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Monday, 17 September 2012

WELCOME INN, Duke Street East

16  Duke Street East  (renamed Queen Street)
later 122 Queen Street / 1 Vat Street
1852 - 64              William Wilkinson   - may have been at the 'New Legs of Man' in 1866 - 67 ?
1865                      Edmund Taylor
1869 - 71               Edward Pearson
1873                      Mrs. Elizabeth Pearson
1874                      James Eastham
1876 - 77              Joseph Sim
1877 - 85              William Salthouse
1885 - 94              George Darwen
1894 - 97              Henry Mark Harrison
1898                      Mary Ann Harrison
1898 - 1903         Thomas Wilson
1903 - 18              Ellen Wilson
1918                     Thomas Noblett - married Mary, daughter of Thomas and Ellen Wilson, above.
1924                     Thomas Cooke
1926                     Henry France
1932                     Wiliam Burrows
1936 - 44              Thomas H. Mason  (Given as Thomas A. Mason in 1944)
Lodge 214 of the Ancient Order of
Druids, celebrated their anniversary
at the house of William Wilkinson,
Welcome Inn, Duke Street.

97 people sat down to an excellent
supper. The funds of the Lodge were
reported to be in a prosperous state.
Preston Chronicle 3rd January 1857
Preston Chronicle   9th April 1859
Preston Chronicle   11th November 1871
Preston Chronicle   3rd May 1873
Preston Chronicle   2nd August 1873
Preston Chronicle   9th December 1876
Mine Host in 1876 and 1877
Joseph SIM  b. 17.8.1842 at Turner Green, Salmesbury.
d. February 1922 in Blackburn.
In 1871 he had been the landlord of the Bay Horse Inn, Osbaldeston, and in 1881 was in charge at the Pack Horse Inn, Stalmine.
....and his wife
Elizabeth (Betsy) SIM nee Jackson, b. 9.3.1845 at Ribchester. d.June 1924 at Blackburn
The photographs and accompanying details come courtesy of the wider existing family, for which we are very grateful. Thankyou.
Preston Chronicle   3rd November 1877
Ellen Wilson's husband, Thomas b. 1857, was killed on  the 24th May 1903,
by a runaway horse and trap. Thomas tried to stop the horse, and the shaft of the trap hit him in the liver, causing fatal injuries. He was 44 years of age. Thomas had been a weaving manager
at Moon's Mill in Higher Walton, and later at a mill in Preston.  Thomas and Ellen moved to
the 'Bear's Paw, 38 Church Street, Preston, where he was the landlord in 1897

Ellen continued to run the Welcome with her son, Joseph, and two daughters, Alice Ann and Mary, 
until after the war.
Information from Thomas's great grand daughter, Clare P.
Thanks Clare.
William Wilkinson                   55 years                   Innkeeper                      b. Inglewhite
Ann Wilkinson                        55                            Wife                              b. Preston
James Wilkinson                     18                             Son                                       do
Ann Wilkinson                         9                              Daughter                               do

Edward Pearson                     42 years                    Lic. Vict.                      b. Hoghton
Elizabeth Pearson                   42                              Wife                            b. Blackpool
Lucy Pearson                          12                             Daughter                               do
Mary A. Pearson                     9                              Daughter                      b. Preston
James Pearson                        5                                Son                             b. Ribbleton

William Salthouse                    40 years                    Publican                       b. Freckleton
Mary Salthouse                       37                             Wife                            b. Ireland

George Darwen                      38 years                    Lic. Vict.                       b. Preston
Jane Darwen                           41                             Wife                                      do
Margaret Hackler                    12                             Adopted daughter                  do

Thomas Wilson                      42 years                    Publican                         b. Walton-le-dale
Ellen Wilson                           43                             Wife                                          do
Joseph Wilson                        20                             Son                                           do
Alice A. Wilson                      15                             Daughter                                   do
Mary Wilson                           12                            Daughter                                   do

Ellen Wilson                           53 years                    Publican                        b. Walton-le-dale
Alice Anne Wilson                  25                            Daughter                                    do
Mary Wilson                          22                             Daughter                                   do
Thomas Gillingham                 33                             Servant                         b. Preston
Amy Bertha Wilcox                26                             Servant                                 do

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