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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ALEXANDRA HOTEL, 53 Fishergate

53 Fishergate
Tel: 411     (1916)

The 'Alexandra Hotel' became the 'Rowntrees Restaurant'.

In 1949, number 53 and the first floor of 54, were licensed to sell alcohol.

Number 54 had previously been ocupied by Mr J. Heyworth, music dealer.

It was demolished in 1985 / 86 to make way for the Fishergate Shopping Centre
                                                                                                 [John Garlington]
This plan clearly shows the hotel's position at the top of Corporation Street.
1871                     George Butler [at this time it was a Temperance Hotel]
1890 - 1916         Hannah Richardson (Miss)
1917 - 1932         Bennett and Johnston Dining Rooms.
1936 - 1944         Ann Hill
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season

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