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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

LADY OF THE LAKE, St. John Street

 15 St. John Street
Lord Street
1, Tithebarn Street. (Census 1851)
Synonymous with the Horse and Farrier, later the Market Hotel.
Situated across the road from the Waggon and Horses.

1848                           Mr. Atkinson   (Preston Chronicle  29.1.1848)
1849 - 50                   Roger Marsh    ( Preston Chronicle 14.7. 1849 & 22.6.1850)
1851                          James Leigh
1853 - 54                   George Fletcher
1859                                                      (Preston Guardian  22.10.1859)
There was a local racehorse of the same name, as well as
the title of a play that was performed at least once at the 
THEATRE ROYAL in Fishergate.

I have a note that the horse may have been owned by
James Leigh.

In 1849 there was a note in the Preston Chronicle
which says that this pub was in Lord Street.
Perhaps it was on the junction of the two streets,
where the 'Imperial' was built later on.
Preston Chronicle  17th February 1849
Preston Guardian  13th April 1850

Preston Guardian  13th July 1850
Preston Guardian  23rd October 1851
Preston Guardian  25th October 1851
Preston Guardian  15th January 1853

Preston Guardian  26th February 1853
Preston Guardian  2nd July 1853
Preston Guardian  27th December 1856
Preston Guardian  22nd October 1859
James Leigh                      37 years                         Publican                      b. Walton-le-dale
Jane Leigh                        34                                   Wife                           b. Penwortham
John Leigh                        13                                   Son                            b. Preston
William Leigh                     9                                    Son                                     do
Charles Leigh                    4                                     Son                                     do
Isabella Leigh                    3                                     Daughter                             do
Thomas Leigh                    1                                     Son                                    do
Alice Leigh                        2 months                         Daughter                             do
Thomas Leigh                   49                                   Brother / Servant       b. Walton-le-dale
John Dawson                    21                                   Servant                     b. Penwortham
Margaret Cumpstey          21                                   Servant                     b. Garstang
Jane Whittle                      22                                   Servant                     b. Fulwood
Elizabeth Hardman            20                                   Servant                     b. Preston

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