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Sunday, 29 January 2012

BLACK BULL INN, 35 Friargate

35 Friargate
Also known as "The Old Black Bull Inn"
An enlargement of the window to the left of the entrance from Friargate.*
A document in the possession of Colin Stansfield (historian), mentions the "Black Bull" in Friargate in 1776
1805 - 16         Richard Leach        d. 7.6.1816 - see below.
1816 - 18         Elizabeth Leach
1825                 Thomas Douglas
1825                 Thomas Prescott
1828 - 35          Hugh Marginson (Margerison; Margerson; Margeson; Margison)
1836 - 38          John Park
1838 - 41          Richard Park
1841 - 43          Henry Occleshaw
1848 - 57          Thomas Grime   d. 27.7.1882  aged 71 years. Brother of George Grime, Hoop and Crown.
1860 - 61          William Taylor    d. 27.2.1864   aged 40 years
1864 - 67          John and Ann Taylor    Ann died 9.12.1867 aged 38 years.
1867 - 74          John Taylor  (Brother of William)  d. 1874
1875 - 77          John Mayor
1877 - 85          Thomas Mayor  - Preston Chronicle 8th December 1877.
1885 - 86          Mary Mayor
1886 - 88          Henry Baldwin
1888                 Fanny Elizabeth Dickinson
1889                 John Coupe
1890 - 97         Thomas George Smith (although I have a note that a William Barnes was the landlord in 1891)
1897                Thomas Rooney
1898 - 99         Ernest A. Coward    Property owned by Hull's Brewery, Preston, in 1898, and Boddingtons in 1899.
1900                William Green
1904                Alfred Stocks
1904 - 11         Frederick Stocks
1913 - 17         Frederick Halliday
1918 - 36         Joseph Spencer
1940 - 53         William A. Watt
Late 1960's -    William Read
Early 1980's     Len Cherry  (came from the Neptune Hotel)
     ? - present   Stanley Eaton
 Lancaster Gazette  30th November 1805
DEATH:  On the 7th inst., Mr. Richard Leach,
of the Bull Tavern, Preston, aged 42 years.
Lancaster Gazette  15th June 1816 
Preston Pilot  9th July 1825
Preston Pilot  20th August 1825
DEATH: On Tuesday week, aged 30 years,
Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas Fairclough, joiner
and timber merchant, and second daughter
of Mr. Richard Leach, of the Black Bull, Friargate.
Preston Chronicle  5th February 1831
etc., etc.
Preston Chronicle 9th April 1831
Preston Chronicle 13th October 1832
Preston Chronicle 13th June 1835*
On Wednesday 30th August, 1837
at John Park's Old Black Bull Inn, Friargate.

ALL that well-accustomed INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE, known
by the sign of the "OLD BLACK BULL," situate at the Brown
Channel, on the south side of Friargate, with the dwelling-house
and Salt Warehouse adjoining thereto; together with Stabling for
48 horses, and other Outbuildings in the possession of Mr. John
Park as Tenant at Will.
Further particulars from Messrs. Pilkington& Walker, Solicitors,
Preston Chronicle   19th August 1837
N.B.  Brown Channel: A small, open gutter, which in olden times
crossed Friargate about the corner of Lune Street, and over which
the headless "Bannister Hall Doll"* would not pass.
*a boggart or ghost.
DEATH  On 23.5.1838
Jane, the wife of Mr. R. Park,
Black Bull Inn, Friargate, aged 38 years
Mr Bronterre  O'Brien
This celebrated Chartist agitator lectured at the Black Bull in Friargate,
on Sunday last, to an audience of about 300, who were admitted on payment
of one penny each. His lecture was of the usual inflammatory nature. He came
in by train at about 6.30pm on the Sunday and was met by Mr. Mitchell and 
George Halton, the secretary to the Chartist Association. Upon the inhabitants 
of the neighbourhood complaining to the constable on duty of what was going on,
they applied for admission, but were refused.

We understand that Mr. Mitchell, who was in the chair, proceeded to such 
extravagant lengths in his denunciation of constituted authorities, that even
Mr. O'Brien himself felt obliged to check him. Mr. O'Brien had only been
liberated from incarceration in Lancaster Castle, for sedition, yesterday week.

It is whispered he will soon have to listen to a lecture from one of the sheriff 
substitutes for the County Palatine of Lancaster.
Preston Chronicle  2nd October 1841
GENTLEMEN desirous of practising the rational and
fashionable amusement of RIFLE and PISTOL SHOOTING,
are respectfully informed that a commodious Gallery is now
open at the Black Bull Inn, Friargate, every day from ten o'clock
in the morning until ten in the evening.
Charge reduced to one penny per shot.
Preston Chronicle  20th November 1841
MAN SCOLDED TO DEATH - On Tuesday 11th August, a frightful accident
occurred to a man named William Harrison, a brewer, in the employ of the 
landlord of the Black Bull Inn.

