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Tuesday, 27 December 2016


22 or 27 Lord Street.
previously known as
and possibly, in the early 1700's
More recently as  "THE TITHEBARN"
the original Tithebarn Tavern has been dealt with elsewhere.

The neighbouring building that was demolished, has left
this exposed brickwork. See the enlargement of a portion of it, below.

I don't know how much of this is 'original' but the bricks were probably layed
in the early 1700's. There will have been some re-pointing work done, but
I'd be pleased to hear the views of an expert.
This enlargement is taken from the bottom left hand corner of the previous picture.

1796                       Mr. Dewhurst  DDK/1683/76
1808                       Peter Kellett    d. 3.5.1808, aged 44 years.
1808 - 10               Mrs. Kellett  On 21.10.1810 married James Sumner,    
1812 - 35               William Birchall  wife, Ann d. 8.11.1835, aged 68 years.
1840                       Robert Myerscough     d. 16.7.1840 aged 45 years.
1840                       Elizabeth (Bella) Myerscough
1841                       Richard Platt
1844                       William Fazackerley
1851 - 54                Richard Platt
1857 - 66               Alexander Charnley   -  spelt 'CHORLEY' in 1857 and 1860.
1866 - 78               William Charnley
1878 - 79               Joseph Crook
1879 - 81               Thomas Best
1881                       John McGlauchlan
1882 - 85               Thomas Blackhurst  -  owned by Matthew Brown.
1885 - 88               Thomas White
1888 - 90               David Turner
1890 - 95               Elizabeth Fell
1895 - 98               John Henry Buxton
1898 - 99               Frederick James Nicholls 
1899 - 1901           Thomas Greenall
1901 - 07               Jane Gorton - there was a James Gorton at the Turk's Head in 1907. Any link?  Jane died 7.8.1906. She was the wife of James Gorton, but was already widowed. Must've been a different James Gorton?
1910                       Robert Gibson   -  went to Queen's Hotel, Butler Street.
1911                       Robert Woan
1913 - 14               Herbert Tunstall
1917 - 18               Ann Tunstall
1924                       Frederick Albert Edward Smith & Henrietta May Smith
1929 - 36      James Harris -Proprietor.  Dickie Bond - Manager  (former PNE player)
1940 - 44               George Lupton
1944 - 68               Ada and Harold Gleeson
late 1960's             Thomas Graveson
1987 - 2006           Richard Worrall
Preston Chronicle  10th March 1821
Lancashire Evening Post  7th March 1930
 Lancashire Evening Post  8th August 1930
Preston Chronicle   26th February 1831
Lancashire Daily Post  9th October 1933
DEATH:  On Sunday last, Agnes, the wife of
William Birchall, of the Waggon and Horses, 
Lord Street, aged 63 years.
Preston Chronicle  14th November 1835
BELLA MYERSCOUGH, of the Waggon and Horses
public house, Lord Street, was charged with a grievous
ourage upon the person of a man named William Cuerden,
a carter, living in High Street.

The complainant, whose face was frightfully disfigured, 
said that on the Tuesday week preceding, he had gone to
the house of the defendant, who, in consequence of a few
words between them, had taken a shovel full of burning
cinders, and thrown them at his head, by which his face 
was dreadfully burned.

The defendant did not deny the charge, but said she had
received gross provocation from Cuerden, he having
taken improper liberties with her.

Under the circumstances, the Magistrates adjudged 
Mrs. Myerscough to pay 12 shillings, the doctor's bill,
and the costs.
Preston Chronicle 21st November 1840
may be seen until Christmas at MR. R. PLATT'S,
the WAGGON and HORSES, Pig Market,
Lord Street, Preston, measurng from the nose to
the end of its tail 8 feet 4 inches; girth 6 feet 9 inches;
stands 3 feet  3 inches; and is 2 feet across its shoulders.

The above pig is 16 months old and is the property of
Mr. R. Platt.
Preston Chronicle 6th December 1851
James Fazackerley appeared to answer a charge 
preferred against him by Mr. Marriott, Sanitory
Inspector, of having in his possession, and in the
process of being dressed for sale, the carcase of
a measled pig. Marriott said that tat morning he 
found a butcher in the act of dressing a pig at the
Waggon and Horses public-house in Tithebarn
Street, and suspecting that it was not fit for human
food, from a certain appearance about the"sticking
part," he waited till it was opened, when he saw
that the animal was diseased. He did not think that
the defendant knew ir was measled when he bought 
it, as it was difficult to detect that disease in a 
living animal.

The Bench ordered the carcase to be destroyed.
Preston Chronicle 10th May 1856
MR. A CHARNLEY, the Waggon and
Horses Inn, Lord Street, has recently,
at considerable expense, added a large
room to the inn, suitable for balls, 
meetings, &c.
To celebrate its' opening 140 persons
sat down to an excellent tea in the 
new room.
Preston Chronicle 2nd October 1858
Preston Chronicle 31st December 1859
DEATH - On the 28th January, 
Mr. Alexander Charnley, of the
Waggon and Horses Inn, Lord
Street. Aged 53 years.
Preston Chronicle  3rd February 1866
Preston Chronicle  26th January 1867
 Lancashire Evening Post  24th October 1889
The Era  15th February 1890
The Era  15th February 1890
The following is a portion of an article
about the father of Alderman Walmsley, in
around 1820:

Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
An attempt to re-name 
the Waggon and Horses. 
 Preston Herald  6th February 1909
 Robert Woan, licensee at the time of the 1911 Census, with his wife Elizabeth Alice Woan.
Baby daughter Lily only lived about two years from 1913 - 1915. The young man in the photograph is James Richard Woan, the adopted son and natural nephew of Robert and his wife.
Lancashire Evening Post  17th September 1930
Richard Platt                      45 years                         Publican
Ann Platt                            50                                  Wife

Richard Platt                      59 years                         Innkeeper                   b. Charnock
Ann Platt                           62                                   Wife                           b. Preston

Alexander Charnley           48 years                         Lic. Vict.                     b. Forton
Ann Charnley                    46                                  Wife                            b. Ireland
William Charnley               19                                   Son                            b. Preston

William Charnley               29 years                         Innkeeper                   b. Preston
Jane Charnley                    28                                  Wife                                   do
John Charnley                    8                                    Son                                    do
Ann Charnley                     6                                    Daughter                            do
Alexander Charnley            4                                    Son                                   do

John McLachlan               41 years                          Publican                    b. Middleton , Yorks.
Emily McLachlan              23                                   Wife                         b. Haighton
Herbert McLachlan           1                                     Son                          b. Preston

Elizabeth Fell                    47 years                          Publican                    b. Bamber Bridge
Joseph Treadwell              22                                  Son                           b. Preston
Jessie Treadwell                 ?                                   Daughter                            do
Walter Treadwell                ?                                   Son                                   do

Thomas Greenall              31 years                          Innkeeper                  b. Ribchester
Ellen Greenall                   27                                   Wife                          b. Penrith
Fred Greenall                    7                                    Son                           b. Barrow-in-Furness
Frank Greenall                  5 months                         Son                           b. Preston

Robert Woan                   34 years                          Publican                    b. Preston
Elizabeth Alice Woan       34                      Wife / Assisting in business              do
James Woan                    13                       Adopted son / Schoolboy      b. Halifax, Nova Scotia
                                                                                                               British subject by parentage.

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