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Sunday, 4 March 2012

OLIVER CROMWELL, 27 Shepherd Street

27 Shepherd Street.
Almost certain that this is where the
Oliver Cromwell stood.
- see note below -
1839                  Geo. Farnworth  -  Owned by George Farnworth. May not have been called the Oliver C  at the time.
1869                  James Farnworth   Brewster Session Report - 28/8/1869
In the Preston Chronicle of 20th July 1839, reference was made
to the fact that a house in Laurel Street was applying for a spirit licence. The name of the applicant was George Farnworth.

This would confirm my comment under "SHEPHERD'S TAVERN," that that house was at the corner of Laurel Street and Shepherd Street, and, therefore, that these two houses are synonymous with one another.
Ellen Garth and Ellen Brown, disreputable women, were brought up on a charge of having, on Wednesday night last, robbed Wm. Hill, a countryman, from Leigh, near Bolton, of £9, at the Oliver Cromwell beer-house, in the "Sandhole". The prosecutor stated that after he had given the prisoners into the custody of the police, he found a hole in his waistcoat pocket, in which he kept the money, and that two of the sovereigns he found in the lining. P.S. Palmer said that on the evening in question he examined the prosecutor's waistcoat, and could find no hole.
The prosecutor turned the pocket out and showed the hole to the Bench, who thereupon dismissed the case.
Preston Chronicle  10th January 1857
Preston Chronicle  18th September 1869

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