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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

ALBERT HOTEL, 101 Ribbleton Lane

a.k.a. The Prince Albert Hotel
101 Ribbleton Lane

1851 - 52              Mr and Mrs Thomas Smith  (Owners)
1852                     Robert Jones
1853                    William Bibby
1853 - 54             William Adcroft
1857 - 60             Thomas Hall
1861                     Hannah Hall
1865                     John Hope    -  given in Preston Guardian 8.4.1865
1865                    Willam Hunt  (Owner)
1865 - 66             John Hunt
1866                    William Hunt
1866 - 67            John Whittle - (James)  This and the next may be the same man?
1869 - 80            James Whittle
1880 - 88            Richard Gill
1888 - 01            John Hothersall       d. 7.1.1901 aged 48 years.
1901 - 05            Annie Hothersall 
1907                   Edmund Bolton    d. 9.8.1915 in Blackpool.
1910 - 17           Joseph Craven
1918                   Mr and Mrs Carr
1924                  Mrs. Ada  H. Carr
1926 - 27           John L. Ashworth
1932                  Thomas Gornall
1936 - 48          Mary J. Bamford
 Preston Chronicle  16th August 1851
Preston Chronicle  3rd July 1852
Preston Chronicle  21st August 1852
Preston Chronicle  18th September 1852
Preston Chronicle  25th September 1852

ANNOUNCES to the public that he has entered upon the
 convenient public house, the ALBERT INN, in Ribbleton 
where he respectfully solicits the favour of his friends and
the public, as he has a capital tap of Prime HOME-BREWED ALE,
first-rate PORTER, choice and well selected SPIRITS &c.

W.A. begs to inform farmers and others, who admire first-rate bred
PIGS, that he has a capital BOAR, of the short-eared large breed
to serve SOWS. He has a farrow of pigs of his stock, which can
be seen at the Albert Inn, Ribbleton Lane.
Preston Chronicle 2nd July 1853

Preston Chronicle  25th March 1854
[Note: It is probable that William took the licence back from John. In the article, the name was give as 'Hope', but that was erroneous].
Preston Chronicle  21st January 1865
Preston Chronicle 26th January 1867
Preston Chronicle  22nd August 1868
Preston Chronicle  2nd April 1870
On Thursday night, several bands paraded the streets, playing music in celebration of the Liberal Triumph and the accession of Mr. Gladstone to power. The Liberals of Trinity Ward had a band which after passinbg through several of the streets, went into the ALBERT HOTEL, in Ribbleton Lane. Soon after getting into the place, their harmony was disturbed by the appearance of a large piece of brick sent through one of the windows at them.
Afterwards, the band went in the direction of Wellington Mill, and on the road, some Tory roughs made an attack upon the drum, and kicked in one of the ends of it.

Preston Chronicle 12th December 1868
Preston Chronicle  2nd July 1881
On Saturday evening at Mr. Gill's Albert Inn Hotel, Ribbleton Lane, connected with Messrs Wilding Brothers, Alexandra Mill, along with a number of overlooked, weavers, odd hands, friends, the whole number about 70 sat down to a good substantial supper, which had been provided by Mr. John Edmondson, OVERLOOKER, who is about to leave the employ of Messrs Wilding Brothers for a situation in America. Mr. G. Parker, Manager, was unanimously voted to the chair, Mr. W. Eccles, Engineer, occupied the vice-chairman.
After supper the chairman said he was highly pleased to see such a good spirit amongst the hands and hoped it would long continue, assuring them that if their hearts were kindly towards each other they would do well for themselves and their masters. The chairman assisted by the vice-chairman then presented to Mr. Edmondson a handsome writing desk, a gentleman's dressing case, three excellent volumes of the poet's, also a good Albert compass given by Mr. Worden, in token of the good will that existed towards him by his brother overlooked, weavers and friends, and expressed the hope that as he looked upon these articles, he would remember his past connection with the place.
Mr. Edmondson, in receiving the presents thanked the contributors very much for their great kindness as manifested on this and other occasions. He would endeavour to keep the presents as long as he lived and hand them down as heirlooms to his children.
Other speeches were made and then the party amused themselves by singing and dancing until closing time when a vote of thanks to the landlord and landlady which brought the evening's amusement to a close.
Preston Chronicle  6th August 1881
SALE 3-8-1887
On the Conditions of Sale, dated as above, it stated -
"LOT ONE:  The old-establish and well-accustomed Freehold Inn or 
Public House called the 'PRINCE ALBERT' or 'ALBERT HOTEL',
with the Brewhouse, Stables and other outbuildings, at the corner of
Irvin Street, Preston, now in the occupation of Richard Gill.

[Note - The property was owned at this time by William Henry Hunt, a
Wine and Spirit Merchant, who, in the event sold to Matthew Brown.
In 1883 Hunt had bought the premises from Richard Fisher and others.
At the Preston Police Court, yesterday, Kuhn Botherway, landlord of the Albert Hotel, Ribbleton Lane, Preston, was summoned for selling whisky during prohibited hours on Sunday morning, the 10th November.
About half past ten, a man named Edward Blight, who lives next door, was seen by PC Simpson to go into the back yard of the public house, and in a few minutes return with a bottle of whisky.
For the defence, Mr. Blackhurst urged that the defendant was I'll in bed at the time, and that the whisky had been served without his knowledge.
The landlord was fined 20 shillings and costs, and Blight 10 shillings and costs, for aiding and abetting.
Blackburn Standard  30th November 1895
BULL TERRIERS -  On Sale, five puppies; side Millstone Hero, dam Half Way Nell.
Joseph Craven, Albert Hotel, Ribbleton Lane, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  15th September 1910
Hannah Hall                         56 years                  Publican                     b. Preston
Ellen Hall                              34                          Daughter                    b. Lancaster
George Hall                          18                          Son                            b. Preston


Richard Gill                          59 years                 Licensed Victualler     b. Much Hoole
Catherine Gill                       58                          Wife                                     do
Joseph Gill                           31                          Son                            b. Penwortham
James Gill                            18                          Son                            b. Preston
Thomas Gill                         15                          Son                                     do

John Hothersall                   38 years                 Licensed Victualler      b. Fulwood
Annie Hothersall                 36                          Wife                            b. York
Henry Hothersall                 16                          Son                             b. Preston
James Hothersall                 15                          Son                                     do
Hilda Jane Hothersall            8                           Daughter                             do
Charles Hothersall                4                           Son                                     do
Mary Gertrude Hothersall     1                           Daughter                             do

Annie Hothersall                  46 years                Publican                     b. York
Hilda J. Hothersall               18                         Daughter                    b. Preston
Charles Hothersall               14                         Son                                    do
Mary G. Hothersall              11                        Daughter                             do
Ethel A. Hothersall                9                         Daughter                             do

Joseph Craven                    38 years                Publican                      b. Preston
Mary Ellen Craven              35                         Wife                                    do
Winifred Craven                   2                          Daughter                             do
James Craven                      67                         Father / Widow                  do
Elizabeth Craven                 37                         Cousin / Weaver                 do
Kate Gorman                      34                         Servant                      b. Hebburn, Durham

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