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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NEW SUN, Ribbleton Lane

66  (later 133 / 135)  Ribbleton Lane
1853 - 80              Robert Knowles
1881 - 88              Andrew Parker
1888 - 90              William Walker
1891 - 93              John Mounsey
1893 - 96              Richard Parkinson
1896 - 1904          Edmund Bolton
1907                     John Blackledge
1910                     John Garlick
1913                     Charles Jackson
1917                     John Calvert
1924 - 27             Nicholas Mercer
1932                     William Birchall
1936 - 44             George Rigby
1948                    Frederick Cocker
          - 1955.       Frank Thornton
1955 - 61             William Henry and Anne Fiddler
1961 -  c.65         Edward (Ted) Quigley 
Preston Chronicle  24th December 1880
Robert Knowles              45 years                     Beerseller                    b. Longton
Ellen Knowles                 46                              Wife                            b. Lancaster
John Knowles                 21                              Son                             b. Walton-le-dale
Jane Knowles                 18                               Daughter                                do
Ellen Knowles                 19                              Daughter                     b. Preston
William Knowles             14                               Son                            b. Walton-le-dale
Thomas Knowles             11                              Son                                        do
Richard Knowles              9                               Son                                        do


Andrew Parker                52 years                   Cotton loom Overlooker  b. Leyland
Mary A. Parker               56                            Wife                                b. Salisbury


Edmund Bolton               28 years                    Beerseller                    b. Preston
Ada H. Bolton                26                             Wife                                     do
Joseph E. Bolton              6                              Son                                      do


  1. I lived at THE NEW SUN INN from 1955 until 1961 my father and mother ran the pub my dad was William Henry Fiddler (Bill) and my mum was Anne.I had a lot of happy times in the place with the majority of my childhood spent there.The previous licencee to 1955 was Frank Thornton,and after we left a fellow called Edward Quigley (Ted) took it over until it's sad closure about 4 years later.It was in the centre of a wonderfull neighbourhood of mainly teraced houses,shops and of course pubs.On the site of the pub now stands a tree and I visit the spot often to reminise.Oh Happy Days,I do live nearby in Gillett St and I intend to spend the rest of my days close to my beloved Ribbleton Lane.
    All the Best from Mick Fiddler.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Many thanks for that Mick. I admire your affection for the lane!

  4. My mum and dad were regulars of the sun back in the day. your mum and mine were good friends,, i was a friend of your sister Susan and stayed at the pub many times. My dad and mum were George and Connie Smith im Jean and my brothers Dave and Ray, we lived in Bleasdale St, i dont know if you remember us.