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Monday, 16 November 2015

GENERAL LEE, Duke Street

6  (later 9 - 11) Duke Street
Known 'jokingly' as the 'Rag Tatters' Arms',
or the 'Burglars' Arms' 
Better not to enquire why!!
A commentator (see bottom of page) tells us that
in the area around, this pub was known as 
the 'Home of the Forty Thieves!!'.
Any former residents who are reading this,
are, of course, exempt!!
1867    See advert below
1869                     N. Coupe
1870                     Robert Wilding
1870 - 72             William Hodgson
1877 - 94             Mrs. Mary Hodgson (Hodgon)
1894 - 99             John Steinson
1899 - 1901         Susannah Steinson
1902 - 07             William Dunderdale
1910 - 17             Thomas Steinson
1926 - 48             Ellen Steinson
TO BE LET, the "General Lee Inn,"
Duke Street, Preston.
Apply on the premises.
Preston Chronicle  14th September 1867
Lancashire Evening Post  19th July 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post  11th October 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post 12th July 1921
Lancashire Evening Post  8th March 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  12th March 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  21st July 1931
William Hodgson              34 years                      Beerseller                  b. Preston
Mary Hodgson                 31 ?                            Wife                                  do

Mary Hodg(s)on                  44 years                     Lic. Beerseller           b. Preston

Mary Hodg(s)on                  55 years                     Beerseller                 b. Preston
John Steinson                      44                              Brother-in-law                  do
Susannah Steinson            40                              Sister                                do
Thomas Steinson               14                              Nephew                           do
Mary Ann Steinson           11                              Niece                               do
Jane Steinson                     9                              Niece                               do
William Steinson                7                               Nephew                           do
Susannah Steinson             5                               Niece                               do
John Steinson                    2                               Nephew                           do
Ellen Steinson                   1 month                     Niece                               do

Susannah Steinson            50 years - Widow     Beerseller                  b. Preston
Thomas Steinson              23                             Son                                   do
Mary Ann Steinson           21                             Daughter                           do
Jane Steinson                    19                            Daughter                            do
William Steinson               17                             Son                                   do
Susannah Steinson            15                             Daughter                           do
John Steinson                   12                             Son                                   do
Ellen Steinson                   10                             Daughter                           do

Thomas Steinson              33 years                    Innkeeper                 b. Preston
Ellen Steinson                   28                  Wife / Assisting in business            do
John Steinson                     5                            Son / school                        do
Thomas Steinson                3                             Son                                    do
Veronica Steinson              4 months                 Daughter                             do
Ellen Worthington             63 widow                 Mother-in-law                    do
William Worthington         32                            Brother-in-law                    do    


  1. I lived in Duke Street, born 1935 untill the 50s, The disrict was the home of the forty thieves. Knew a Cliff Stiensen, he must have been related to the other Stiensons. One pub in Preston I never visited... Brian Freeman

    1. I have family who also lived in Duke Street. Perhaps you may know some of these names? Whittam, Drake, Dawson?

  2. My Nans sister had something to do with this pub she was called Lillian Steinson .

  3. My great grand parents were John and Susannah Steinson.

    1. I think they were mine too.. my grandmother was called Susan also.. I believe they were German and the great great grandfather came over to England during the bore war and stayed after meeting my great great grandmother.

    2. Hi Rachael,
      That is the first news I have heard about the Boer war. If you have any more information I would love to hear it. I had heard that John was from Hamburg and he was known as John the German. On his marriage certificate to Susannah there is no mention of his father. Susannah lived with her sister Mary Hodgson and inherited the pub and several houses from her.

  4. Would like to no more about this public house my mum often used to say she spent a fair bit of her childhood at the pub with her own mother visiting her sister Lillian .

    1. All that I know is on this website, Robert. I notice from a previous post you made that her sister was Lilian Stenson.

    2. Yes that,s correct Steve my Mum often used to talk about being there alot growing up as a child she said they were very happy times i think that,s were she got her taste of whiskey from ha

  5. My 2 x great grandparents Patrick & Ann Burns lived at % Duke St in 1871 with his brother's family... The General Lee was No 6