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Monday, 13 February 2012

FLETCHERS' ARMS, Fletcher Road

161 Fletcher Road  /  17 Irwin Street
later 42 Fletcher Road.
The Fletchers' Arms is the pale building, just beyond the motor vehicle. Perhaps a better one will turn up! The building on the left is the Wellington Inn, Fletcher Road, and the photograph
comes courtesy of Meanderman (Harry), from his Flickr Collection.

1853                    John Aspden
1855 - 59            Thomas Lawson
1861 - 69  For some reason the pub seems to have been called the "Fylde Tavern" during these years, 
                 despite there being another Fylde Tavern in Friday Street. The fact that it happened twice
                 would seem to remove mere error as the reason. 
1861                   Joseph Banks
1869                   T. Turner
1869 - 77            James Wignall
1879 - 83            William Woan
1883 - 88            John Akers (Acres)
1888 - 90            Robert Wilson
1891 - 93            Sarah Ann Wilson
1893 - 97            George Albert
1898 - 1901        Sarah Ann Albert   [Daughter of Sarah Ann Wilson in 1891 - 93]
1902 - 07            William Lyons    [This man  married Sarah Ann Albert)
1910 - 24            William Bell  d.11.5.1924 -  brother of Sarah Ann Albert (1898 - 1901)
1926 - 44            Samuel Hacking
1948                   Wilfred O. Yates 
c.1953/55 - 1960  John Sutcliffe
At the CROWN INN, Preston, on 17.5.1859

ALL that BEER-HOUSE called the "Fletchers' Arms"
in Fletcher Road and Irwin Street, Preston, in the
occupation of Thomas Lawson.
The property is Freehold.
Preston Chronicle 7th May 1859
1861  as 'Fylde Tavern'
Joseph Banks                26 years              Beerseller                 b. Preston
Martha Banks                24                      Wife                                  do
James Banks                   5                       Son                                   do
Edward Banks                3                        Son                                  do
Jane Banks                     1                        Daughter                          do


William Woan                43 years              Lic. Vict.                  b. Ribchester
Elizabeth Woan              42                       Wife                        b. Preston
Mary E. Woan               14                       Daughter                          do 
Alice Woan                    11                      Daughter                           do
Elizabeth Woan                9                      Daughter                           do
Mary Woan                     1                       Daughter                           do

Sarah Ann Wilson          52 years              Beerhouse Keeper    b. Roach Bridge
Sarah Ann Bell               19                       Daughter                  b. Preston
Alice Bell                       15                       Daughter                           do
William Bell                    11                       Son                                   do

Sarah Ann Albert           29 years - widow Beerseller                 b. Preston
Alice Albert                    7                        Daughter                           do
George Albert                3                         Son                                  do
Sarah Ann Wilson         63                        Mother                      b. Salmesbury

William Bell                   31 years              Beerseller                  b. Preston
Mary Ellen Bell              31                       Assists in business              do
Edith Bell                        8                        Daughter                           do
Alce Irene Bell                2                        Daughter                           do
Elsie Bell                        2 months             Daughter                           do
Mary Ellen Rudd           20                        Servant                     b. Frizington, Cumberland

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