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Monday, 6 February 2012

COUNTY HOTEL, 101 Deepdale Road

101 Deepdale Road
Visiting Judges to the Assize Courts are believed to have stayed
at the County Hotel. In fact, I've heard that Charles Dickens was reputed
to have stayed here also.
1828 - 36             Mrs. Wilkinson  (owned by the Corporation P.C. 28.11.1828)
1829                     Fras. Wilkinson Lane ?
1829                     Mrs. Ann Wilkinson (leased for 5 years from 1st May 1829)
1838 - 39             James Gillibrand
1841                    John Longworth
1851 - 62             Richard Brown - builder.
1865 - 66            Cornelius Cardwell     
1866 - 71            John Pearson  - 3rd November 1866 - late-1871 (but not there at Census time)?.
                                                         See the report of a court case in November 1871.
1871 - 89             William Greenhalgh
1890 - 1901         Robert Aspden
1901 - 02             Margaret Alice Aspden
1902 - 05             Joseph Holmes
1907 - 27             Albert Burrows
1932                     Thomas Nightingale
1936 - 48             Ephraim Nicholls
Preston Chronicle  24th September 1831

Preston Chronicle 20th May 1837
Preston Chronicle  26th May 1838
Preston Chronicle 1st June 1839
Blackburn Standard  21st April 1852
I think the beer-house referred to is the 'Sebastopol Inn.'
Preston Chronicle  4th December 1852
Preston Chronicle  2nd August 1856
Preston Chronicle  14th March 1857
DEATH:   On the 19th August, Ellen, eldest
daughter of Mr. Cornelius Cardwell, brewer, Preston,
formerly of Poulton-le-Fylde.
Preston Chronicle  25th August 1866
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the partnership
lately subsisting between us, the undersigned, JAMES HULL, 
on business at Preston and Kirkham, as common Brewers and
Maltsters, under the style of "HULL, CARDWELL & COMPANY"
was this day duly dissolved by mutual consent.
Preston Chronicle  22nd June 1867
John Pearson, Landlord of The County Arms Hotel, Deepdale Road, was summoned for selling drink during prohibited hours. - P.C. Hobson stated that about 20 minutes to 2 o'clock on Saturday morning he, in conjunction with P.C. Irvin, visited the defendant's vaults, and found 17 soldiers and one woman getting supplied with drink. - P.C. Irvin corroborated P.C. Hobson's evidence, and the case being proved, the Bench, inflicted the Penalty of 40s. and costs, or one months imprisonment in the House of Correction. - The fine was paid. 
Preston Chronicle 4 November 1871
The 'Real' John Pearson 
County Arms 1866 - 71
An excerpt from a talk given to a Local Family History Group, by one of his descendants:
 John and Jane (Pearson) ran the Fleece Inn on St John Street Preston, they also ran the County Arms Hotel down by Preston Prison and they often had the judges staying there from the Assizes courts next to the Prison. It was while they were running this hotel, that is now no longer there, that John decided to go to America to make his fortune, it was about 1871, he was in debt and too fond of the drink. Jane wasn’t impressed that he was upping and leaving her with the children. He couldn’t afford to take them all and she wasn’t prepared to leave some of the children and take the others. He said he would go and send the money back for her to go with the family but he never did. She went back to live with her family in Brindle and the children attended St Joseph's school for a while.

The wanderer eventually returned in 1876 but Jane wasn’t prepared to take him back so he went to live with his sister and was a farm labourer.”

What a character John Pearson was. Left the family farm, married a young chick and got his own pub. Every night was a party night. Hosted the local victualler  Stake holders  and trusted by the locals. Moved up to a bigger pub. Hosted the circuit judges... whilst having 'lock-ins' in the basement with a regiment of soldiers. Possible larceny and prison then scuttling away to America then who knows on his return.... I love this man!!!!!

Lancashire Evening Post  March 28th 2013
John Longworth            25 years               Innkeeper            
Margaret Longworth     30                        Wife

Richard Brown             36 years               Innkeeper                     b. Eccles / Worsley
Mary Brown                 34                        Wife                             b. Scotland   (see 1861)
Richard Brown              10                        Son                              b. Eccles / Worsley
Dinah Brown                  6                         Daughter                      b. Preston
John Brown                    4                         Son                                     do
Clara Brown                   2                        Daughter                              do

Richard Brown             46 years               Builder & Hotel Keeper  b. Eccles
Mary Brown                 44                        Wife                               b. Salop   (see 1851)
Diana Brown                 16                        Daughter                        b. Preston
John Brown                   14                        Son                                       do

William Greenhalgh        49 years Widower  Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Elizabeth Greenhalgh      21                          Daughter                              do
Esther Greenhalgh          17                          Daughter                              do
Mary E. Greenhalgh       14                          Daughter                              do
John Greenhalgh             12                         Son                                      do
Jane Ann Greenhalgh         7                        Daughter                              do
William Nichol                22                         Son-in-law                  b. Scotland
Sarah Nichol                  19                          Daughter                    b. Preston


Robert Aspden              49 years                 Lic. Vict.                     b. Preston
Margaret A. Aspden      45                          Wife                                     do
Sarah Aspden                17                          Niece                                   do
John Aspden                  15                          Son                                      do
Willie Aspden                 14                          Son                                      do
Mary Ellen Aspden         13                          Daughter                              do
Alice Aspden                  10                          Daughter                              do

Margaret Alice Aspden    54 years              Publican                       b. Preston
William Aspden                23                       Son                                    do
Mary Ellen Pratt               21                       Daughter                             do
Thomas Pratt                   26                       Son-in-law/                  b. Fleetwood
                                                                      Professional footballer
Alice Smith                      20                       Daughter                      b. Preston

Albert Burrows               47 years               Licensed Vict.              b. Preston
Alice Burrows                 47                    Wife / Assists in business          do
Thomas Burrows             25                    Son /  Assists in business          do
Grace Burrows               25          Daughter-in-law / Assists in business   do
Mary Ellen Burrows        18                    Daughter / Assists in business   do
Albert Burrows               16                    Son / Appr. Electrical Engr.      do
      Only 4 children still alive from NINE born to this couple.

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  1. John Pearson was my Great, Great Grandfather and so far my skeleton in the cupboard! His wife took a protection order out against him in 1880 and she died in 1881. He married Jane Hartley in 1897 and died in 1903.