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Thursday, 16 February 2012

GEORGE HOTEL, Church Street

89 Church Street
Only acquired this name in 1926 / 27
Prior to that it had been called the "HORSE SHOE HOTEL"
Strange things began to happen after contractors had completed 
work on replacing a cobbled floor in the pub's cellar, with concrete.
During the five-day job, workmen uncovered a large stone slab
gravestone and a gold ring.
The licensee was later told that the white enamel-covered ring is 
a mistress's bereavement ring. The inscription reads, "Robert Clay,
OB 26 March 1786, aged 40.
A medium, who spoke of the ring prior to knowing of its existence, 
said that what was happening was typical activity of a spirit
disturbed by what had been going on in the building.


1924                    Stanley Eteson
1926 - 27            James N. Johnson
1932                    Arthur Barnes
1932 - 36            Joe Laws
1940 - 44            Elsie Chantry
1967 - 91            Jim and Belle Webster
Mr. Twiddy (not sure of the rank?).
One time landlord  of the George Hotel, Church Street.
Taken from a 1932 Preston North End Match Day programme.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, PNE Official Historian

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