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Saturday, 4 March 2017

PEDDERS ARMS, Wellfield Road

98 Wellfield Road.
1856               Owned by Seth Walmsley
1857 - 60               William Hollows         d. 1860
1860 - 64               Jane Hollows             d. 19.2.1867 aged 52 years after she had married William Coward on 12.5.1864.
1864 - 67               William Coward
1869                       Thomas Fairclough
1871 - 74               Thomas Jenkinson
1874 - 76               William Nickson
1876 - 79               John Eamer - a dealer in 2nd hand brewing equipment also. P.C. 31.3.1877                     
1879 - 81              William Jackson
1881                      Ellen Jackson (seen also as Thomas Jackson)
1882 - 83              George Bannister
1883 - 84             William and Mary Cunningham
1884 - 87              John Coates
1888 - 91              John Green
1891 - 95              Sarah Green
1896 - 97              Charles Walmsley
1897 - 1905          William Green     d. 1905
1907                      John Tattersall
1910 - 11              Elizabeth Fewery
1913 - 20              Albert E. Taylor.  d. August 1920
1920 - 24              Mrs. Lily Taylor 
1930                     Elizabeth Ellen Stephenson
1932 - 40              John Ryding (Riding)
1944                     William E. Clarkson 
1960's     CLOSED
That commodious INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, called "Pedder's Arms" in Wellfield Road. Satisfactory reasons can be given. Apply on the premises, or to Mr. Seth Walmsley, the owner.
Preston Chronicle  15th November 1856
 Preston Chronicle  17th December 1859
Preston Chronicle  23rd February 1861
 Preston Chronicle  12th March 1862
 Preston Herald  11th September 1869
Preston Herald  30th October 1869
 Preston Chronicle  22nd November 1873
JOHN EAMER, landlord of the Pedder's Arms
public house, Welldield Road, was summoned for
keeping open his house for the sale of intoxicating
liquor on Sunday 4th March.

P.D. Whalley said at 9 o'clock on the morning of
the 4th March, he saw a woman named Mrs. Southwick,
enter the Pedder's Arms by the front door, which was, 
at the time, open. She remained in a short time, and
then came out with a pint bottle of beer under her

He took her back to the house and told the landlord
what he had seen. Eamer told him that he had been
told the beer was for two men who had come to her
house from Lancaster. The witness went with
Southwick to her house, and he did see there two men
of the name of Graham and Redhead, who said they
had come to Preston the day before.

The defendant was referred to the Section of the relevant 
act, which stated that "he must have slept the previous 
night more than three miles from the place where the
sale takes place," whereas the men had been in the
town for a day.

Fined 10s plus costs. 7 days in prison in default.
Southwick was ordered to pay costs.
Preston Chronicle  17th March 1877
Preston Chronicle  31st March 1877
Preston Chronicle  12th March 1881
Preston Chronicle  8th October 1881
DISORDERLY - Alice Charnock was summoned at the instance of Mary Cunningham for creating a disturbance in the Pedder's Arms on the 1st January. She was discharged on payment of costs.
Preston Herald  5th January 1884
Preston Herald  14th December 1889
 Preston Herald  10th August 1892
 Manchester Courier  5th July 1905
Lancashire Evening Post  30th April 1907
TO LET, The Old-established  Fully-licensed House, PEDDER'S ARMS, Wellfield Road; doing good trade. Apply, Syke-street Brewery, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  3rd May 1909
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th August 1920

Lancashire Evening Post  12th July 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  27th September 1930
 Burnley Express  15th October 1930
 Burnley Express  2nd December 1939
Jane Hollows                      46 years - widow     Lic. Vict.                     b. Clapham
Betty Bradley                      80                           Mother / Lodger          b. Wrayton, Lancs.

Thomas Jenkinson               27 years            Lic. Vict.      b. Nateby ?? Westmoreland
Mary Jenkinson                   30                           Wife                           b. Carlisle
Mary A. Jenkinson               3 months                Daughter                     b. Preston

Ellen Jackson                      30 years Unm.        Lic. Vict.                      b. Leyland
William Loxham                  35                          Weaver                                 do
Sarah Jackson                       ?                          Boarder                        b. Preston
Bertha E. Jackson                 3 months              Daughter                                do

John Green                         50 years                 Lic. Vict.                      b. Leyland
Sarah Green                       50                          Wife                             b. Accrington
William Green                    20                           Son                              b. Preston
Ada Green                          7                            Daughter                      b. Blackburn

William Green                     30 years                 Publican                       b. Preston
Elizabeth Green                   25                          Wife                                     do
Alice Green                          3                           Daughter                              do
Annie Green                        6 months                Daughter                              do

Elizabeth Fewery               40 years widow       Licensee                      b. Hindley Green, Wigan
James Fewery                   18                           Son / Barman               b. Tulketh Road, Ashton
William Albert Fewery       16                          Son / Warehouse Boy                do          do
Eva Fewery                       14                          Daughter / Scholar                     do          do

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