1932
 Lancashire Evening Post  19th January 1933
 Lancashire Evening Post  8th April 1933
 Lancashire Evening Post  9th January 1934
 Lancashire Evening Post  21st December 1939
 Lancashire Evening Post  3rd February 1940
Lancashire Evening Post  28th August 1940
 Lancashire Evening Post  10th February 1941
 Lancashire Evening Post  8th May 1941
Presumably, Mrs. Brindle was a Slater?
Lancashire Evening Post 17th June 1941
 Lancashire Evening Post  1st September 1941
 Lancashire Evening Post  4th September 1941
Lancashire Evening Post  17th November 1941
Lancashire Evening Post  21st October 1942
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th September 1943
 Lancashire Evening Post  9th March 1944
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th March 1945
Lancashire Evening Post  1st May 1945
 Lancashire Evening Post  12th June 1945
Lancashire Evening Post  27th May 1946
Lancashire Evening Post  3rd June 1946
Lancashire Evening Post  3rd December 1946
 Lancashire Evening Post  10th December 1947
 Lancashire Evening Post  24th December 1947
CHIMNEY FIRE:  On duty in Friargate, Preston, on March 20th, P.C. Williams saw soot and smoke from the chimney of the Lamb and Packet Hotel, obscuring the view for passing traffic. Preston Fire Brigade put the fire out. 
At Preston today, the licensee, William G. Davies (52), was fined 10 shillings for allowing the chimney to catch fire.
Lancashire Evening Post  Saturday 11th April 1953
Coppull Youth is Remanded
Arising out of an accident in which the pillion passenger on a motor cycle was killed, a 16 years old Coppull, Wigan, youth appeared at the Preston Juvenile Panel today charged with stealing a motor-cycle value £120.
Detective Chief Inspector R. Gregory said a more serious charge would be preferred at a later date, and the youth was remanded on bail until next Wednesday.
Mr. Gregory said the motor cycle was left outside the Queen's Hall at Preston on Saturday night, and at 11pm Constable Cornwell was on duty in a police car at the junction of Adelphi Street and Moor Lane, Preston, when he saw the motor cycle with two youths riding it being driven at a fast speed, and saw it collide with the wall of the Lamb and Packet Hotel, Friargate.
Both youths were thrown from the machine and were removed to Preston Infirmary.
Later the accused youth admitted he was the driver of the motor cycle and had taken it from outside the dance hall.
He had been charged with the offence on discharge from the Infirmary today.
Liverpool Echo  Thursday 11th December 1958
James Pemberton                 58 years                  Publican
Ellen Pemberton                   50                           Wife
Richard Pemberton               25                           Son
Elizabeth Pemberton             20                            Daughter
May Pemberton                   13                            Daughter
James Pemberton                 10                            Son

James Pemberton                67 years                    Publican                   b. Thurnham
Richard Pemberton             36                             Son                          b. Preston
Margaret Gardner               58                             Servant                     b. Thurnham
Elizabeth Gardner                18                             Servant                              do

James Tinckler                     32 years                   Innkeeper                  b. Carleton
Ann Tinckler                        46                             Wife                         b. Preston

James Tinckler                     42 years                   Innkeeper                  b. Carleton
Ann Tinckler                        54                            Wife                          b. Preston
Mary Tinckler                      58                             Sister                        b. Bispham
Annie Jane Rowlinson          15                             General Servant        b. Preston

Richard Dobson                  46 years, widow       Lic. Vict.                   b. Preston
Thomas Dobson                  17                             Son                                  do
James Dobson                     14                             Son                                  do
Ann Dobson                         9                             Daughter                           do
William Noblet                    75                             Brewer                     b. Warton

Thomas Thackery               42 years                    Publican                    b. Preston
Angie Thackery                  31                              Wife                         b. Ashton-le-Willows
Francis Thackery                17                              Son                          b. Preston
Nellie Thackery                   7                               Niece                                do

James Houghton                 61 years                   Lic. Vict.                    b. Walton-le-dale
Annie Houghton                 42                             Wife                          b. Ashton-in-Makerfield
       Has Angie Thackery become Annie Houghton?

Charles Straker                  50 years                    Publican                    b. Hull
Ada Straker                       38                             Wife                         b. Manchester
Thomas Platt                      47                             Brewer / Assistant     b. Preston


  1. With reference to James Nickson 1825 onwards. His father was Joseph Nickson who at some point also owned the Lamb and Packet. I have Joseph's will as he is my 5X gt grandfather.

    Regards Fr Paul Harrison

    1. Many thanks.

      Any concrete facts that you are willing to share will be credited in line with your wishes - but dates, and any relevant contents of the Will would be great.

      Send via email.

      Try the 'SEARCH' box, top left of page, for other NICKSON'S (NIXON'S) who were at other pubs not a stone's throw away from the Lamb and Packet in the early 1800's. Could they be relatives?

      Thanks again.............Steve H

  2. What does the packet refer to in the name?

    1. It's a type of boat.