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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

GLOBE TAVERN, Heatley Street

28 Heatley Street
- later 30 / 31 Heatley Street.
122, Corporation Street.

The latter address is a knock-down re-build of the Globe Inn.
The current one, below, carries the date 1892.
This wonderful image was taken by Linda Barton, Preston Historical Society.
Several attempts have been made in the last 10 years or so to revive the fortunes
of a very attractive building, but have met with disappointing results.
The Globe Tavern was rebuilt on the same footprint that it occupied on this sketch plan. Therefore, Corporation Street can be imagined running north to south between the eastern wall of Heatley Street Mill, and the western wall of the Globe Tavern.
1838 - 41             Mary Hill
1846                    John Green
1853                    John Lawrenson
1855                    Mrs. Taylor
1858                    William Swarbrick - William Swarbrick was born in Goosnargh in 1825, a son of George and Ann [Singleton] Swarbrick.  In 1858 he was listed in the Post Office Directory as a beer seller at 30, Heatley Street, Preston.
1861 - 70             Richard Finch
1870 - 71             Robert Wilding
1876 - 79            Thomas Wilding
1879 - 88            John Gough
1888 - 91            Agnes Gough
1891 - 93            Isaac Wilson Lawrence
1893                    William Norris
1894 - 97            John Nicholl
1898                    George Bamber
1898                    Edwin Carus Wells
1898 - 99            Arthur Waiting
1899                    Robert Thompson
1899 - 1900        Elizabeth Anderton
1900 - 01            George Drummond  (Ex-PNE.  One of the Old Invincibles)    
1901 - 02            Samuel Leighton
1902 - 07            Gervaise Lambourne
1907                    W. Shorrock
1910                    Ernest Coward
1913                    Henry Smith
1926 - 32            Fred. T. Kitson
1936                    Harold Disley
1940  - 48           Frederick H. Stephens (Stevens) (Stephenson)
1970                   Jim and Marie Parkinson
The Heatley Street entrance.
Preston Chronicle  11th July 1846
Jane Ratcliffe, who had been a servant in the employ of Mrs. Taylor, 
formerly of the Globe Tavern in Heatley Street, but now of Great
Shaw Street, was charged with stealing a quantity of wearing apparel,
the property of her mistress.

A short time since, in consequence of something she had seen in the
prisoner's conduct, Mrs Taylor discharged her, but last week missed a 
number of articles, and informed the police of her loss.

It was discobered that on the 14th November, Ratcliffe had pawned the
flannel petticoat at the shop of Mr Lewis Taylor in Friargate, and she
was apprehended in the workhouse by PC Counsell. The petticoat was
produced and identified by Mrs. Taylor as her property.
The other articles had not been found.
She was sent to the House of Correction for 2 months.
Preston Chronicle  1st December 1855
With immediate possession
THAT well-accustomed BEER-HOUSE, called
the "GLOBE TAVERN," in Heatley Street, Friargate.
The stock to be taken at a fair valuation.
Satisfactory reasons can be given for the present 
tenant removing.
Particulars on application to Mr William Ainsworth,
Auctioneer and Valuer, North Road, Preston,
or on the premises.
Preston Chronicle  8th March 1856
Lancashire Evening Post  25th November 1941
Mary Hill                        30 years                  Retail Brewer 
Mary Ann Hill                 10                           Daughter
Eliza Hill                           4                           Daughter
Joseph Hill                       1                            Son


Richard Finch                 28 years                  Beerseller                     b. Preston
Sarah Finch                    28                           Wife                                      do
Thomas Finch                  2                            Son                                       do
Margaret Finch                5 months                Daughter                                do

Robert Wilding              30 years                   Beerseller                     b. Longton
Mary H. Wilding            31                           Wife                             b. Preston
James A. Wilding           11 months               Son                                       do
Thomas Wilding             61                           Father                          b. Longton

John Gough                   54 years                  Wheelwright                 b. Preston
Agnes Gough                 49                           Lic. Vict                               do
Mary A. Gough             24                            Daughter                              do
Betsy Gough                 19                            Daughter                              do

Agnes Gough                55 years                   Lic. Vict.                      b. Preston

George Drummond       36 years                   Beerseller                     b. Scotland
Lucy Drummond           20                            Wife                             b. Ireland
Catherine Drummond    12                            Daughter                      b. Preston
Frederick Drummond     9                             Son                                       do
Mabel Drummond          1                             Daughter                               do

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