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Saturday, 17 March 2012

UNION INN, Albyn Bank Street

1  (later 3)  Albyn Bank Street
1858                      Thomas Smith
1861                      Thomas Rawcliffe
1865                      William Hall
1869 - 75               Robert Hall
1877                      Thomas Green
1881                      James Wilcock
1881                      Thomas Hammerton - given a licence for quoits and bagatelle.
1882                      Thomas Smalley
1883 - 86               Thomas Waring (Wareing)
1886                      John Pedder Anderton
1887 - 89               Jane Hayhurst
1889 - 94               Thomas Lee
1894 - 1905           George Darwin (Darwen)
1907 - 18               William Craven Snr.
1918 - 44               William Craven Jnr.  (Originally shown as Walter - erroneous) It is believed that
                                                         control of the Union Inn passed from father to son in about
                                                        1918. Ownership is likely to have remained with William 
                                           Senior, as it is believed that William Junior paid some form of 'rent'.
                                                        Shown as 'Walter' in Barrett's Directory 1944.
Early 1960's            Frank Bleasdale - his son was a professional jockey
TO BE LET, the UNION INN, Albin Street East, London Road.
There is an excellent Brewhouse, with Stables and good Yard,
and it is well adapted for carrying on the above or any business
requiring large outbuildings.
Apply to Mr. PLANT, 5 Cannon Street.
Preston Chronicle 20th December 1856
Sale by Auction  -  6th May 1875
ALL that well-established and respectable BEERHOUSE,
called the "UNION INN," with the shop and dwellinghouse
adjoining, situate in Albyn Street East, off London Road,
Preston, and the large Yard and two-stalled Stable at the
back thereof, forming a compact block of buildings, now
in the occupation ofMr. R. HALL, the owner, Thomas
Jackson, grocer, and John Stirzaker, provision dealer.

The Land is Leasehold for 999 years from 30.7.1853, and
subject to an annual Ground Rent of £7 9s 81/2d, and
contains an area of 5131/2 sq. yards.

The Beerhouse was built expressly for the business which 
has been for many years successfully carried on by the
present owner, who is now retiring from it through ill-
health. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain
on security of the premises if desired.
Preston Chronicle  25th April 1875
Preston Chronicle  27th September 1890
'Havelock Street' should read 'Albyn Bank Street'.  I think we'll
put it down to the reporter mis-hearing in a bustling Court Room.
Cutting sent to me by Neil Hartwell of Cornwall
Thomas Rawcliffe                   38 years                   Beerseller                  b. Lancashire
Jane Rawcliffe                        40                            Wife                          b. Preston

Robert Hall                            59 years                   Beerseller                   b. Penwortham
James Hall                             33                            Son                            b. Farrington
Ann Brewer                           24                            Niece                         b. Preston

James Wilcock                      39 years                   Beerseller                   b. Preston
Margaret Wilcock                 38                            Wife                                    do
Margaret Wilcock                 11                             Daughter                            do
Mary Wilcock                       10                            Daughter                             do
William Wilcock                     2                             Son                                     do

Thomas Lee                          28 years                   Beerseller                   b. Preston
Ellen Lee                               29                            Wife                                    do
William Lee                            2                             Son                                     do
Gertrude Lee                          4 months                 Daughter                             do

George Darwin                     48 years                   Beerseller                    b. Preston
Jane Darwin                          49                           Wife                                    do

William Craven                     49 years                   Beerseller                    b. Preston
Ann Craven                          50                    Wife / Assisting in Business           do
Annie Craven                       23                    Daughter / Cotton Weaver            do
Henry Craven                      20                           Son / Stable Lad                    do
Amy Craven                        16                    Daughter / Assistant in business     do
William Craven                    14      Son / Warehouse Boy in cotton mill             do
Lydia Craven                       10                    Daughter / School                         do

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