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Friday, 24 February 2012

LITTLE JOHN INN, Atkinson Street

35  (later 70 - 72)  Atkinson Street
The complimentary pub, the "ROBIN HOOD," was next door to this one. It was across
a ginnel, and Atkinson Street became Wellington Street (later Morton Street).

Years later, and long after the pub was demolished, its name lived on in the phrase -
"A long pull at the Little John!"
A phrase that meant "an unlikely story."
p.p. Stephen Sartin in "Vanished Preston"

OR WAS IT??  See below
1868 - 69             Andrew McGlaughlin
1870                    John Whittle
1870 - 71             Roger Walker
1871                    Thomas Wareing
1871                    Thomas Nightingale
1877 - 82             Joseph Ribchester  -  Richardson in P.C. 28.7.1877
1883 - 84             William Whalley
1884 - 85             James Hawkins
1885 - 87             Richard Bamber
1887 - 91             Henry Todd
1891 - 97             Robert Whittle
1897                    Thomas Cottam
1898 - 1902         James Mills
1902 - 13             John Taylor
1917                    W. Gornall
1924 - 28             Elizabeth Taylor  d.1928
1928 - 47             Richard Taylor   Sold to Tetleys Brewery in 1947
1948                    Harry Woodhouse

I was born in the Little John Inn in 1927!!

My name is Robert Taylor and I was born in the pub known as 'Little John Inn'. My Grandmother was Elizabeth Taylor who died when I was 10 months old in 1928, I was born in 1927. My father Richard Taylor took over the running of the Little John when he and his sister Sarah Ball fell out and my dad bought her out. 

The Little John was a 'Home Brew House' and my dad used to brew 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and brewed approx. 300 plus gallons per brew.  He supplied 'selling out shops' and various clubs around Preston and Bamber Bridge and he did not bother about politics, he supplied both ends of the political scene. 

I was away in the army in 1947 when he sold the license for the pub to Tetleys who knew the property was to be knocked down for the flats that are now on the site but I think the ones there now are the second lot. Atkinson Street and Higginson Street disappeared. The Little John Inn' address was 72 Atkinson Street.

I believe the licence Tetleys wanted, was for a pub on one of the new estates being built in the late 40's early 50's. Harold Woodhouse took over the running of the Little John until it was demolished.
I trust this brings you up to date on the Little John.  

Thanks very much to Robert Taylor

 Lancashire Evening Post   29th September 1920

Thomas Wareing               41 years                   Beerseller                       b. Preston
Agnes Wareing                  44                            Wife                                       do
Mary E. Wareing                8                             Daughter                                 do

Joseph Ribchester             28 years                   House Agent                  b. Preston
Margaret Ribchester          28                           Wife                                       do
Margaret Ribchester           3                            Daughter                                do
Richard Ribchester             3                            Son                                        do

Robert Whittle                  67 years                   Beerhouse Keeper          b. Bretherton
Jane Whittle                      67                            Wife                               b. Mawdesley
Elizabeth Whittle               23                             Daughter                        b. Preston
Emma Jane Whittle            21                            Daughter                                do

James Mills                       38 years                   Publican                         b. Preston
Winifred Mills                   37                            Wife                                        do
Isabella Mills                     14                            Daughter                                 do

John Taylor                       56 years                  Beerseller                       b. Preston
Elizabeth Taylor                 54                          Assisting in business                 do
Sarah Alice Taylor             20                          Daughter / Cotton Rover         do
Richard Taylor                   12                          Son                                         do

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