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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BOWLING GREEN INN, 199 Ribbleton Avenue

197 Ribbleton Avenue

 Thanks to Richard Richmond, via Glenn Woolley,
Photo taken c. 1908
The original Bowling Green Inn stood on roughly the same footprint, but much further forward
and with a much narrower pavement. 
1831                     John Lawrenson
1832    Mentioned in Preston Chronicle 1.9.32.    The widow of John Lawrenson married Hugh Hayes.
                                                                                                            - See below -
Pre- 26.6.1841     Hugh Hayes   -  see Insolvent Debtors notice, below.
1841                    Thomas Fowler
1851 - 54             John Calderbank   -  Census shows it as Robert C.
1856 - 59             Roger Harrison Parker
1861                    Hannah Parker
1862                    Mr. Culshaw
1865                    James Lawerenson  d. 2.3.1865 aged 39 years.
1865                    Elizabeth Lawrenson
1868                    Edward Moorby
1872                    John Hitchen
1873                    Thomas Turner
1877 - 83            Leonard Redmayne
1883 - 87            Mary Ann Redmayne
1887 - 93            Richard Clarkson
1893                    John Valentine
1893 - 95            Thomas Pinder
1895 -96             Mary Catlow
1896                   Richard Threlfall
1896                   William Bamber
1897                   Alice Worsley
1897                   William Slater
1897                   James Bradley
1898 - 99           William Rhodes
1899 - 1900       Edward Spiby
1900 - 01           Herbert Hartley
1901 - 02           Sarah Alice Mather
1902                   George Walker
1903 - 04            John White
1905 - 07           Thomas Garstang
1909                   John Ainsworth
1908 - 13           William Coulthurst  Was this a split occupancy?  See previou entry.
1917 - 40           Leonard Valentine
1944 - 48          Samuel Valentine
Preston Chronicle  22nd October 1831
On Wednesday evening last, a numerous meeting of the
Rate-payers of Ribbleton and Grimsargh, called by the
Overseer, took place at the Bowling Green Inn, Ribbleton,
when it was agreed to resist payment of church rates for the future.
Preston Chronicle 1st September 1832
MARRIAGE:  On Wednesday last, Mr. Hugh Hayes,
of Fulwood, to Mrs. Lawrenson, of the 'Bowling Green'
public-house, Ribbleton. 
Preston Chronicle  25th January 1834
Preston Chronicle  26th June 1841
The plaintiff, who is an innkeeper in Preston, sued the defendant,
a farmer, in Ribbleton, for the sum of £13 10s 8d for money lent
and drink supplied.

The defendant paid £4 18s 2d into the Court.

The evidence for the plaintiff, who used to keep the Bowling Green

Inn, Ribbleton, was to the effect that some time ago the defendant
had a number of hay-makers in his service, and that he got 140 gallons
of ale on his account, and that he had himself borrowed 30s from him.

The defendant said he had only had 50 or 60 gallons of ale, and that the 

sum paid into the court covered all that he owed.

Eventually, a verdict for the plaintiff for £9 17s 6d was given.

Preston Chronicle   17th October 1863
MR. WINDER has received instructions from 
Mr. Edward Moorby, to SELL BY AUCTION
at the Bowling Green Inn, Ribbleton, on 
Wednesday next, at one o'clock, all his
of a Publican, and 80 Sheep.
Preston Chronicle  25th April 1868
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian
Preston Herald   10th February 1909
Thomas Fowler                     24 years                      Publican
Mary Fowler                         22                               Wife
Ann Fowler                            4                                Daughter
Elizabeth Fowler                     1                                Daughter

Robert Calderbank               36 years                      Innkeeper                b. Cuerdale
Margaret Calderbank            41                               Wife                       b. Goosnargh
Evan Calderbank                  13                   Son / Employed at home      b. Walton-le-dale
Alice Calderbank                  11                    Daughter /    ditto               b. Blackburn
Robert Calderbank                9                          Son / Scholar                          do
Hannah Calderbank               5                        Daughter / Scholar           b. Ribbleton
Margaret Calderbank            3                                  Daughter                          do                    

Hannah Parker                     68 years widow            Innkeeper               b. Chipping
Richard Parker                     21                                Son / Ostler            b. Preston

John Hitchen                         49 years                    Farmer and Butcher   b. Preston
Phriza Hitchen                      39                              Wife                                  do
Thomas Hitchen                    20                       Son / Farmer & Butcher           do
William Hitchen                    18                       Son / Farmer & Butcher            do
George Hitchen                    16                       Son / Farmer & Butcher            do
Jane Hitchen                         15                 Daughter / Farmer & Butcher          do
Sarah Hitchen                       13                 Daughter / Farmer & Butcher          do
Charlotte Hitchen                  11                 Daughter / Farmer & Butcher         do
Elizabeth Hitchen                   9                          Daughter / Scholar                  do
Ann Hitchen                          7                          Daughter / Scholar          b. Brockholes
Phriza\ Hitchen                      5                          Daughter / Scholar                  do
John Hitchen                         3                                 Son                          b. Ribbleton

Leonard Redmayne               33 years                      Publican                  b. Preston
Mary A. Redmayne               40                              Wife                        b. Ingol

Richard Clarkson                  36 years                      Publican                   b. Goosnargh
Mary Ann Clarkson               49                              Wife                         b. Ingol
Elizabeth Clarkson                 69                              Mother - widow       b. Grimsargh

        I think that Mary A. Redmayne (1881) became Mary Ann Clarkson (1891)
                                  Name, age, and place of birth are right.

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