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Monday, 13 February 2012


13 Bridge Lane
later  93 Marsh Lane / corner of Pitt Street.
1841 - 42           John Park   -  Came from the Black Bull Inn, Friargate.
1844                   Margaret Smith
1850 - 51           James Rigg  d. 23.4.1851 aged 32 years of apoplexy. Son of John Rigg.
1851 - 54           Ann Rigg
1854 - 61           Robert Clarkson
1865                   J. Ward
1868                   John Mayor
1868                  William Proctor
1869 - 71           William Clarke
1871                  David Stott
1873 - 74           Jonathon Dearden
1874 - 77           Thomas Hall
1879                   Thomas Whitehead
1879 - 82            John Hall      1882 Thomas Hall, Lic. Vict., London Road, the owner.
1882                   John Thompson
1883                   James Jackson
1884 - 87           Ann Catlow
1887 - 88           William Dawson
1888 - 90           Thomas Anderton
1890 - 94           William Bradshaw
1894                   Edward Miler
1895                   Maria Hall
1895 - 96           John Earnshaw
1897                  Mary Ann Elston
1898 - 1907       John Coupe
1910                  William Coupe
1913 - 27           John Coupe
1932 - 36           Robert Dewhurst
1940    No mention.
On Monday last, a man named Thomas Brown was committed
to the House of Correction for 3 months, on the charge of having,
on the previous night, violently assaulted Margaret Smith, of the
Fleetwood Arms, Marsh Lane. Brown, we understand, has 
frequently been before the Magistrates on such charge. 
So ferocious was he in his attack on Mrs. Smith, that he nearly
bit her finger off.
Preston Chronicle  15th June 1844
On Monday evening last, the pig-owners, who some
time ago formed themselves into a society, met at the 
house of Mr. James Rigg, Fleetwood Arms, in order that
 they might hear a statement of the condition of the Society's
funds. It appears that they had about £7, which is lodged in
the Messrs Roskell and Arrowsmith's Bank, and which is to
be used in defending parties summoned for nuisances
alleged to arise from pig-keeping, providing a nuisance, in
their opinion, does not exist.
Preston Chronicle  27th April 1850
A man named Whittle was charged with stealing
some iron, but the evidence against him being an
incomplete state, he was accused of purloining a
bagatelle ball from the house of Mrs. Rigg, the
Fleetwood Arms, Marsh Lane.

The stolen article was missed by the prosecutrix,
along with a similar ball, on the 24th May, at which
time the prisoner was in the habit of frequenting her
inn. When arrested by the police, it was found in
Whittle's possession. It is valued at 5s. 
Committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle  30th July 1853
Preston Chronicle  5th November 1859
TO BE LET, a good PUBLIC HOUSE, stock low,
known by the sign of the "FLEETWOOD ARMS,"
Bridge Lane, corner of Pitt Street; Stabling for three
horses, and land for six more if required.
Apply on the premises.
Preston Chronicle  11th October 1862
James Rigg                     31 years              Innkeeper                  b. Preston
Anne Rigg                      33                       Wife                                   do
Margaret Rigg                 8                        Daughter                             do
Jane Rigg                        3                        Daughter                             do

Robert Clarkson            35 years              Lic. Vict.                    b. Lea
Mary Clarkson              29                       Wife                           b. Preston
Elizabeth Ellen Clarkson  9                        Daughter                            do
Thomas Clarkson            7                        Son                                    do
Josephine Clarkson         5                        Daughter                            do
Reuben Clarkson            3                        Son                                    do

David Stott                   31 years               Lic. Vict.                   b. Rochdale
Mary Stott                    33                        Wife                                   do
Emma Stott                    9                         Daughter                            do
Leonard Stott                6 months              Son                                    do


William Bradshaw         41 years              Lic. Vict.                    b. Dilworth
Agnes Bradshaw           42                       Wife                          b. Liverpool

John Coupe                  46 years             Lic. Vict.                      b. Preston
Mary Coupe                 44                      Wife                                     do
Robert Coupe               14                      Son                                      do
Henry Coupe                 13                     Son                                      do

John Coupe                   57 years            Licensed Victualler       b. Grimsargh, Preston
Mary Coupe                  54            Wife / Assisting in business    b. Preston
Robert Coupe                24             Son / Assisting in business             do
Henry Coupe                 23                   Son / Printer                           do
Isabella Redhead            24                   General Servant      b. Workington, Cumberland

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