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Monday, 23 January 2012


New Hall Lane.
It was originally intended that this hotel would
be called the "TEMPLE BAR HOTEL"
Acregate Hotel                   Photo: Steve Halliwell
It was originally intended that this place would be called the 'Temple Bar Hotel' At the 1878 Brewster Sessions, Henry Blackledge told the Court that he intended to build the property at the junction of Acregate Lane. He argued that he proposed to spend £1,800 building the hotel, and that there had been about 100 new houses built in the area. Plans for 26 new streets had also been sent to the Corporation for approval, and he submitted that a hotel was required to serve them. Mr. Nevett gave evidence to say that land had been sold near to the site for a further 55 houses, and that they intended to build 18 or 19 new streets.

Mine Hosts:
1880   Still a plot of land - see advertisement dated 17.7.1880, below.

Prior to 1910 not known.  See article from 13th February 1907.
1910 - 1916    James Gorton (who was also the agent for Boddington's Brewery).
1917               John Howarth
1926 -27        Mary E. Craven
1932               Leonard Craven
1936               Herbert Wallbank
1940               Thomas Day   d. 12.3.1940
1940 - 48       Ruth Day
Preston Chronicle  17th July 1880

 Lancashire Evening Post  13th February 1907
James Gorton                     34 years                    Licensed Victualler               b. Preston
Mary Ann Gorton               32                             Wife                                            do
Ivy Gorton                          8                               Daughter                                     do
James Gorton Jnr                4                               Son                                             do
John Yates                         65                          Father-in-law  /  mechanic               do
Elizabeth Yates                  63                              Mother-in-law                             do
Elizabeth Liptrot                37                              General Servant                            do

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