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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

PORK MARKET TAVERN, Ratcliffe Street

12 Ratcliffe Street / 12 Corporation Street
Was later renamed the
This is the southwest (left) and south-east (right) elevations
of the Public Hall Hotel. I reckon that puts the entrance
on Corporation Street.
In about 1888 the Pork Market Tavern was bought by the Corporation
from the Blackburn Sewering Company, and sold by them to George Whittle.
1853                     William Kellett
1866                     John Lancaster
1869                     John Martin
1870                     Ellen and Mary Milner
1871 - 73             Isabella Harrison
1873                     George Carter
1873                    Thomas Martin
1874                    Henry Ascroft
1875                    Thomas Tootle
1875                    James Bowker
1875                    Jos. Melling
1877                    George Spencer
1878                    George Denton
1878                    Timothy Carthy
1881 - 82             Thomas Rooney
1883                     John Holliday
1883 - 90             Sarah Sutcliffe
1891 - 1917         George Whittle
1901   RE-NAMED.       BUT I have another note that the name was changed on 29.8.1894.
1916                     George Whittle
c.1919                  Robert Barnes
1926 - 27             Richard Barnes - son of Robert - came here from the 'Duke of Edinburgh', Deepdale.
1932                    Maria Wilkinson  - rented from Richard Barnes for 'a couple of years'.
1934 - 36             Richard Barnes - eventually sold out to Thwaites Brewery.
1940                    Medena Riley
1944                    John Ashworth
ISABELLA HARRISON, of the Pork Market
beerhouse, Ratcliffe Street, does not live on the
premises. She is residing in Alelphi Street, and 
Thomas Earnshaw, who lost his licence in 1869 
is managing the house.

At a later meeting it was stated that the licence
was in Harrison's name, but the house was in the
occupation of Mr. Earnshaw and his wife. Harrison
denied this, and said she lived there, and employed
Earnshaw and his wife to assist her. 

The objection was over-ruled.
Preston Chronicle  2nd September 1871
Preston Chronicle 1st January 1887
Preston Chronicle  1st January 1887

Preston Chronicle  22nd January 1887
 Preston Herald  11th August 1888
Preston Chronicle  19th July 1890
Preston Chronicle  8th August 1891
Lancashire Evening Post  6th February 1908
Isabella Harrison                       65 years                       Beerseller                       b. Latham ??
Eliza Earnshaw                          30                                Servant                                   ?
Thomas Earnshaw                     32                                Brewer                          b. Yorkshire ?

Thomas Rooney                        27 years          Labourer / Beerhouse keeper      b. C. Mayo
Bridget Corn Rooney                23                                Wife                              b. Warrington
Ann Rooney                              2                                  Daughter                       b. Stockport
Margaret Rooney                      1                                  Daughter                       b. Derby
Patrick Callaghan                     27                  Boarder / Labourer / Navvy          b. Co Mayo
James Rooney                          25                 Boarder / Labourer / Navvy                  do
Michael McLeavy                    40 widower   Boarder / Labourer / Navvy                   do
Michael Scanlon                      22                  Boarder / Labourer / Navvy                  do
James McLeavy                        6                                  Scholar                                 do
Charles Wright                         35                        Boarder / Bricklayer               b. Nottingham
Michael Henakan                     20                 Boarder / Labourer / Navvy           b. Blackburn

George Whittle                         39 years                       Lic. Vict.                        b. Preston
Alice Whittle                            41                                 Wife                                       do
Annie Whittle                           11                                 Daughter                                do
Thomas Whittle                         8                                  Son                                        do
Ellen Whittle                             13 ?                              Daughter                                do
Mary A. Whittle                        3                                  Daughter                                do
Francis Whittle                          5                                  Son                                        do

George Whittle                         49 years                       Beerseller                       b. Preston
Alice Whittle                             52                                Wife                                       do
Nellie Whittle                            23                                Daughter                                 do
Annie Whittle                            21                                Daughter                                 do
Thomas Whittle                         18                                Son                                         do
Francis Whittle                          15                                Son                                         do
Mary Alice Whittle                    12                                Daughter                                 do

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