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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BOATMAN'S ARMS, 53 Marsh Lane

53 Marsh Lane
The keystone over the stable-yard entrance indicated that the pub was built in 1900. Alfred Latus was the first
landlord. I think the Boatmans replaced an earlier pub, probably the Fly Boat Tavern.

1901 - 07            Alfred Latus - owned by Alfred Nuttall, Brewer, Blackburn.
1904                   Leonard Hargreaves  (These dates need verifying)
1910                   William Loud
1913                   John Wilson
1917                   Elizabeth Murray
1926 - 27           Joseph Silver
1932                  Alfred Newsham
1933                  Richard Kitchen Dickinson
1936                  Joseph Metcalfe
1940                  John  W. Bebb
1948                  Albert Carroll


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  1. My granddad kept this pub and several others in the Preston area finishing at the Lord Raglen in Harrington Street I believe.