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Sunday, 5 February 2012

CHURCH TAVERN, Patten Street

Patten Street
1853 - 54    Christ. Wadsworth
This man was at the White Bull, New Street, in 1860.
At a public meeting convened by the Mayor, to petition for
the closure of public houses on Sunday.

..............As an instance of immorality that was engendered
in a beerhouse, he would say that one Sunday, he (Rev. C. Robinson)
heard sounds of blasphemy proceeding from one. He entered, and in
a room 12 foot square, he saw 40 or 50 men huddled together in their
working clothes, in filthy dress, in a state of intoxication, quarreling 
and blaspheming. He thought it his duty to bring the keeper of the
beerhouse before the Magistrates.A voice was heard to shout "What, you turned 
informer?" The landlord was fined.

He had profanely called his house the "Trinity  Church Tavern,"
and then after he was fined he took down the sign, and placed up 
another, "Every Man  Mind His Own Business"

In prosecuting the man he was promoting the welfare of those who were 
induced to enter a den of infamy, and who were consequently
bringing ruin on themselves and all connected with them.

A voice shouted: "Parsons should tell the truth; there were only
seven or eight men in the house"
(Laughter and cheers)
Preston Chronicle   18th June 1853
Similar appeared in other town's press:-
Blackburn Standard  22nd June 1853
Preston Chronicle  7th August 1858
It isn't known where in Orchard Street
Christopher sold his beer, so I'm putting this
piece on a number of sites where I know he
had been.

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