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Thursday, 2 February 2012

BULL'S HEAD INN, 9 Bowram Street

9 Bowram Street
- corner of Mount Pleasant -
The address of this beerhouse has been variously given as:
8 Bowram Street [1853]
9 Bowram Street [1869] and
Corporation Street [1895]
In the 1901 Census it was again given as 9 Bowram Street
It is within the range of probability that the "Bull's Head," or,
perhaps another building on the same spot, had been in 
existence since 1741. There is an entry in the Court Leet Records
of that year that records a Bull's Head in Mount Pleasant,
which runs off Bowram Street, and more than likely stood
at the junction of both streets. To
1838                 William Hartley
1840                 Joseph Shelliker
1841                 William Pearson
1847                 Robert Davies
1847 - 58         Thomas Southworth
1858 - 77          Elizabeth Southworth  (Betsy Ann Southworth)
1883 - 84          Robert Knowles
1884 - 87          Ellen Knowles
1887 - 89          John Hindle
1889 - 90         Thomas Lewis Cowen
1890 - 92         Robert Samples
1892 - 1900     Betsy Hindle
1900 - 04         Luke Kirby
1907 - 10         Frederick Henry Briscoe
The following is part of a letter I received form somebody who was  researching 
part of their family history. It involved one of his step-relations.

For anyone looking at the history of Betsy Hindle (Buul's Head Inn in 1895)
it may be of some use:-
 Preston Chronicle  23rd May 1840
 Preston Guardian  10th July 1847
 Preston Guardian  21st August 1847
 Preston Guardian  26th May 1849
Preston Chronicle  9th June 1883
William Pearson                    30 years                  Beerseller
Betty Pearson                       30                           Wife
John Pearson                         1                            Son           
Jane Pearson                        60                           Mother?
Nancy Pearson                     25                           Sister?
Ann Pearson                         20                           Sister?        
Jane Pearson                         3                  Daughter? or daughter of one of sisters?


Elizabeth Southworth           52 years                  Beerseller                  b. Mellor
Elizabeth Southworth           20 ?                        Daughter                   b. Preston
Betty A. Southworth           17                           Daughter                           do
Thomas Southworth             7                            Son                                   do

Elizabeth Southworth          62 years                  Beerseller                   b. Blackburn
Betsy A. Southworth          27                           Daughter                    b. Preston


Robert Samples                 59 years                  Lic. Vict.                     b. Lancaster
Elizabeth Samples              59                           Wife                            b. Preston
Mary Ann Samples            25                           Daughter                              do

Luke Kirby                       33 years                  Beerseller                     b. Preston
Ellen Kirby                        33                          Wife                                     do
J. Henry Kirby                   14                          Son                                      do
Alice Kirby                        10                          Daughter                               do
Luke Kirby                         5                           Son                                      do
Bridget Kirby                      3                           Daughter                              do

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