At 9 o'clock in the morning in question in brewing at the brewhouse of the
Black Bull, Friargate, and in putting a load of malt into the mash tub, he  lost
his balance, and fell head first into the tub, which at the time held a large
quantity of boiling water. The ostler, John Shenty, saw him fall and ran to his
assistance, and after much difficulty, succeeded in getting him out. 

When released he presented a most shocking spectacle, being very much
scalded on his head and upper body.

He was taken home, where he suffered in excruciating pain
until 3pm the same day, when he died.
Preston Chronicle  15th August 1846
Sir,      Having heard that it is circulated among the farmers, &c.,
of this neighbourhood that the disease in horses called 'Farcy'
has been in my stables, and having been asked if they were free 
from it now, and as it is calculated to injure my business, I shall
thank you to state in your next issue that the disease was in the 
Bull Hotel Stables, Church Street, and not the Black Bull Inn, Friargate.

Black Bull Inn, Friargate.  January 26th 1876
Letter to the Preston Chronicle 29th January 1876
Near Lune Street, one of the oldest, best-known, and frequented Public-
houses in Preston, with commanding frontage on the main thoroughfare, 
close to the Central and other Markets, and with two valuable back-entrances 
from Lune Street and Hill Street respectively, handsome, plate-glass fronted 
spirit vault, well-appointed Bar, Snug, Smoke-rooms, large Club Room, and
other trade requirements, extensive Stabling, capital Brewhouse and other
appurtenances and every accessory of a large and lucrative business.
BY H.C.WALTON at his Sale Rooms on Monday 14th September 1885
at 3 o'clock afternoon.
Preston Chronicle  12th September 1885
Anyone returning the same to the Old
Black Bull, Friargate, will be rewarded. 
Anyone detaining it after this notice will
be prosecuted.
Preston Chronicle  17th December 1887
Lancashire Evening Post  21st January 1901
Lancashire Evening Post  22nd January 1902
Lancashire Evening Post  16th January 1904 *
Lancashire Evening Post  18th September 1929
Lancashire Evening Post  11th March 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  15th January 1931

 Lancashire Evening Post  4th December 1946
Lancashire Evening Post 11th February 2012
In beer-festival mode
Henry Occleshaw                        40 years                       Publican
Martha Occleshaw                       38                               Wife

Thomas Grime                             40 years                      Innkeeper                 b. Preston
Jane Grime                                   41                              Wife                                 do
James Grime                                 16                              Son                                  do
William Grime                               13                              Son                                  do
John Grime                                    10                             Son                                  do
Thomas Grime                                8                              Son                                  do
Frederick Grime                             1                              Son                                  do
Ellen Grime                                    6                               Daughter                          do
Lettice Grime                                 3                               Daughter                          do
Robert Grime                                36                              Brother / Reedmaker       do
Margaret Becconsall                      19                             Servant                      b. Longridge
Margaret Clayton                           21                             Servant                     b. Poulton
John Fairclough                              38                             Brewer                      b. Preston

William Taylor                               35 years                    Licensed Victualler     b. Skipton
Anne Taylor                                   33                            Wife                          b. Slaidburn
Esther Edmondson Taylor              10                             Daughter                            do
Sarah Ellen Taylor                           8                              Daughter                   b. Preston
William Taylor                                5                              Son                                    do
John Taylor                                    3                               Son                                    do
Anne Eliza Taylor                           9 months                   Daughter                            do
John Taylor                                   37                              Brother                     b. Skipton

John Taylor                                  48 years                     Licensed Victualler     b. Skipton
William Taylor                              16                              Nephew                    b. Preston
Sarah E. Taylor                             18                             Neice                                do
Isabella Taylor                               9                              Neice                                do

Thomas Mayor                             46 years                     Licensed Victualler     b. Eccleston
Mary Mayor                                 46                             Wife                           b. Preston
John Mayor                                  21                              Son                                   do
                                                                                       /  Lic. Vict.'s Asst.
Elizabeth Mayor                            23                              Daughter                           do

William Barnes                             40 years                     Manager/ Lic. Vict.     b. Wray, Lancaster
Ann Barnes                                   34                             Wife                           b. Preston
Henry F. Barnes                            10                             Son                                     do
Thomas K. Barnes                          7                             Son                                      do
John Barnes                                    4                              Son                                     do


Frederick Stocks                          54 years                     Innkeeper                   b. Preston
Mary Jane Stocks                         55                              Wife                                    do
Florence Cliffe                              33                              Daughter                              do
Lilian Hathaway                            31                              Daughter                              do
Annie Doyle                                 40                          Domestic Servant            b. Liverpool

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