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Monday, 6 February 2017

VINE TAVERN, High Street

71 High Street

1851 - 52                John Craven
1852 - 54                James Coup
1861                        Ellen Wilding - with Sarah Wilding living with her.
1864                        Mrs. Sarah Shepherd   -  I wonder if this could be Sarah Wilding??
1869 - 71                 James Kirkham
1870                        Robert Walmsley
1876 - 77                James Singleton
1879                        John Wignall
1879                        Joseph Ratcliffe
1881                        Pilkington Bamber Parkinson
1882 - 83                Olive Beardsworth
1883                        George Partington
1884                        Emma King
1884                        William Harrison
1885                        Henry Garstang
1885 - 87                 John William Mashiter
1888                        John Wilcock
1889                        Thomas Henry Martin
1889 - 91                 Robert Spencer
1893                        Eleanor Swarbrick
1894 - 95                Elizabeth Healey
1895 - 96                Jane Royle
1896 - 97                Sarah Dewhurst
1897                        John James Carter
1897 - 98                John Joseph Hart
1898 - 99                George Smith
1899 - 1900            William Butterworth
1900 - 01                William Catterall
1901 - 04                Joseph Moulding
1907                       Harry Ferdinand
1907                       Isabella Bamber   owned by Walmsley and Pye, Ltd., Preston, and leased to Hall, Hale and Co. Ltd.
Preston Chronicle  11th September 1852
Last Saturday evening, a man named Francis Battersby invited an acquaintance of the name of Thomas Eastham to go and have a glass of ale with him, and they went to the Vine Tavern, in High Street, where Battersby drank off in a few minutes, three pints of ale, the first at a draught, and called for a fourth, but fell asleep without touching the last. In about a quarter of an hour he awoke, and being unable almost to move, his companion assisted him home, and got him to bed.
Two hours later his wife heard a rattling in his throat, and with assistance turned him into his back with a pillow under his head.
At about 1 o'clock Mrs. Battersby put her hand on his forehead, and he was quite cold. A doctor was called for, but Battersby was dead on his arrival.
At the inquest, a jury returned a verdict of "Found dead in bed, death being hastened by excessive drinking."
Preston Chronicle  15th April 1854
Preston Chronicle   27th June 1868
Preston Chronicle   24th July 1869
Weekly Standard and Express (Blackburn, England), Saturday, May 5th, 1894
John Craven                             43 years                 Beerseller             b. Clayton-le-woods
Mary Craven                            44                          Wife / Beerseller  b. Lytham
Margaret Craven                       19          Daughter / Cotton Warper   b. Preston  
Elizabeth Craven                       10                Daughter / Scholar                 do
Richard Craven                          6                        Son / Scholar                 do
John Craven                               4                        Son / Scholar                 do
Frances Craven                          1                            Daughter                    do

Ellen Wilding                            60 years                  Beerseller             b. Colne
Sarah Wilding                          21                           Boarder / servant  b. Leyland

James and Ellen Kirkham were living next door at number 72 in 1861.     See 1871

James Kirkham                        39 years                  Traveller                b. Preston
Ellen Kirkham                          31                           Wife                      b. Rainford
Elizabeth Kirkham                    15                           Scholar                 b. Preston
Mary Kirkham                         11                           Scholar                          do
Eleanor Kirkham                       7                            Scholar                          do

Pilkington B. Parknson             29 years                 Brewer                   b. Blackburn
Ellen Parkinson                        25                          Wife                       b. Preston
Sarah E. Parkinson                   3                            Daughter                         do
Mary E. Parkinson                    1                           Daughter                          do

Robert Spencer                       45 years                 Tape Sizer              b. Preston
Jane Spencer                           38                          Wife                               do
Martha Spencer                       20                          Daughter                        do
George Spencer                       15                          Son                                do
Henry Spencer                         13                          Son                                do
Mary Spencer                          10                          Daughter                        do
Robert Spencer                         8                           Son                               do
Ann Alice Spencer                    4                            Daughter                       do

William Catterall                     71 years                   Beerseller              b. Kirkham
Anne Catterall                        71                            Wife                      b. Ormskirk
Jane Drummond                     42                                                         b. Manchester
Ellen Drummond                     17                                                         b. Blackpool
Charles Drummond                 15                                                                  do
William Drummond                  8                                                          b. America
Francis Drummond                  6                                                                   do


  1. Eleanor [Kirkham] married George Swarbrick in 1883. In 1891 George was the publican at the Swan Inn, having previously held the White Bull on New Street.

    The Weekly Standard and Express (Blackburn, England), Saturday, May 05, 1894; pg. 6; Issue 3037. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.
    ...Eleanor Swarbrick who keeps the Vine Tavern beer house High-street was fined 10s and costs for selling beer on Sunday morning...

    Extract from Slater’s Directory 1895:
    Beer retailers - Swarbrick Mrs. Eleanor, 71, High Street

    Dave Swarbrick [no relation]