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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

BLACK CAT, 20 Heatley Street

20 Heatley Street
probably later known (after about 1865) as the 
The street number 16 was sourced from Sewer Maps of 1853, but numbers had a habit of being changed as new building were erected, etc. This sketch plan is pre-Corporation Street. See 'Globe Tavern'
1842              Known to have existed at this date - see mention below. 
1851                  Daniel Cockitt  -  was at the Windmill Inn, Moor Lane, at the time of the census.
1859                  Jane Hilton
1866                  Robert Hilton
1869                  John Brown
"The entrance to Messrs. Paley's factory had been effected
by getting through a window near the Black Cat beershop."
- Extract from a court case - 
Preston Chronicle  31st December 1842

Preston Chronicle  18th August 1855
 Preston Herald   14th April 1866
 Preston Herald   21st December 1867
Preston Herald   10th July 1869

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